Scanner User Guide

The enclosed information will help you develop the skills and knowledge to create, understand, and run custom scans for technical & fundamental indicators. While reading this guide, we suggest having our scanning tool open in another window to apply the demonstrated steps, which would help you create your unique custom scans.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Filter components
  3. Examples
  4. Fundamentals Scans
  5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Chartink scanner offers unparalleled flexibility to deliver custom, accurate, and fast stock scans. Chartink’s scanner is a powerful tool that enables you to scan stocks based on the technical levels and indicators you have developed through your experience with stock markets and technical analysis. Some examples of what you can do with the scanner include listing stocks that have crossed the 200-day moving average, have RSI values greater than 70, or have the Highest volume, and many more.
The scanner allows you to customize technical (e.g., RSI, MACD, breakout..) and fundamental parameters (e.g., P/E, book value..) to suit your needs.

Filter components

Sample filter; shows close above 500

A scan comprises several filters, which can be added by clicking on the filter icon.

A scan with a single filter appears as follows:

The scan, besides filters stocks whose “close is greater than 500”, notice the interface relates closely to our English language grammar –

 Stock attributes
Add “Stock Attribute”

Relates to the open, high, low, close, and volume are always prefixed by an offset that indicates whether you are looking for the current candle Value, a value of the previous candle, or a specific number of candles ago, applies to all timeframes, such as daily, Intraday, weekly, monthly.

Steps performed to add “Close” as a filter attribute. Notice the “Offset” component automatically added.

Modify “Offset”

Relate to the timeframe for the indicator for the current or prior candle; often, you’d want to compare the values of a specific component from one day to another, like, referring to the RSI value of today & comparing it against the RSI value 10 days ago.

Offsets allow you to add this flexibility to your analysis, enabling you to compare components from days before the most recent trading day. This can be useful when conducting trend analysis or identifying potential opportunities in the market.


For example, you may want to identify stocks that have closed above their previous day’s close.

Hint: An offset is automatically added once you select a stock attribute or an indicator defaulting to “Latest” (current daily candle). To change, click on it(latest).

Number constant:
Number constant

Hard-coded numbers are fixed/constant values. To create filter, you can use comparison operators (like greater than or less than) or math operations (+,-,/,** *) to create a filter.

Number constants don’t have an offset, which means their Value stays the same no matter when you’re looking at it. That’s different from variables or other data points that might change depending on different conditions or inputs.
An example is highlighting the “number 60” as the number constant.

Indicator filter

You can add multiple indicators, such as SMA, RSI, MACD, and ADX, and perform various computations on them to filter stocks.

Most indicators require a parameter for their computations, and Chartink automatically sets a default value for the parameter when you add the indicator (shown in brackets).

You can easily change any indicator’s parameter(clicking on it) to suit your needs.

Adding SMA as an indicator(to the first line), notice the parameter for SMA i.e (close, 20), signifying the computations to be on the “close” stock attribute for the past 20 days.

Hint: If an “Indicator” requires multiple parameters, they are separated by a comma, e.g., “(close, 20)” here.


After adding a “stock attribute” or “indicator”, you may want to perform operations on them to compare them or use them in your custom criteria. These operations allow you to link indicators and other filter components together to create more complex criteria. For example, you may want to compare an indicator value to a number constant or add two indicators together.

The format for linking operations with other filter components is as follows:

indicator operation(greater than/less than) number constant ....
stock attribute operation(equals) indicator ....
number constant operation(*, /, +, -) number constant operation(less than) indicator ...

An operation can be performed by clicking on the icon. “Also, multiple operations can be performed for a single filter.

Types of operations:


To construct more advanced scans, you can use arithmetic operations (add, subtract, multiply, divide) on filter components. This allows you to create scans for stocks that have gained a certain percentage today (e.g., 5%). The example below shows a scan that uses two operations, one of which is an arithmetic operation (*), to filter stocks that have experienced a gap up or gap down. Here is an example scan.

Close > 1 day ago by 3%

Probably the most common operation you’d use, as every valid scan requires a comparison among 2 filter components. A single filter can have only a single comparison. In the below snippet, the “greater than” operation denotes the relation between the 2 stock attributes(close & open) & filters stocks that have a “Close” greater than a stock’s “Open.”; here is an example scan.

Close > Open

Often you’d want to filter stocks based on certain breakouts, which can occur when a stock closes below a certain value yesterday but closes above it today (signifying a crossover). [Value here refers to any indicator or stock attribute.] here is an example scan.

Close crossed above SMA20

The above would filter Stocks that closed below the 20- day SMA yesterday but today it closed above the 20-day SMA (crossing over from below).

