Eod Scanner

Triple Top
count 9
Triple Bottom
count 8
Double Top
count 13
Double Bottom
count 5
Overbought Stocks
count 41
Oversold Stocks
count 22
Volume Shockers
count 100
Double Bottom shows immediate support level of stocks (last 2 support levels). Stocks are expeted to give a bounce from their support levels. They may also consider to hover around their support level of some time, but if broken, a short call could be taken
Sr. Stock name   Close Change CandleStick PnF
1Energy Development Company Limited44.90-0.22 %linklink
2Syncom Healthcare Limited5.95-0.83 %linklink
3Td Power Systems Limited158.25-2.59 %linklink
4Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Limited2887.40-0.54 %linklink
5Amara Raja Batteries Limited845.70-0.39 %linklink