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Copy - Copy - 150% For intraday short selling - Nicholas SuperTrend Negative breakout (Sell intrada

150% SHORT SELL best For intraday selling

Copy - Supertrend only jackpot call


3 min Supertrend 7,2 with 3 MA , BUY
Copy - SuperTrend negative breakout

Stocks closing above the supertrend line

Copy - supertrend 5 min first candle
Copy - Copy - Buy Supertrend Indication by Stock Alphabets

Buy Rules 1. Entry Point: Check day first 15 minute candle appear green supertrend indication check if open = Low or Check last two days Higher high &Lower High(HH,LH) Mark 15 minute candle high point break then go for long 2.Target Point Script 1% target 3. Stoploss First minute candle low

Copy - SuperTrend positive breakout - 10 mins

Stocks closing below the supertrend line

Copy - 3 Supertrend strategy

Scanner to generate signals for Sell signal based on 3 supertrends

Copy - Intraday 30 min macd rsi supertrend

3 types supertrend bullish

Copy - Nicholas SuperTrend Positive breakout (BUY Intraday) - working run this scan to find bullish stocks at 9:15 am