Steps to add operations to a stock attribute:

To filter stocks that are closing above 5,000, you can perform the following operation:

Operation filter

Steps to create the scan

  1. Select the ‘Add a filter’ option from the menu.
  2. Choose the ‘Close’ attribute from the list of available stock attributes.
  3. Select the ‘Greater than’ comparison operation.
  4. Enter the Value of 5,000 in the constant number field.

Multiple Filters & Filter Behavior:

Normally you’d want to have multiple filters specified in a single scan. To add more than a single filter again, click on the filter icon and select a new filter to add.

Operation “passes ANY”

i.e., You can change the filter’s behavior within a scan to achieve an AND or an ANY condition or even have it fail a certain filter within your scan.

Sub-filters/Grouped filter:

Sometimes it may be necessary to group filters and their behavior to create more complex criteria.

Multiple Filters

In this scenario, we can see that the main group condition passing is “latest close > 200”. This condition is a must. 2 sub-filters or sub-groups are created after that, out of which the scan passes any 1 of the 2 groups along with the main condition “latest close > 200”. You can see the sub-groups are highlighted and are being passed in a “Passes Any” join.

Scan for EMA 20 with volume OR close crossing EMA 20 where RSI above 70

Functional Filters(Min/Max):

The Min and Max filter components are unique because they accept other filter components as parameters. These functions are useful for calculating the highest or minimum values over a specified number of days. These functions take two parameters, as follows:

  1. Period – Denotes the periods over which this function shall perform its computations.
  2. Measure(stock attribute, indicator) – Denotes the measure against which the computation shall be performed.
Multiple Filters

To identify stocks that have reached their 52-week High on a given day, the Max(period, measure) function can be used.

After selecting this function, its required parameters will be automatically added. These parameters can be modified by clicking on them; in this case, they should be changed to 252 and High.

The measure selected, in this case, High is used to identify stocks at their 52-week High, which consists of 252 trading days.

This allows for identifying stocks that have reached this milestone on the specified day(latest).

Examples with scans –

We’ve compiled a few examples to help you design your custom scans. Click here to view more example scansYou can also browse through the scans created by other users here.

Overbought filter:

List stocks that have RSI(14 days) changed their zone from below 70 yesterday to above 70 today, indicating they are likely to see entering to overbought zone. Here is an example scan.

Overbought stocks
Oversold filter:

List stocks that have RSI(14 days) changed their zone from above 30 yesterday to below 30 today, indicating they are likely to see entering the oversold zone. Here is an example scan.

Oversold stocks
Gap-up filter:

Listing stocks with an open greater than 3% of yesterday’s close. If a stock closed at 100 INR yesterday, Its open today should be greater than 103, denoted by “1 day ago Close * 1.03”. Here is an example scan.

Gap-down filter:

Listing stocks with an open of less than 3% of yesterday’s close. If a stock closed at 100 INR yesterday, Its open today and should be less than 97, denoted by “1 day ago Close * 0.97”. Here is an example scan.

List gap-down(-3%) stocks
Bullish stocks filter:

Often a crossover of 50-day SMA over 200-day SMA is treated as a bullish signal. Here is an example scan.

SMA50 crosses above SMA200


Examples and usage of fundamental filters can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions –

Kindly refer to our FAQ  page for further queries. If you have any suggestions/doubts, kindly contact us.

We hope that this guide provides a solid foundation for creating custom scans and helps you make informed trading decisions.

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        1. Stocks making higher highs and LOWER LOWS should be added. similarly higher lows and lower highs need to be added.. also you should add stocks nearing trend line supports and resistances on daily ,weekly , hourly and 15 minutes charts. Also need to know breakouts on trend lines.

        2. Hi Akash ,Happy to know you are there,I communicated with you about 4, 5 years back.God bless you.

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        3. hello akash
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          Happy for the great effort made so far. The toll is amazing!

      1. As a premium member you would be able to:
        Access realtime data for Charts & Scans every minute
        Create Alerts and receive updates of stock breakouts over sms/email/mobile/desktop
        View charts in 1/2/3 minute timeframes with auto-refresh
        Run screeners in 1/2/3 minute timeframes with auto-refresh
        Scan any watchlist via the segment dropdown of a scan
        Get Dedicated support for your scanner requirements

        You can get details/signup our premium service here:

        1. Sir today I paid one month subscription fee but can’t understand how to create the filter any can help me my mobile 9903169001

          1. If you need help in creating a scan, please share your requirements and we shall caret the same for you. (email at [email protected])

            You may view tutorials on scans and alerts here: 
            You can also start by reviewing out top scans here:

            They contain the top 10 scans used for Intraday/Swing & short term trading

    2. I want to find the supertrend breakout for weekly and monthly candles like I do for 30 minutes or 1 hour or daily candles. How do I do it?

