Near real-time updates

We now offer near real-time NSE updates for Charts & Scans. The data is updated every 5 minutes, the latest update referring current market values. Data is directly fetched from the NSE servers.

Example: If Market opens at 9:15am, on a 5 minute interval the updates can be described as follows:

  • 9:20am – Data from 9:15am – 9:19am
  • 9:25am – Data from 9:20am – 9:24am
  • 9:30am – Data from 9:25am – 9:29am

The minimum data delay would be 0 minutes(eg: at 9:20am) and the maximum would be 5 minutes(eg: at 9:24am)

5 thoughts on “Near real-time updates”

  1. Great job buddy…you are a great help to retails traders like us…we are really looking for real-time updates and also some kind of sound alerts for our scans in real-time if possible for person who does a full-time job…thank you in advance…

  2. great work sir.keep it up .this scanner option was precious..please try to update with realtime …this scanner option helpful for so many traders

  3. If possible please provide sound alert,this real time data is very useful for who all are using CHARTINK,
    thanks lot to CHARTINK TEAM

  4. Really superb Akash ji,
    This site is most popular among the traders and investors equally. I have 2 suggestions ,(this I have written in email to you about 4-5 months back. 1.please provide trend lines and other tools saving facility
    2. The thinest thickness of line is too much pl make it thin like single hair of a female.

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