Stock Screener FAQ

List of frequently asked questions from our visitors.

How to scan NSE Future stocks?

We have added a segement filter that can be modified in the top-most filter, refer the below image:

How to Search Screeners?

You can view our screeners homepage to search & view scans created by other users.

How to run scan for stocks in Watchlist

After you’ve logged in and added stocks in your watchlist, you can change the segement to “Watchlist” which would then run the scan for stocks listed in your watchlist.

How to perform Weekly/Monthly scans?

After a indicator has been added, click on the “Latest” prefix right before it and change it to any of the “Weekly” range group, eg: “Weekly”, “1 week ago” and so on… The same applies for Monthly filters

How to run Intraday scans?

After you have added a indicator, you can click on the “latest” prefix on the left hand side and change it the Intraday timeframe you want. Eg:

How to have Realtime scans during market hours?

While the markets are open, the “Latest” refers to the current days’ candle. The current price is also reflected for “Intraday”, “Weekly” & “Monthly” ranges which are updated during market hours in near realtime.

Bracketing & Operator precedence

Operators(+,-,*,/) are evaluated from left to right. If you need to specific the precedence you can use Brackets and group expressions as follows:

How to scan for ranges – eg: RSI(14) less than 30 for the past 10 days

You can use the min/max functions to specify ranges, here’s a example for “William%r in the range of -20 to -50(i.e. <=-20 and >=-50) from 5 days”:

You can also combine 3 days OR 5 days in a single scan using sub-filters which help you specify and/or conditions, here’s another example:

293 thoughts on “Stock Screener FAQ”

  1. Hi
    Would you advice that how to refet current price to scan
    Example- current price crossed latest open.
    I hope u would give favorable reply

  2. is there any way to have readymade watchlist like nifty-50, nifty-100, nifty-200 as sometimes person want to apply filter for given stock not penny stocks. Also can we add feature to have multiple watch-lists.

      1. is there any way to have readymade watchlist like nifty-50, nifty-100, nifty-200 as sometimes person want to apply filter for given stock not penny stocks. Also can we add feature to have multiple watch-lists.
        Currently we don’t have any predefined lists, but we shall add them soon

  3. How to check whether scrip has traded today. Using offset ‘Latest’ results in scrips traded a month back also. Example SBT, SBM etc

      1. Sir can plz provide a scanner settings for below
        Today close> yesterday close
        Today close > previous month highest close
        Today close > previous week highest close

  4. 1.stock to buy bigger then 4 % to new 20 day high , before 4 % breakout tight sideways consolidation maximum 4 bar
    2. stock to buy near 10 day high with in 3% tight sideways consolidation below average volume
    3. bull flag and bear flag
    this all three scan separate formula to scan stock
    i hope akshji help me

  5. Hi , I want to check stock trend [ up trend or down trend ] based on that I want to apply some technical filter, can you please guide me how to write query to find stock trend.

  6. Hi Admin,
    Thank you for providing this facility of scanners.You said price feed from NSE comes with 15 min delay.How will the intraday scanners be useful in such a case?

  7. Hi
    Akash can you provide a mid point average just like in ichimoku in the moving averages apart from Open, High, Low, Close. May be name it a Average (High+Low)/2

    It could be useful to have multiple midpoint averages for better crossover of stocks identification.


  8. Just to simplify the Question

    I want to know stocks that had EMA50 crossed EMA200 in last 30 days/Bars.

    Its kind of back Testing.

    I know i can do this by Passes any condition, but i need to write 30 lines of code.
    Do you have anything simple

      1. Kudos! for operating such a great website, please add BSE stocks into the screener which will cover the entire list of stocks.

  9. Dear Admin,
    it is awesome scanner.
    Can you please introduce below 2 scanner in system.
    1. Fundamental parameters scanner.
    2. I want to prepare a watch list and want to apply scanner to only my watch listed stocks. Is it possible?

    Thanks and best regards,

    1. Thanks for your feedback. We shall add fundamental paraemters soon.

      You can run a scan against your watchlist, the details are already provided in this post

  10. Hi,

    As of now your min and max functions work on No of bars that is hard coding

    can we have This functions work on an event(RSA Crossed above 30 or EMA50 Crossed above EMA 200)

    Example : I need to have max closing value since EMA50 Crossed EMA 200 from below

    Hope i’m clear

    1. Do you mean to calculate the max(20, ema(..)), if so, this is possible and you can identify the maximum/minimum of any computed indicators/values

  11. Hi Admin,
    thank you for such a great screener, i have a problem finding values how to screen some thing like this … 20 SMA is 5% greater that 50 SMA and 50 SMA is 5% greater than 100 SAM kindly explain thanks Shahjahan

      1. Hi Akash,
        you have done a truly amazing work creating this platform. you have made trading very time saving for us. Gratitude. God bless you.

        just one thing i will like to know from you. in the abovescanner of 5,50,100 sma what does the number * 1.05 suggest.
        thank you.