        1. Kindly confirm Need to use “Crossed above” or “Greater than” as Operations. “Greater than” Operation works correct. “Crossed above” missed many stocks.

      1. You can directly plot it ahead of time. Eg: If you’d want to plot/scan with the EMA of a offset of 26 on today’s chart, you can directly do “26 days ago EMA(close,20) less than Latest close”, this ways’ the EMA 20 of 26 days ago, will be compared against the latest close of today

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      1. Akash ji,

        It works ! Thanks for your quick response.
        (Latest Open less than 1 day ago open
        1 day ago open less than 2 days ago open
        Latest open greater than 1 day ago close
        1 day ago open greater than 2 days ago close
        latest close greater than 1 day ago close
        1 day ago close less than 2 days ago close
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        2nd query: How to apply this method on weekly & monthly chart for all data?

          1. Akash ji,
            (( Latest Open less than 1 day ago open
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            Latest open greater than 1 day ago close
            1 day ago open greater than 2 days ago close
            latest close greater than 1 day ago close
            1 day ago close less than 2 days ago close
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    1. We’re working on integrating the scanner with market hour candles(15 minute delay), it shall be ready to use in the month of Feb’16

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        Finally solved my 4th candle jumping issue,
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      2. Hi Mr Akash,
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      1. Hello,

        You can select the “futures” as a segment in place of “cash” segment from the dropdown list.

        Kindly note: Currently, we support only NSE cash stocks. We have only created a segment group called ‘futures’ to scan stocks that are traded in the F&O group. If you select futures, scanning will be done on basis of cash stock prices/ values. 

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    1. Yes, there’s a option to change the segment: “Stock passes all of the below filters in cash segment :”, click on the “Cash” once on the scanner page to change it to “Futures” segment

      1. Thank you ver much sir for your quick reply
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        1. On Monday, if you tried during Market hours, after 9:30am, the “latest” would refer to Monday, as Scans are updated during Market hour with a delay of 15 minutes

          1. agree, but the “10 days ago CloseLess” line counts saturday and sunday aswel and narrow downs the results…

          2. No, only Market trading days are considered, so, “10 days ago”, would include 10 market trading days(excluding all holidays). Can you give me a example scan for the issue you are noticing?

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  26. Can you please guide me “Bullish Engulfing” and “Bearish Engulfing” candle stick pattern in live market.

        1. The scan that I shared, would have it results updated during market hours(15 minute delay). You can either keep the screen open and click on “Run scan” every minute to get the latest results Or just refresh the page

      1. TataGloabal is accured 10:30 am Bearish Engulfing pattern that time stock price is 156.20.
        Hexaware is accured 09:55 am Bullish Engulfing pattern that time stock price is 243

        This type scanning needed.

        1. The scan that I shared, would have it results updated during market hours(15 minute delay). You can either keep the screen open and click on “Run scan” every minute to get the latest results Or just refresh the page

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    1. If the open is 100, “Latest Open Greater than number * 0.01” you mean, the open is greater than the number * 0.01, if you put 100 in place of the number, it would be 100 * 0.01 = 1 ( 100 > 1 )

  33. Hello Akash,

    Kudos, brilliant website, really very useful, thanks!!

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      1. Hello,

        You will get the filter option by clicking on the “+” sign. You can click on any one of them as per your scan requirement. You can observe that “Latest ” is the default timeframe that will be chosen.

        You can click on “Latest” to select your required timeframe. You will get the options in the dropdown list.

        I hope this helps.

  35. your site is doing a wonderful job Cheers!!!….I just had a query, the site says ‘Custom Scans now updated during market hours’, what is the estimated time lag for updating the charts as compared to actual market??

        1. Free version data is delayed by 5 minutes. In premium subscription, charts and scans are updated every minute. Our premium members get realtime data with updates every minute for our Charts & Scans. So if you run a scan at 9:20am for example, it would be based on the latest data until 9:19:59am and so on..

  36. pls improve delaytime in data from 15 minutes to 5miutes so that its more beneficial for trader as well as investor.

  37. It is wonderful . Please keep it up. Suppose I create a scanner viz open = high and run it by 9.30 am, will it show the current day details ? Is it possible to provide EOD Heikenashi charts in your charting platform? That will be very useful. Good job and carry on . All the best to you.

    1. You should get the current day’s data by 9:25-9:30am daily (as we have 15 minutes delayed data from NSE). We’ll be adding “heikenashi ” soon in our EOD charts.

