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Category: Range Breakouts scan

karo na breakdown/out orb inside by third candle

second inside first, third breaks down first low.. sell low of third. sl is high of third.. impulse gopi.. or buy above high of third. sl low of third.. karo na..

15 MIN - Volume Shockers
Copy - Monthly Descending CPR

Made for Swing traders. Sell When Price touches CPR or is touching 20EMA on a downtrend

1st 5 min low not broken/

5 min low not broken


inside bar on hourly candles

High Momentum Stocks

High Momentum Stocks By Mayur

DSMA C0 100233

DSMA C0100233


For short term investment

ProdigalTrader - Breakout

Its an explorer for filtering quality break outs in uptrending stocks Breakout into new yearly highs with good volume and candlestick strength

1h upperbollinger 200

200 bollinger 1h mins



$sell my intraday$$