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Copy - BUY: 3 Days Uptrend Strong Stocks

Stocks closing higher than their previous trading day continuously for the past 3 days

Copy - Monthly, Weekly, Daily uptrend stocks
5 mins Uptrend Stocks
Doji pattern formed at the uptrend with Gaps - SELL SETUP

SELL at the low of the doji candle. Target = middle 20 MA. SL= high of the doji candle.

Daily hourly strategy uptrend
BRODER MARKET RALLY , Monthly, Weekly, Daily uptrend stocks

not to miss portfolio uptrend stocks

3579 - UPTREND


Copy - breakout with uptrend

Multi time frame

Uptrend - StockRSI, VWAP

StockRSI<60, VWAP>High

Copy - Strong Uptrend F&O Stocks ( price > 180 RS) - Prabhu

strong Uptrend F&O indicator ,( MACD >0 or adx >25 or 5,20ema >40sma) , RSI >30 <70, Close > prev Close, High > prev High

ichimoku Uptrend Cloud Crossover-pramodjk

Stocks closing crossing the cloud & span A greater than span B, indicating a positive trend

Copy - Uptrend stocks 15 min Heikin Ashi