  38. I want to create a scan, which should give current monthly RSI is greatest in past 12 months.
    As per your guide lines, I have written the following formula.
    Monthly Max(12, Monthly RSI (14)) equals Monthly RSI (14)
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      1. but if i use “1 day ago close” and run same scan after mkt close then won’t it refer previous day close, while I want it to refer current day close when run on current day after mkt close.

        1. Yes, currently that’s the only way possible.

          We’ll be soon adding a date filter, allowing you to run the scan as per a given date(the latest would refer to the data as of the given date)

  40. This is one of the most comprehensive filter tools available for free at the moment. Great job!
    I did have one question though. After running my scan, I am given a few columns most of which are unimportant to me, while the important columns are missing. Do you guys allow customization of the columns on the Result Table?


    1. Currently there’s no provision to have custom columns. We’ll plan on adding that in future though. Any specific columns you are looking for?

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    Thank you,



    1. Dear Akash,

      Thank you so much for this lovely website, I refer this website to many to use it.

      Please include Triple Exponential Moving Average (TEMA) for a Customized Scanner/Screener as an indicator along with Exponential Moving Average (EMA).

      Thank you,



      1. Dear Akash,

        Thank you so much for your response. Eagerly waiting to see Customised TEMA in Scanner & Screener.

        Warm Regards


      2. Hi Akash,

        Can I expect TEMA in updates on Scanner/Screener by this month end? It would be a lovely tool to work on as compared to EMA. Kindly update ASAP. Thank you so much.



        1. We are working on adding more indicators along with TEMA, I can’t commit on a date yet as we’ve prioritized our user’s feedback by the most received ones, but in the next few weeks we shall add that. I would surely keep you updated on the same.

  43. chartink is a great website after started using my trading methodology has changed totally, thanks for the team.
    I do have a question what is the difference between crossed above and greater than on closing basis because I’m getting two different results I couldn’t understand

    1. Thanks for your feedback. “close crossed above 50” means the close was below 50 yesterday and has closed above 50 today(indicating a crossover).

  44. Sir,
    What is the difference between “7 Days ago” and “1 week ago”
    as when I put this line >
    “Volume” Greater than “7 Days ago”
    “Volume” Greater than “1 Week ago”
    the results are different…


    1. “n days ago” refers to daily candles whereas “n weeks ago” refers to the weekly candles. You can change the range of the candles shown in our EOD Charts from its default to “daily” to “weekly” or “monthly” and refer these candles within our scanner with “n weeks/months ago”

  45. Dear Sir,
    It is a Marvelous Charting tool, Thanks a lot
    my doubt is in editing “How to insert new line in between”


    1. “How to insert new line in between” is this question in regards to the scanner? Can you explain more on this

  46. sir, when using ema crossover scan it gives me name of a stock but when i look that stock on zerodha kite it shows no crossover has happen. why is that

    1. I’ll suggest you verify the crossover on our charts. For EMA we considering datapoints for more than a year, I’m not sure how its done in other charting sites

  47. Hi Akash,

    How can we know a Crossover instantly? Is there any method to detect crossover immediately?



    1. You can run the scan during market hours to identify crossover that happen while the markets are open (data to the scan is delayed by 15 minutes same for the our Charts)

  48. Dear Sir,
    i want to scan the stock which is very low changes in price
    for example stock x day 1 .. open 82.05 high 82.10 close 82.00 low 81.90
    day 2 .. open 82.10 high 82.15 close 81.95 low 81.85

  49. Sir
    Suppose i want to use 5 min , 15 min or 1 Hr candle stick charts
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    For example: i want to filter stock whose 1 Hr close is above the ichimoku cloud then how to filter the same. same condition with 5 min and 15 min charts

  50. First I would like to thanks the Chartink team for doing the wonderful job you people have done for Indian investor by developing the new customs scans.
    It has really helped us to scan the stocks based on different indicator or oscillator. I would hereby request you people to please upload the Heikin Ashi charts and the scan for Heikin Ashi Bullish and Bearish Engulfing pattern. As they provide to be good indicator of trend reversal.

  51. Hi ,
    Can you please help me in getting the consolidation zone for the shares. How to scan for the shares getting consolidated ,I mean bouncing between a support and resistance level from say 2-3 months.Thanks for the help!


