Near real-time updates

We now offer near real-time NSE updates for Charts & Scans. The data is updated every 5 minutes, the latest update referring current market values. Data is directly fetched from the NSE servers.

Example: If Market opens at 9:15am, on a 5 minute interval the updates can be described as follows:

  • 9:20am – Data from 9:15am – 9:19am
  • 9:25am – Data from 9:20am – 9:24am
  • 9:30am – Data from 9:25am – 9:29am

The minimum data delay would be 0 minutes(eg: at 9:20am) and the maximum would be 5 minutes(eg: at 9:24am)

45 thoughts on “Near real-time updates”

  1. Great job buddy…you are a great help to retails traders like us…we are really looking for real-time updates and also some kind of sound alerts for our scans in real-time if possible for person who does a full-time job…thank you in advance…

  2. great work sir.keep it up .this scanner option was precious..please try to update with realtime …this scanner option helpful for so many traders

    1. Our premium members get realtime data with updates every minute for our Charts & Scans. So if you run a scan at 9:20am for example, it would be based on the latest data until 9:19:59am and so on..

  3. If possible please provide sound alert,this real time data is very useful for who all are using CHARTINK,
    thanks lot to CHARTINK TEAM

  4. Really superb Akash ji,
    This site is most popular among the traders and investors equally. I have 2 suggestions ,(this I have written in email to you about 4-5 months back. 1.please provide trend lines and other tools saving facility
    2. The thinest thickness of line is too much pl make it thin like single hair of a female.

  5. I am very happy to share my views about this site. It’s awesome platform to learn and do new research in real time or EOD…….
    It’s really great

  6. Dear Team ,Very nice work done.

    Only one problem ,website showing under Maintenance .Maintenance issue is more. Please improve it.

    Thanks for provide good website.

  7. Any way to check day’s open and close. In day section we get only latest, 1 day ago, 2…. these option.
    Let me know if I am missing something.

  8. Akash ji,

    Please it’s humble request to chartink team, Please provide BSE & X group stocks scan option, At least give ‘x’ groups scan by watchlist !!!!

    Thank you so much !!!!

    1. Yes, please add 3 min. Timeframes screener too. the 5 minute is too late and before we scan for the stock, the move is already over most of the time.
      therefore please add 3 min. TF.

  9. Sir, Currently Technical screener not screening the stocks accurately as per the conditions set up in filter. Problem s there since yesterday (30/12/17). Please resolve it . Thanks Sir for these great website.

  10. Akash & whoever is behind the site,
    Excellent piece of work. It is all about DATA ANALYTICS, the data is there everywhere but how easy you make analysing the data, the better it would for end users.

    I just started exploring the site.


  11. Could it be possible to get the data of market movement that is shift+F12 on the scrip in ODIN of each scrip on the charts live and after market time…please help me out in this matter..thanks in advance

  12. Akash ji,

    Question: How to set below formula 1 day ago to 30 days ago for eod chart ? tried with filter but not getting, Please tell me which mathematics works here ?

    * 1 day ago open equals 1 day ago low
    * 1 day ago low equals 1 day ago close
    * 1 day ago open equals 1 day ago close

    * 1 day ago high greater than equal to 1 day ago open
    * 1 day ago high greater than equal to 1 day ago low
    * 1 day ago high greater than equal to 1 day ago close
    ( i wish to have 1 day ago to 30 days ago in single formula)

    Thank’s !!!

  13. TThere was no Indices in F&O list.
    As many time we focused on NIFTY & BANKNIFTY, please add in F&O segment.
    Thank you.

  14. Like as UBB & LBB plz add Pivot and at least 2 Support & Resistant points to evaluate easy often getting them by bracket calculations each and every time in strategies.

  15. Setup a CCI crossover on 5 minute candle as follows:
    [ 0 ] 5 minute cci(20)

    In the above formula, is 20 periods for 5 minutes or 1 day? I am confused as in your videos, you refer to in a weekly screener, as 14 meaning 14 days, and not weeks.

  16. Hi Akash and Team,
    I have started looking your website, its quite amazing and quite handful.

    Thanks for wonderful site.

  17. I’ve subscribed to your premium package on a monthly basis. While I was analysing intra-day charts (5 min, 10 min) of stocks by drawing lines for support points, resistance points and trend line, the chart got updated automatically and all the drawing I did got cleared. This is really irritating. Can I have an option to disable the automatic refresh?

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