  12. Hi,
    I am a regular user of this site and it is very useful for me. But I need one more setup where I can choose the time frame like 30mint/60mint/1D. I have to set all required parameter for screening but could not able to set the time frame and this is why I am facing some problem.

    So please add the time frame indicator.

  13. Hi team,
    i am getting wrong answer, i am looking for 52 weekly high / 52 weekly low less than 2
    Example :52 weekly high 155, 52 weekly low 54 Cmp 144
    155/54 = 2.87 but i am looking for less than 2 kindly guide me thanks

  14. Sir,
    Kindly help me to calculate average value of Latest (Open, High, Low & Close) and also add “Haikin Ashi” scanner & Chart.

    1. We shall be adding the ability to to have nested parameters for sma/ema indicators soon which shall help you achive your requirement

  15. Scanning in intraday timeframe is helpful if watch list is scanned continuously and a sound alert is generated as soon as conditions are met. Based on sound alert, trading action can be initiated. Its not efficient to press scan again n again to repeat the procedure; secondly if you have sound alerts, time between the alerts can be used more productively for other analysis rather need for looking on screener all the time.
    Is there any plan to add above features soon ?

  16. If we can run the screener every 5 minutes for list of stocks to find out price volume breakout and then generate alert based on playing sound, sending email that would be really great. Kindly advise if there’s a possibility to include as it will help many people especially those who do intraday.

  17. I am looking for bullish engulfing scanner or piercing line scan in single scanner along with volume indicators. Please let me know how to create this scan. My conditions –
    1. Today’s volume should be greater than yesterday’s volume by at least 10% or 1.1 times
    2. Today’s volume should be greater than 10 days average volumes

    If both above conditions are full filled then further scan should be performed for either bullish engulfing or piercing line.

    3. Conditions for bullish engulfing –
    3.1 Today’s open lower than yesterday’s low
    3.2 Today’s close higher than yesterday’s high
    3.3 Yesterday’s close lower than yesterday’s open

    4. Conditions for piercing line –
    4.1 Today’s open lower than yesterday’s low
    4.2 Today’s close lower than yesterday’s close
    4.3 Today’s high lower than yesterday’s close
    4.4 Today’s close higher than (yesterday’s open + yesterday’s close)/2

    I created scan with these conditions but it is not working as I desired. Below is the link scanner I created:

      1. ichimouku SPAN A and SPAN B are not working. usually ichimouki will represent 26 period cloud ahead. but when we mention SPAN A and SPAN B it seems SPAN A and SPAN B values are taken for span vales near to current day candle.

        Instead it is expected to take latest span a or b which is display 26 period ahead of current day candle

  18. Hi Team,

    I would request you to help me create scanners for the below criteria for nifty 200 stocks with high volume:

    1. Stocks whose first 15 minute high and low are not broken by 10am IST.
    2. Stocks with exactly same high or low for last 2 days candles.
    3. Stocks with exactly same high or low for 5/15 minute candles for intraday.
    4. Stocks with first red candle followed by doji with close price of red candle equal to open and close price of doji.
    5. Stocks with first green candle followed by doji with close price of green candle equal to open and close price of doji.
    6. Comparing last 2 candles in 15/5 minute chart where open of latest candle is equal to close of previous candle and other way round.

  19. Dear Chartink is very very good website
    Dear I couldn’t find the scanner for bluechip stock , large cap stock, midcap stock

    Can any one help me

  20. I came to this site today. I have a problem in understanding the fact about Time. When is the stock recommended in a particular segment?
    For example, today’s Bullish stock had TCS. So, when was it recommended, at the start of the day or after the market ended?

    1. We don’t recommend stocks, the stocks are listed in a scan once they filter all the conditions as specified in the scan. The scanner is based on the current values of the stocks

  21. Dear sir,
    please tell me that if i run the ema 50 ,200 scanner , then how could i know that which stock crossed ema 50,200 after run scanner.

    1. You can create a filter like “Latest open less than equals Latest High – 0.05 AND Latest open greater than equals Latest High + 0.05”

  22. Dear Sir,

    How we can scan stock which crosses above of below first 15 minute candle high any time.

    and how can i filter stock which consumed weekly ATR.