      1. Hi someone please help me create a scan from stocks trading above 50 weekly moving average and below 50 weekly moving average thanks

  52. sir is there possible to use( OR ) condition in scanner like this’
    A and (B OR C and D and E)
    time frame 30 min or any INTRA DAY

    A =(0 candle latest close > 1 candle high )
    B=(1 candle close is 2 candle close)
    D=( 2nd candle close <3rd candle close)
    E=(1st candle close <2nd candle hidh)
    so sir please guide me that as how to apply OR in above query .
    if possible than please send me

  53. Hi,

    i was trying to get the below results. tried various combinations,, not sure ,
    4 hourly chart EMA above 50
    1 hour chart ema above 50
    5 mins chart ema above 50

    Please help

  54. Dear chartink team
    I am using your scanner to filter out stocks and very happy to get this service that too free. I am very much thankful to you for the excellent service.
    Now my question is intraday time frame m5/m15/m30/h1 are live or delayed data?

      1. Sir please turnover option in filter to calculate VWAP
        VWAP is also imp indicator so please add turnover option in filter

      2. I have applied this filter
        Latest 1 hour close crossed over super trend of various parameter but result are not as per filter
        Please let me know whether I am applying wrong filter or something else.

  55. I want only amt display 490 590 690 is it possiable and last month close and 5 days avg volume greater then 20 percent ok give me reply

  56. sir how ( or ) relation work if applied on 3 or 4 condition on single screener.
    A= weekly current close is > one week ago high
    B= one week ago close > two week ago close.
    C= two week ago close > three week ago open.
    D =(0 candle latest close > 1 candle high ) ( 30 min candle)
    E=(1 candle open is > 1 candle close) red candle ( 30 min candle)
    F= (1 candle close is > 1 candle open) green candle ( 30 min candle)
    G=(1st candle close 2nd candle close) ( 30 min candle)

    above condition in bellow relation for single save screener =
    A and (B or C) and D and ( E or F and G and H)

    sir please please make such screener.

  57. Hi Akash,

    Once again, thanks a million for providing one of the best scanners available in the market; that too for free.

    Had a request that would help a lot in intraday scanning, i.e. selecting “Today” Candle for Intraday Scans.

    Please consider implementing it, that will take away need to duplicate code/criteria setting many numbers of time.

    1. In order to explain my request more specifically as to how “Today” option can help reduce writing similar code numerous time in Intraday Scan; currently, there is option of 0,-1,-2,-3,-4 and so on for Intraday times i.e. for 5, 10, 15, 30, etc. So in case of crossovers during any intraday time frame right now we need to define every candle from that time frame to identify the crossover. But in case if “Today” option is available, then it would be fairly easy to define crossover for any intraday time frame through one line code as against per candle. I hope I have been able to explain my point.

      Thank you very much, Akash.

      1. Thanks for your feedback. I understand your query and we shall soon be adding a “as of date” filter, to run your scans as of a given date rather than the default of “Today”

  58. Can u pls tell me if it’s possible to find which stocks gave a bullish supertrend in the 15 mins or 1 hour timeframe charts?
    Also is it possible to find out which stocks rsi crossed 50 in 15 mins or 1 hour timeframe charts?
    I need this real-time during market hours. (15 mins delay is ok)
    If yes… Please provide the scanner formula.

  59. Could you please add EMA based Keltner Channel with ATR band as style as an indicator, also add the same available in the scanner as well?

    1. Bro Jayesh here (9370700600) i also wanted to create one scanner which based on ATR bands and ema with Heiken Ashi candle
      Pls contact if you can help

  60. Akash sir ( team chartink) thank you very much for making such very useful tool and quick reply for any query . sir i have few addition if you feel considerable 1) add open interest data 2) same technical tool with fundamental data for scan as like in 3) make it live real time chart and auto refresh live scanner ( obviously WE READY TO PAY AFFORDABLE CHARGES )


    Today i thing site is under maintenance as scanner not showing result from noon to till now evening 6.30 pm , SIR PLEASE I REQUEST YOU THAT DO MAINTENANCE AFTER CLOSING MARKET.

    1. Thanks for your feedback. Yes, we are working on additional fundamental fields within our scanner. Also, we shall avoid maintenance during market hours in future

      1. thank u sir for your reply … chartink there was cross over so its seen in screener … i think some difference in calculation of super trend . but no problem i love my all time best website. lots of star for team*************************** thanks .

      2. Dear Sir,

        Thanks for very beautiful analytical tool, Want to know when can open interest parameter can be added in scanner.

  61. hello sir , today i face problem regarding hdfc bank 60 min chart as it shows price is cross super trend 7,3 upward but when i check on other online chart like sharekhan and tredercokpit super trend is still bellow prize. is there any problem with super trend formula data calculation . pls reply

      1. akash ji how to screen the stocks on 5 minute time frame.
        (5 min candle low value is greater than 5% of Bollinger band upper band line.)

