Stock Screener FAQ

List of frequently asked questions from our visitors.

How to scan NSE Future stocks?

We have added a segement filter that can be modified in the top-most filter, refer the below image:

How to Search Screeners?

You can view our screeners homepage to search & view scans created by other users.

How to run scan for stocks in Watchlist

After you’ve logged in and added stocks in your watchlist, you can change the segement to “Watchlist” which would then run the scan for stocks listed in your watchlist.

How to perform Weekly/Monthly scans?

After a indicator has been added, click on the “Latest” prefix right before it and change it to any of the “Weekly” range group, eg: “Weekly”, “1 week ago” and so on… The same applies for Monthly filters

How to run Intraday scans?

After you have added a indicator, you can click on the “latest” prefix on the left hand side and change it the Intraday timeframe you want. Eg:

How to have Realtime scans during market hours?

While the markets are open, the “Latest” refers to the current days’ candle. The current price is also reflected for “Intraday”, “Weekly” & “Monthly” ranges which are updated during market hours in near realtime.

Bracketing & Operator precedence

Operators(+,-,*,/) are evaluated from left to right. If you need to specific the precedence you can use Brackets and group expressions as follows:

How to scan for ranges – eg: RSI(14) less than 30 for the past 10 days

You can use the min/max functions to specify ranges, here’s a example for “William%r in the range of -20 to -50(i.e. <=-20 and >=-50) from 5 days”:

You can also combine 3 days OR 5 days in a single scan using sub-filters which help you specify and/or conditions, here’s another example:

59 thoughts on “Stock Screener FAQ”

  1. Hi
    Would you advice that how to refet current price to scan
    Example- current price crossed latest open.
    I hope u would give favorable reply

  2. is there any way to have readymade watchlist like nifty-50, nifty-100, nifty-200 as sometimes person want to apply filter for given stock not penny stocks. Also can we add feature to have multiple watch-lists.

  3. How to check whether scrip has traded today. Using offset ‘Latest’ results in scrips traded a month back also. Example SBT, SBM etc

      1. Sir can plz provide a scanner settings for below
        Today close> yesterday close
        Today close > previous month highest close
        Today close > previous week highest close

  4. 1.stock to buy bigger then 4 % to new 20 day high , before 4 % breakout tight sideways consolidation maximum 4 bar
    2. stock to buy near 10 day high with in 3% tight sideways consolidation below average volume
    3. bull flag and bear flag
    this all three scan separate formula to scan stock
    i hope akshji help me

  5. Hi , I want to check stock trend [ up trend or down trend ] based on that I want to apply some technical filter, can you please guide me how to write query to find stock trend.

  6. Hi Admin,
    Thank you for providing this facility of scanners.You said price feed from NSE comes with 15 min delay.How will the intraday scanners be useful in such a case?

  7. Hi
    Akash can you provide a mid point average just like in ichimoku in the moving averages apart from Open, High, Low, Close. May be name it a Average (High+Low)/2

    It could be useful to have multiple midpoint averages for better crossover of stocks identification.


  8. Just to simplify the Question

    I want to know stocks that had EMA50 crossed EMA200 in last 30 days/Bars.

    Its kind of back Testing.

    I know i can do this by Passes any condition, but i need to write 30 lines of code.
    Do you have anything simple

  9. Dear Admin,
    it is awesome scanner.
    Can you please introduce below 2 scanner in system.
    1. Fundamental parameters scanner.
    2. I want to prepare a watch list and want to apply scanner to only my watch listed stocks. Is it possible?

    Thanks and best regards,

    1. Thanks for your feedback. We shall add fundamental paraemters soon.

      You can run a scan against your watchlist, the details are already provided in this post

  10. Hi,

    As of now your min and max functions work on No of bars that is hard coding

    can we have This functions work on an event(RSA Crossed above 30 or EMA50 Crossed above EMA 200)

    Example : I need to have max closing value since EMA50 Crossed EMA 200 from below

    Hope i’m clear

    1. Do you mean to calculate the max(20, ema(..)), if so, this is possible and you can identify the maximum/minimum of any computed indicators/values

  11. Hi Admin,
    thank you for such a great screener, i have a problem finding values how to screen some thing like this … 20 SMA is 5% greater that 50 SMA and 50 SMA is 5% greater than 100 SAM kindly explain thanks Shahjahan

  12. Hi,
    I am a regular user of this site and it is very useful for me. But I need one more setup where I can choose the time frame like 30mint/60mint/1D. I have to set all required parameter for screening but could not able to set the time frame and this is why I am facing some problem.

    So please add the time frame indicator.

  13. Hi team,
    i am getting wrong answer, i am looking for 52 weekly high / 52 weekly low less than 2
    Example :52 weekly high 155, 52 weekly low 54 Cmp 144
    155/54 = 2.87 but i am looking for less than 2 kindly guide me thanks

  14. Sir,
    Kindly help me to calculate average value of Latest (Open, High, Low & Close) and also add “Haikin Ashi” scanner & Chart.

    1. We shall be adding the ability to to have nested parameters for sma/ema indicators soon which shall help you achive your requirement

  15. Scanning in intraday timeframe is helpful if watch list is scanned continuously and a sound alert is generated as soon as conditions are met. Based on sound alert, trading action can be initiated. Its not efficient to press scan again n again to repeat the procedure; secondly if you have sound alerts, time between the alerts can be used more productively for other analysis rather need for looking on screener all the time.
    Is there any plan to add above features soon ?

  16. If we can run the screener every 5 minutes for list of stocks to find out price volume breakout and then generate alert based on playing sound, sending email that would be really great. Kindly advise if there’s a possibility to include as it will help many people especially those who do intraday.

  17. I am looking for bullish engulfing scanner or piercing line scan in single scanner along with volume indicators. Please let me know how to create this scan. My conditions –
    1. Today’s volume should be greater than yesterday’s volume by at least 10% or 1.1 times
    2. Today’s volume should be greater than 10 days average volumes

    If both above conditions are full filled then further scan should be performed for either bullish engulfing or piercing line.

    3. Conditions for bullish engulfing –
    3.1 Today’s open lower than yesterday’s low
    3.2 Today’s close higher than yesterday’s high
    3.3 Yesterday’s close lower than yesterday’s open

    4. Conditions for piercing line –
    4.1 Today’s open lower than yesterday’s low
    4.2 Today’s close lower than yesterday’s close
    4.3 Today’s high lower than yesterday’s close
    4.4 Today’s close higher than (yesterday’s open + yesterday’s close)/2

    I created scan with these conditions but it is not working as I desired. Below is the link scanner I created:

  18. Hi Team,

    I would request you to help me create scanners for the below criteria for nifty 200 stocks with high volume:

    1. Stocks whose first 15 minute high and low are not broken by 10am IST.
    2. Stocks with exactly same high or low for last 2 days candles.
    3. Stocks with exactly same high or low for 5/15 minute candles for intraday.
    4. Stocks with first red candle followed by doji with close price of red candle equal to open and close price of doji.
    5. Stocks with first green candle followed by doji with close price of green candle equal to open and close price of doji.
    6. Comparing last 2 candles in 15/5 minute chart where open of latest candle is equal to close of previous candle and other way round.

  19. Dear Chartink is very very good website
    Dear I couldn’t find the scanner for bluechip stock , large cap stock, midcap stock

    Can any one help me

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