  23. Hello

    I would like to create buy or sell signal / stock who are crossing first 15 minutes high or low any time during day.

    can anyone help in creating the same. thanks in advance

    1. You can run scans on 15 minute candles starting 9:20am refering to today’s candle as “[0] 15 minute close” and so on..

  24. hiii…
    can you please guide me to script the queries…
    i want chartink to scan 5min candles or 5 min time frame and close of latest candle or previous candle should be near one percent less or one percent greater than 5 min 200 (SMA close) but not more than one percent.
    or half percent.

  25. Hello,

    Wanted to know if I choose time frame of 5min. Then “latest” candle is candle which is being formed by live market or closed and stable candle?

    I know it is too obvious to ask, but need to clear my doubt.

  26. want to trade in only few selected stocks regularly with cci below -100, how I create screener that only provide the values for selected stocks and not for other stocks.

  27. Hi,

    Can you please tell how to know the latest value of price & volume for intraday.
    If i use [0]5 min, then i get the stocks update at the end of candle of 5 min.
    Can i get in between as soon as the conditions meet?

  28. R/Sir,
    Hi, I just wanna know the following scan in stochrsi (14,14,3,3) :
    1) the green line crossing its red line
    2) the green line crossing above its oversold line (20) and,
    3) the green line crossing above its overbought line (80), whatever we set.


  29. HELLO SIR ,


  30. Sir,
    I want to scan fundamentally
    Market capitalization greater then 1000
    Sale groth greater than 1
    Profit growth greater than 10
    Return on equity greater than 15
    Profit growth 3yr greater than 18
    Profit growth 5yr greater than 18
    How can i scan on chart ink

  31. I got a list of stocks obtained from EOD scanner. Is it possible to copy/paste these stocks in watch list without manually adding them one by one? Intraday scanner would be applied on these stocks in live market on the next trading day.

  32. sir the screener applies to the stocks chart or derivatives chart when futures segment is selected?

  33. Hi,
    Could you please add a filter for Price Rate of Change? I would like to filter stocks based on ROC 0 crossover.
    Many Thanks

  34. Hello,

    How to Add Buy & sell both conditions in single scanner.
    For example : – Buy signal once RSI(14) crosses 20 from below & Sell Signal once RSI (14) crosses 80 from above.
    i need both conditions in single scanner.


  35. Hi,
    I want a scanner supertrend
    Buy :latest close crosses above weekly supertrend (7,2)(weekly candle)
    Sell: latest close crosses below weekly
    Supertrend (7,2)(weekly candle)
    Please provide the link.

      1. Hi recently you logic is failed in identifying the 0 candle and – 1 candle in hourly chart. Also other than this channel I didn’t find point of contact to talk being a premium member

  36. Hi Akash,

    I want to screen stocks on 15min candle,where ATR of the previous 15 min candle is the Highest ATR value of the past 100 15min candles.

    Appreciate if you could guide me on this,

    1. You would need to use the max function for this, “[0] 5 minute ATR equals or greater than [1] 5 minute max(atr, 100)”

      1. how to find the code for the stocks ? I have stocks coming from filter..but don’t know the code ? so can you help with how to back trap ?

  37. Hi,
    I want to run scanner for the FNO stocks every 5 mins (9:15, 9:20….) in intra day. My scanner is as below

    if (5 min close > high of 9:15 candle high(5 min candle) ) then show those stock.

    “[0] 5 minute Close” Greater than [xxx] 5 minute High”. Here I need to change the value of “xxx” (-1, -2, -3 …) every 5 mins.

    Is there a way to write the scanner so that I don’t need to put value of xxx every 5 min and run the scanner every 5 min?


  38. I wanted a scanner for SELL which would analyse 3 supertrends (7,3), (10,3) (11,2) crossing over 3 latest candles of 5 minutes
    could you please help.

  39. I have scanner where i am comparing today open is lesser than the yesterdays low. I get the list but percentage column shows the change in the percentage with respect to yesterdays close.

    So my question was when i export the list to excel sheet, is it possible to add the yesterdays lows also.
    I meant can you add all the fields that are used in my filter while exporting.