  62. wow, what a superb tool for traders and investor…..I feel blessed to find this website with screener and hessel free / convenient. Cant believe life can be so simpler and without spending a penny for the same.

    is there any delay during live market ? I want to scan first 5 min( 9.15am to 9.20am) tick so can i scan at 9.21 am?

    1. There’s a maximum delay of 5 minutes & a minimum delay of 0 mins, data is updated every 5 minutes, so if you want to scan for stocks between 9:15 & 9:20, run the scanner around 9:21am.

  64. Your design of the website is superb …..I have few requirements, please let me know there feasibility.

    1) Back Testing.

    2) Multiple watch lists or grouping of stocks in watchlist

    3) Adding stocks to watch list from scans

    4) Bar Count function which can compared.
    Ex :: Bar count (EMA50 Crossed EMA200 last time) > 10

    5) Max and Min functions accepting expression as inputs for number of bars
    EX :: Max( Bar count (EMA50 Crossed EMA200 last time) , High)

    6) Date at particular event
    Ex :: DATEAT(HIGHVALPOSSINCE(RSI(14) crossed above 30,HIGH,1))

    7) Max and Min values since a particular Date,Date can be arrived by Date function.

    Hope i’m clear in my requirements.
    Please respond on each point on feasibility and by when can we expect.

    1. We have recently added the ability to have multiple watchlists and run scans from a particular watchlist.

      I read thru all your inputs and many of them sound good, we shall try implementing your inputs in the coming few months

  65. Sir, Is it possible to BackTest our scanners so that we can be sure whether that scanner is good for the selected stock or not?
    If that is possible, please guide me how to use that.
    Thanks a lot in advance.

    1. Currently you’ll need to manually change the “latest” to n days ago to backtest your scans, we shall soon be adding the ability to run back dated scans

  66. Hi Akash,

    Have noticed that scans that are NOT marked as Public are also appearing in the suggested Public scans list (Related Screeners List that appears below scan results). Request you to please check and fix it if you could.

    As always, appreciate your contribution to the community.


  67. Hi Admin,
    thank you for such a great screener, i have a problem finding values how to screen some thing like this … 20 SMA is 5% greater that 50 SMA and 50 SMA is 5% greater than 100 SAM kindly explain thanks Shahjahan

  68. Hi akash, Greetings.
    it would be helpful if we can add multiple stocks in watch list at a go…can we do it in present scanner.

      1. Hi Akash,

        Your scanner works superbly, need your help as mohamed also asked for, need to add multiple stocks in one go in the watchlist, currently we have to search the stock and then add to the watchlist, what if we can add the mutliple stocks in one go in watchlist, instead of adding one by one.


  69. Thanks for Mutiple watchlist.

    Please look into providing option to bulk upload Stocks into this screeners from EXCEl or CSV or like google finance upload option where we can copy and past mutiple stocks in search box and we get all this stocks added into watchlist.

      1. Thanks for Picking it up.

        I like the way you are ready to adapt to user requirements and update. Great Job

        One more thing i want to highlight
        -You would be saving all the requirements that are coming from users,If you can publish the todo list of changes, it would be of great help for us to Understand what is coming and people also can give suggestion once we have the view of list.

        1. Sure, we’ll add a feature tracking system, probably using JIRA to help user’s keep a track of todo items and vote for them

  70. how to create candlestick / pattern scan..?
    for eg. last candle should end with a Hammer , ( or other specified )

  71. Akash,
    Thank you very much for providing such a wonderful screening ability, I am in process of creating 15 min ORB scanner , I need list of stock when it break first 15 min candle anytime during the day. Could you please help me here

      1. Thanks Akash for quick response. I looked all the ORB scanner but I am still not able to understand the logic how first 15 min ORB scanner works when price breaks 15 min range any time during the day, how we can capture the first 15 min range in query. e.g stock ABC first 15 min range (9:15-9:30) broke on higher side after 12:30 how should I write such query as offset is not known in advance(it can be anytime any candle after 9:30). I look all the query but coundnt find. Following query looks interesting but not sure if it will do the job or not

        LatestCloseGreater than[-1] 15 minuteHigh

        so if I run this query at 12:32, it will give me only those stock where latest price at 12:32 is higher than 12:15 candle.

        Correct me if I am wrong and help me in capturing first 15 min range in query.

        I also heard from someone that you have paid services with more advance future but I coudnt find any option can you provide me more detail on that.


        1. You correct, currently to refer to the first 15 minute candle of the day, you’ll need to manually need to specify the offset -5 or -10 depending on when you are running the scan during the day, we shall be soon adding a function to help you with this.

