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Babu 3 days down and Latest uptrend

Buy @ yesterday support

breakout with uptrend

Multi time frame

Ichimoku TK cross uptrend 1

Tenken sen crossing above Kenjen sen

3days_Uptrend_Strong stocks

****Stocks closing higher than their previous trading day continuously for the past 3 days

Ichimoku Uptrend Cloud Crossover1

Stocks closing crossing the cloud & span A greater than span B, indicating a positive trend


BMF Increase in High n Low

uptrend stock 3 to 4

star ibulhsg fin

Ichimoku uptrend
Daily - Uptrend Stocks
Futures uptrend

Futures uptrend

Pull Back in Uptrend

Volume is > 100k, 10 Day SMA is above 30 Day EMA, Stock is oversold, showed a bullish candle

Stocks near 200DMA and in uptrend
Stock in severe uptrend (HoH)

Stock in severe uptrend