Trade/Order book fields unavaliablity for 27-28th Sep’2021

Exchange is conducting an maintenance activity that would impact impact the avaliablitliy of these fields for 2 days, i.e 27th and 28th Sep’21. We’ll be restoring this missing data as soon as we get a update from exchange.

In the meantime, please disable the filters of “Trade & Order book” fields in your scans and widgets, to ensure that this doesn’t impact your scans & alerts due to non avaliablity for these 2 days, below is the list of fields impacted by this activity:

 Buyer initiated trades
 Buyer initiated trades quantity
 Buyer initiated trades average quantity
 Seller initiated trades
 Seller initiated trades quantity
 Seller initiated trades average quantit
 Buyer vs Seller initiated trades ratio
 Buyer vs Seller initiated trades quantity ratio
 Buyer initiated trades VWAP
 Seller initiated trades VWAP
 Total Orders
 Orders Quantity
 Buy Orders
 Buy Orders Quantity
 Sell Orders
 Sell Orders Quantity
 Buy vs Sell orders ratio
 Buy vs Sell orders quantity ratio
 Cancelled Buy Orders
 Cancelled Buy Orders Quantity
 Cancelled Sell Orders
 Cancelled Sell Orders Quantity
 Total Cancelled orders
 Total Cancelled orders quantity
 Cancelled orders ratio
 Cancelled orders quantity ratio
 Buy Orders Vwap
 Sell Orders Vwap
 Orders Vwap

Note: Candlestick data(open,high,low,close..) & other technical indicators(RSI, MACD.. etc) would NOT be impacted by this.


29th Sep’21 9:20am: The issue is still not resolved, we have notified the exchange regarding the same

29th Sep’21 10:20am: The issue now resolved & these fields are now avaliable, the exhange is working on providing us with the missing data


6 thoughts on “Trade/Order book fields unavaliablity for 27-28th Sep’2021”

    1. Not yet, it was supposed to be avaliable today, unfortunately there’s still an issue from the exchange, we’ve notified them & they are having this checked.

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