          We plan on having premium services providing alerts via SMS/Email along with a additional features, we are in the process of finalizing it, once done, I’ll surely share the details with you

  72. Akash ,

    What is the latest close while markets are open. If I use latest close and intraday offset e.g [-1] 5 min close, how latest close will work here


    1. Latest close shall refer to the CMP whereas, -1 5 minute close refers to the previous candle on a 5 minute candlestick chart. So, if the current time is 12:30pm, “latest close” equals “12:30pm” & -1 5 minute refers to the close at 12:25pm

      1. Thanks Akash for detailed explanation so If I use ** Latest close and [0] XX minute close **** both would refer the same price, right ?
        is this correct understanding ?


          1. Cool, if I use volume instead of close with latest and [-1] 5 minutes than , latest volume shall give me day volume till point and [-1] 5 shall give me previous 5 minute volume, please confirm?

  73. Hello Akash …i have question related to intraday scanning…suppose i want to scan SUPERTREND crossed below first 5 min candle in live market at around 11AM its difficult to scan such situation as I have to count number of 5 min candles on chart and then replace this count no in place of
    [0]5min….instead it would be of great help if we can replace [0]5 min with time like 9:15 candle crossed below 5min close

    1. Yes, we don’t have a function for the same recently, so the only way possible is to count the no. of candles backwords until 11 am. We’ll soon making on adding this thru a function

      1. Hello Akash
        Is this functionality of getting results for a particular point in time available?

        I want to find the Highest of the Highs between 1:39 pm and 2:15 pm.

  74. Hi,

    I was trying to create a crossover for Stochatic for latest crossovers. I have created below scan, but it does not seem to give the correct data. IT shows crossovers which are older like 15 or 20 minutes back

    Stock passesallof the below filters in cashsegment :
    LatestSlow Stochastic %K(10,3)Crossed aboveLatestSlow Stochastic %D(10,3)
    Modify parameter

    1. I’ll recommend you verify the breakouts within our Charts, as the formulea used should match with place you are viewing the breakouts in scans.

  75. Hi Akash,
    Wonderful efforts, best scanner seen so far.

    Need your help in creating new scanner with the following
    5 Day Absolute Price Change > 100 Day Standard Deviation
    5 Day Average Volume < 75% of 5 Day Average Volume

    1. The first filter wouldn’t be possible as of now as we don’t have a std deviaation function. For the sencond condition, did you mean 10 days avg volume < 75 % of 5 days avg?

  76. Thanks admin, i would like to screen some thing like, the prices are ranging between 20% to 30% for past 6 months. also kindly do let me know about the use of bracket value and how to apply it.

  77. Hello sir,
    Sir i want to creat a scanner in 1hr chart in which cmp close above previous higher high in buy side and in sell side cmp is close below previous lower low. Please help me.

  78. Hi Akash,

    Aren’t these two quires same? Why am I getting different result set?

    Query 1:
    Stock passes all of the below filters in cash segment :
    Latest Close Greater than 1 day ago Close
    Latest Close Greater than 2 days ago Close
    Latest Close Greater than 3 days ago Close
    Latest Close Greater than 4 days ago Close
    Latest Close Greater than 5 days ago Close


    Query 2
    Stock passes all of the below filters in cash segment :
    Latest Close Greater than 1 day ago Max(4,1 day ago Close )

    1. Your second query, should be:
      Latest Close Greater than 1 day ago Max(4, Latest Close )

      As we want to refer to the current close for a day within the max function

  79. Dear Akashji,

    I want to create a scanner for a list of stocks which have crossed the 200 EMA in the 5 day 5 min chart today. Also today’s volume should be higher than yesterday’s volume. Also can i get live alerts for the same on my email. Please help in creating the same.

      1. Dear Mohan,

        Thanks for the screener.

        Just wanted to know if i run the scanner at EOD, will i be able to get the list of all the stocks that have passed through the screener today.

          1. Dear Akash

            I really like the way you are assiisting us in various queries
            I need your help to set up a scanner for BUY volumes over a period eg last 5 days or last 4 weeks


          2. You’d first need to identify what conditions/filters would identify a stock with increasing BUY volumes, would it be closing positive with rising volumes? OR close up by a fixed % over the last few days

  80. Dear Akashji,

    I have created one screener in which the parameters is weekly CCI crossed above 0. If any day i miss the screener and if i want the results of the screener on any other day how can i get that?

  81. I discovered the website today. Registered and created a few filters/scans. Impressive. I would like to know how to confine my scans to Nifty 50 or Nifty 100. Please guide.

  82. Hi,

    Charts are static as of now.can you please provide
    1)Date range option on charts(Ex :: want 1 year daily candles starting from Jan 2016 to dec 2016 only)
    2)Horizontal movement of chart to view last 5 years data with constant page layout
    this will be helpful to validate strategy on past data.

