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Near Breakout

Stocks reching near 30 day high

Near ST 10,3 HLY

Must watch

10ema is near and above 50ema for possible breakout

Use this to filter stocks where 10ema is taking support from 50ema. The value of difference between them should be changed and run the scan repeatedly. Actually this value should be some percentage of close but couldn't find that formula.

Stocks near Resistance level - bullish (Parimal Wadiwala) EOD - ****

Bullish stocks - nearing their resistance level waiting for Up side breakout.

Copy - Stocks near 52 week high by 25%
stock near days low

stock near days low

Narrow range for bollinger bands nearing breakout
Close Near Low-Current
Near 52Weeks High

52 WEEK high

Near / Above 52 week high

Near / Above 52 week high

Doji Near SuperTrend

Doji Near SuperTrend

Shivaji near 52 week>>>
Near 50 Sma Buy daily

50 Sma