Measure – Groupcount

Groupcount helps us to get the count of stocks/entries present for a given group with an optional filter. The “grouping” can be selected via the “group/sort” tabs in a widget, as seen below.

Selecting no group from the above-listed groups would run the widget scan assuming a single group for all the *group* functions.


  1. Get the count(after an optional filter) of items grouped by a given sector or industry; the below dashboard lists the total number of stocks, number of positive stocks & number of negative stocks,
  2. Using the count to calculate the % of stocks that have closed positive vs. negative.

3 thoughts on “Measure – Groupcount”

  1. Could you please confirm if you are referring to the size of a candle or the range of band or Pivot levels (to be narrow/wide)?

  2. inadvertantly I tried to change RSI default setting from 14… since then In ‘ charts’ setting is always going to ‘2days’ and ‘5min’ …. How to to go back to defauit settings. Please guide.

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