  40. I have opted for paid subscription for a month. It mentions that 1000 mails and 1000 sms would be given. I would like to opt for only emails. Can I get 2000 mails.
    Also, would love to have the ticker value at the time of trigger. this would help in day end analysis.
    Thanks in advance

  41. Hi, I want to scan previous days last 15min sma(close,50) greater than close in 15min chart? I tried but results coming wrong. Kindly advise

  42. Dear Sir,
    I want to perform scan only on some selected scripts which i already added in watchlist section— ” mylist ” name given there. Now while perform scan, i select the option watchlist from drop down, but no scan perform on that selected stocks in “mylist” wtchlist in my account.

    How to perorm scan on those selected companies that are added in “mylist ” watchlist section ?

    Please guide this in this respect.

    Thanking you.

    1. You will need to change the segement of the scanner, you can choose the watchlist and ensure that is the default watchlist that is selcted in your watchlist dashboard for the scanner

  43. Sir I want to have the stocks scanned where shooting star is formed below pivot and resisatnces in 5 min intraday time frame for F&O stocks
    How to do this. Kindly help

  44. Alerts will just show up as pop-up message without sound. One cannot keep staring at the computer screen waiting for notification. If sound notification is also provided alerts will be more useful.

    1. Web notifications on desktop, don’t provide sound capabilities, an alternative to this is to configure it on mobile that allow’s sound notifications.

  45. SE INVESTMENTS has been renamed to PAISALO DIGITAL. I guess the two have not been merged in your database.
    Screen results still keep showing SE Investments with its old price.

  46. How can I find the following in your charts –
    i. Pivot points
    ii. Gann square 9 calculator
    iii. Renco/Cagi/TLB charts of any scrip.

  47. Hello sir
    really a wonderful initiative of screeners.
    But i have a problem of adapting time frames like 15 mins and 30 mins etc
    How do i implement this
    The stocks which satisfy all the below conditions:
    15 Min RSI = 70
    Daily RSI = 40
    Weekly RSI = 50

    I thought of adding offset as time frame but they give wrrong results,
    If you could pls reply on adding time frames it would be helpful

  48. HI,

    last 2 months back i was able to check after pre-market data was refresh 9.10 to 9.15 . But now a days data will refreshing after 9.15 . can you kindly let me know why data is not refreshing 9.10 to 9.15.


      1. Dear Mr. Akash,

        I need real time data. I agreed to pay premium. How can I Able to get the real time data in my computer after the payment ? Please help.


  49. I am handicapped a bit because I cannot screen for entry and exit points in Nifty Futures. Is there a plan to be able to select the Current, Near and Far month Futures for Nifty?
    Also, till then is there a way I can atleast scan the Nifty and Bank Nifty? If Yes, can you please tell me how to do that so that I can get alerts when the specific condition is met.
    Thanks in advance.

      1. Sir I was trying to create new scan with the rule of 5min first candle crossed below 2000 ama. Unable to get accurate result.. can you help me out from this?

      1. I am right now using Spider software. Pls let me know how your software is better? What are your charges for intraday for 3 mo, 6 mo, annum.
        May reply my email id

        1. As a premium member you would be able to:

          Access realtime data for Charts & Scans every minute
          Create Alerts and receive updates of stock breakouts over sms/email/mobile/desktop
          View charts in 1/2/3 minute timeframes with auto-refresh
          Run screeners in 1/2/3 minute timeframes with auto-refresh
          Scan any watchlist via the segment dropdown of a scan
          Get Dedicated support for your scanner requirements

  50. Is there a way to apply the screener for previous day last 20 5mins candlesticks. Like say suppose I want latest close greater than previous day(prev day n not prev candles) last 20 5mins candlesticks.

  51. I hope you guys come with a system where we can only select a constant candlestick/constant number of candlesticks of any timeframe and of any wanted day.

  52. I am interested in the premium chartink subscription, but i have some doubts.

    1) I am looking for 30 min intraday breakout scan as well as breakdown scan, but i am not getting any results if i put them in single scan. so if i create two different scan will i get alerts for both at the same time?
    2) Do i have to run scan and set alerts everyday or is it one time process?
    3) I dont want alerts on sms, so can i get alerts just on desktop or mobile?

  53. i wish to identify stocks which are having narrow range bollinger bands. ie upper and lower lines of band are near by. like during consolidation. I can identify if stock is in consolidation by other formulas but wish to identify if bands are in narrow range as well.
    how to do it?

  54. Please add Pivot points to the charts . The most basic indicator is Pivot point , I don’t find it in the list. Kindly add different Pivot types like Camarilla Pivot , Fibonacci Pivot etc. Please update the Pivots.

