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supertrend Sell with ADX and RSI

Stocks closing below the supertrend line

SuperTrend positive breakout--Daily

Stocks closing below the supertrend line

SuperTrend Closing Below the ST line Daily + Weekly & goes down

Stocks closing below the supertrend line

Nicholas SuperTrend Negative breakout (Sell intraday)


pre bullish scan with supertrend WITH VOLUME & MACD CROSSED OVER

Bullish Supertrend positive breakout

Stocks closing below the supertrend line

Supertrend 5min Scan

Triple Supertrend of 7,3 7,2 and 10,4 and the price now has closed on the last and third supertrend of 7,2 and the previous candle was below 7,2. This basically confirms all the three supertrend confirms the buying signal. The 7,2 is the largest or the latest of the supertrend and if the price is greater than this then the current price would definitively be greater than the 7,3 and 10,2 supertrend lines. The reason for checking the previous candle to be low on the 7,2 and the current price to be greater than this line is to get the scrips that just got the first candle closed above the 7,2 supertrend line so that we can enter long position.

v2Bullish Supertrend Crossover + ADX - 15 min

This scanner displays the stocks for which the closing price has crossed above the Ichimoku Baseline. Whenever a company is displayed under this screener, take a note of it and only make a trade once the price crosses the cloud. RSI is Optional.

DAILY SuperTrend positive breakout

Stocks closing below the supertrend line

supertrend with CCI and RSI

Price above / below the 3 Super trend lines in 15 min chart

SuperTrend positive breakout - Weekly

SuperTrend positive breakout - Weekly

Market open supertrend crossover - 5 minute

Supertrend crossover at the first 5 minute candle of the day

SuperTrend positive breakout - Monthly

Stocks closing above the monthly supertrend line