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Copy - SuperTrend Indicator for Uptrend Stocks

Stocks in larger uptrend and crossed over the small-term indicator

Uptrending Triple ema 8 20

Uptrending Triple ema 8 20

John Uptrend Momentum Screener

Close above Supertrend and EMA

Monthly uptrend stocks

bullish range – 80- 40

John Sureshot Uptrend > 20%

Positional buy with RSI and EMA magic.

Ichimoku Uptrend + supertrend+volume shocker

Ichimoku Span A is greater than Span B(green cloud) & close is above Span B, look for breakouts when close crossing above Base line ,Stocks closing below the supertrend line,Exploding stock volumes by 5x the moving average of volume

John Positional Uptrend Screener 2

EMA, CCI, Stochastics, RSI combination magic

SS_Ichimoku Uptrend Close Above Cloud -Daily

Stocks closing crossing the cloud & span A greater than span B and Conversion line[9d] is above Base[26d] indicating a positive trend

Uptrend stocks with macd +ichmukhi+stochastic

Uptrend stocks with macd +ichmukhi+stochastic

Melvin fernandes ichimoku uptrend

Stocks closing crossing the cloud & span A greater than span B, indicating a positive trend

week by week uptrend

Stocks closing higher than their previous trading day continuously for the past 5 days

hourly dip in uptrend