    1. For pivot point use formula to create .
      Pivot point (PP) = (High + Low + Close) / 3.
      Scan to pivot line :

      Bracket(1 day agoHigh+1 day agoClose+1 day agoLow )/NUMBER3

  55. hi….I found some stock scanned using conditions are removed from the list and one more thing price when conditions clicked not to be changed (LTP is shown) so one can have idea how scanner has performed even if he has not traded that stock.

    If this is already there let me know how it can be done! this is just first day using chartink!

  56. how can we get live data of EOD scanner everyday, it seems to updated one day old data.
    Is this facility is available in premium version.?

  57. Thank you for such a great service. Is there any way to scan using the NYSE? Or if not are you aware of any similar sites that are free and easy to use as this site?

  58. in the screener results make a column of tiny line graph preview so we can see the trends of the particular stock just like that in the nse site.

  59. I have more than 3 watchlist created for different stocks.

    I want to scan with specific conditions for first watchlist and different conditions for second watchlist

    how do I do that please ?

  60. All prices are taken from cash segment if we select futures also. I need to have futures contract price/volumes for filters. For eg if I choose RELIANCE18NOVFUT for calculation, it is considering RELIANCE price calculation eventhough i selected in futures segment filter.

    1. Yes, currently we do not have F&O data. We do plan on adding it in the near term. Shall keep you posted. For now we have added a segment filter that can be modified in the top-most filter to scan only on stocks which are present in the F&O segment.

    1. Our premium members get realtime data with updates every minute for our Charts & Scans. So if you run a scan at 9:20am for example, it would be based on the latest data until 9:19:59am and so on..

  61. Hi Akash,

    I am premium member, tried to create 1 alert in hoursly chart Alerts but not getting on mobile, not able to see them on laptop also.

    can you pls help.

  62. Dear Akash,

    Will it be too much to ask for:

    1. Addition of dynamic population/removal of stocks in a watchlist based on the output of a scan.
    2. For nesting/scheduling of interdependent scans so that we can use output accumulated from one scan as input to another scan?

    If automated population/removal is too much of a processing task, please introduce an excel sheet based upload feature to update a watchlist?


    1. Hello,
      Currently we do not have this feature. We do plan on adding it in the near term. Shall keep you posted.

      For now you want to upload a large number of stocks into your watchlist and is a one time job, you may send us the excel sheet, we shall have it uploaded from the back-end.

    1. Yes, these scans as possible. We provide dedicated scanner support only to our premium members which allows you send your scan requirements and we create and share the scan with you.

      As a premium member you would be able to:
      Access realtime data for Charts & Scans every minute
      Create Alerts and receive updates of stock breakouts over sms/email/mobile/desktop
      View charts in 1/2/3 minute timeframes with auto-refresh
      Run screeners in 1/2/3 minute timeframes with auto-refresh
      Scan any watchlist via the segment dropdown of a scan
      Get Dedicated support for your scanner requirements

      You can get details/signup our premium service here:

  63. Does subscription start from the date of payment ? say payment made on 10.02.2019 then, subscription period will be 10.02.2019 to 09.03.2019 for monthly and 10.02.2019 to 09.02.2020 for yearly ?

  64. Dear Sir,

    I took premium membership of Chartlink yesterday. Request you create an alert for me as follows:

    Open Equal Low and Stock crosses Resistance Level 2.

    Open Equal High and Stock Breaches Support Level 2.

    Please create the above alerts for stocks in futures segment.

  65. Hi how can i scan stocks with first 30 min candle , low higher than “upper bollinger band” with field as (high low)/2, period 20, std dev 1

    First 30 min candle high lower than “lower bollinger band” with field as (high low)/2, period 20, std dev 1

  66. Hi is there any link (or bridge) to any broker for auromatic trading by which we can place order automatically from chartink scanner? If not I would suggest you to do that as in that price (the price to subscribe premium chartink) some broker providing api for live data from which you can scan stocks with your strategy and place order automatically. It would be great if you do that too.

  67. hello sir, mujhe ek aise scanner banana h jo pahle 15 min ki candle ka low brake kiya ho fir high brake kre , fir final result de
    aise stock scan kre jinka high low dono brake hua ho

  68. i joined today yr website.
    I need some brief about yr website how to use.
    which scanner is good for intraday ( time), day, weekly monthly.

    1. Sure. Its for all, intraday, weekly and monthly. You may view a guide on scans here:

      As a premium member you would be able to:
      Access realtime data for Charts & Scans every minute
      Create Alerts and receive updates of stock breakouts over sms/email/mobile/desktop
      View charts in 1/2/3 minute timeframes with auto-refresh
      Run screeners in 1/2/3 minute timeframes with auto-refresh
      Scan any watchlist via the segment dropdown of a scan
      Get Dedicated support for your scanner requirements

      You can get details/signup our premium service here:

  69. Hi Team,
    Scan/Alert option is particularly the best and essential tool for every traders.
    One request I have is to include a time range option for Scan/Alerts, so that the Scan/Alert should be made on that particular time range and not outside of that. Please include it which will help greatly.

  70. Dear ,
    i have subscribed with Monthly plan , so requested you to know from you relate with only when nifty comes in certain screneer at that time (In Bearich/Bulish Trend), can go for Buy or Saling Stock, which are also comes same screener of Nifty Trend, Simultaneously we know trend of Nifty as well as those stock going for trade also with Nifty trend , means we can save time to see nifty direction & stocks which we will going to buy.

  71. hello sir i need to talk about timing alert what is the different between delay time and real time ? if 15 min candle breakout when i get alert after 5min or reall time ?

    1. Our premium members get realtime data with updates every minute for our Charts & Scans. So if you run a scan at 9:20am for example, it would be based on the latest data until 9:19:59am and so on.. Free version has a delay of 5 minutes.

  72. Hi ,
    For free member Is it possible to create a indicator on indicator filter,
    For instance i want to know if RSI (14) is above or below 5 period Mov avg of RSI(14)

    ie. RSI (14) 5 MvAvg(RSI(14))
    if yes please let me know how to create this filter


  73. Sir,

    Expected plotting Multiple stocks chart in Single Chart , For Example : Nifty 50 +Reliance

    So that,a trader will save their time to see another nifty chart before trade.

  74. Sir,

    Chartink screenner plateform is best as compare to other /covered all the aspect condition but the below point should be cover so those are subscriber need not to pay extra money because of sometime have to depend on other plateform

    1) In Chartink being with Trading Plateform /Connect with other Trading plateform for buy & sell
    2) Scrolling chart Facility for previous period
    3) Overlapying Nifty trend chart in single chart of Specific Stock
    4) Provide deliverable volume of specific stock (Data of holding trade of previous day)
    5) Market view of Global ,Commodity, currency & SGX Market to make future strategy of trade

  75. sir i have not getting alert message through mobile , even if registered mobile is correct
    please show how to insert input for alert on mobile

  76. Hello,

    You guys have tremonduos job for stock filtering and backtest. Once i do the the backtest i always get the date on which the stock has satisfied the rules.

    Is it possible to get the time as well along with the date. I am not premium member as of now. If subscribe for premium version do i get that

    1. Hello,
      If you are running the scan on daily candles, it will give back-test results for previous days. Time stamp of 0.00 may be ignored.

      Hope this helps on back-testing:

      It will show the previous days/ minutes results for your scan without the need for you to modify the scan. Back-testing will not give alerts. It is only to analyze/ view stocks previously triggered by your scans.  If you click on any of the bars on the graph, it will show the list of stocks that triggered as per the scan previously. 

      Back-test data will show data for the lowest candle time frame in your scan. If lowest time frame is 1 minute, it will show results for last 1 minutes. If its on daily candle it will show data for past 6 months. We show results for the past 150 bars  in our backtest section, these 150 candles could be of any timeframe, depending on the lowest timeframe in your scan, so for 5 minutes for example, you would get 2 days, for 1 minute, half a day and so on. 
      If you have the alert frequency of 5 minutes on a 1 hour candle scan, the alert results will update every 5 minutes and so will the backtest results(if you open the site and view the graph every 5 minutes), the difference is that the alert keeps a history of all your stocks triggered every 5 minutes i.e at 9:20am, 9:25am and so on via the alert history page,, whereas the backtest graph doesn’t keep any history as such, it will show the results only as of the candle completion time i.e 10:15am. so its not necessary that the backtest will show all the stocks that were triggered every 5 minutes as your alert show’s.

      Alerts is a premium feature that would allow you to do this, it keeps a track of all your stocks that met the condition every 5 minutes so that you don’t need to keep a track of them manually in the scanner page or the backtesting graph. The backtest is a dynamic graph that would update/change as your 1 hour candle is changing.

  77. currently, scan result shows only name , price etc.
    can we calculate and set Target, SL values in conditions itself?

  78. Hi,
    Is there a way to filter on commodity market because I do not see that in list of available categories ?
    What if I want to run a scan on commodity market?
    Deepak Kanth

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