  83. Can you suggest any available scanners or how I can create a scanner to filter stocks with 45% slope over last year or couple years ? For eg, to filter stocks like Bajaj Finance, Vakrangee who have a consistent upward graph for last year/s ?

    1. You could use a min function on a monthly timeframe and check if the minimum % gain in a month is more than 5% every month for the past 1-3 years

  84. Thanking you very much for creating so much useful site. Please let us know if you start any premium services.
    Is it possible to get a screener for Double bottom chart?

      1. Sorry. I need the formula behind screener so that I can edit as per my my need. That link is giving directly screened list.

  85. SIR,
    I reqest you to put VWAP indicator in this scanner because its a very useful indicator for intraday trading, it gives very good signal for up or down trend.

  86. HI ,
    I want scanner for PIN BAR 1hr duration both positive & negative .
    means 9.15 mkt starts ,i want to see pin bar at 1000hrs (positive ) & negative botyh seperate means 2 scanner.
    pls guide .
    anand ahuja

  87. hi sir
    i want intraday scan of 15 min time period for FNO stocks
    1) stocks crossing ichimoku cloud above and below
    unable to set scaner kindly guide

  88. Hi,

    As of now i can make markings on Charts and save that externally, but do you have any plan in implementing saving of studies online so that when i open that chart again, i can see my markings with new candles data.

  89. Hi,

    One more thing.
    On 30 min chart your first bar is from 9:15 to 9:45 and last bar is from 3:15 to 3:30 right
    Can you change this to first bar is from 9:15 to 9:30 and last bar is from 3:00 to 3:30.

    As most of the charts that i use have that format(Google Finance,Moneycontrol, Traderscockpit etc)

    Could you please look into this.

    1. We’ve kept it starting from 9:15 because Indian markets don’t open at the start of a hour, most of the markets world-wide start from the start of a hour(eg: 9:0am). The calculations from 9:15-9:30am wouldn’t be accurate enough to consider in a 30 minute candle period

      1. But if select [0] 30Min in you screen after market, it is considering 3 to 3:30 PM, but once we open chart, we have bar from 3:15 to 3:30 only, its confusing

        can you move as requested above

  90. Dear Akash
    Thanks for your revert on my query about rising volume. I will be interested in closing positive rising volume.

  91. Dear Akash

    I notice that when I use the below query “Weekly CLOSE crossed above SMA (Close, 20)” it does not give me the closing price above Middle Bollinger band. What is the problem with my query??


    1. If you want to refer to the WEEKLY Middle bollinger band, use the below filter instead

      Weekly CLOSE crossed above WEEKLY SMA (Close, 20)

  92. Dear Akash
    I want your help to define a query for positive volume ie increasing volume over a specific time frame ( daily, weekly, monthly). I have tried using moving averages but cannot achieve the desired result. Thanks

  93. Hi ,

    I need some help in writting below code

    On a 30 min chart apply RSI and 50 EMA, now i want to know all stocks that met below criteria
    1) close of any 30 min bar today should have crossed below 30 min EMA 50
    2) MAX RSI value between (bar closed below EMA 50) and (bar closed above EMA 50 before to this closing below EMA 50) should be 70.

    1. In other words,

      Stocks Close should have crossed below EMA 50(of 30 min) today for the first time after RSI has crossed below 70(this can be today, yesterday or so on)

  94. Hi ,
    I am looking for simple moving average (SMA) 9 crossingover SMA 20 in hourly chart and in monthly chart.Could you please help?
    Also is it possible to get the latest date which it crossed over?

  95. Dear Akash,
    How can i scan the stock’s 15.min close crossed above 200 Sma during live market any time or at the end of the day.

  96. I want to develop code for today’s RSI is greatest for last 1 year?
    How to develop this code ?
    Thanks in advance.

  97. It is seen that, the stocks filtered are in a massive lot, one can not find out the stock added in the list very recently,it is missing and not possible to find out from the mass list. how can we find out the stock time wise or number wise?

    what is the formula can be used to find out the stock running now day’s very low or high in 10 minute chart?

  98. How to screen moving average cross on the basis of hlc/3.
    It is showing only open, close, low and high price.
    Please guide. Thanks

  99. Can you create the scan for stocks, which has moved up between 5 to 8 percent after creating 52 weeks low.
    I have tried with using minimum and maximum function, but not able to used it correctly.
    Can you create the one for me ?
    Thanks in advance.

  100. sir is it possible to create scanner like
    1- prize current or latest close
    vwap ( volume weighted average prize)
    2 – prize current or latest close
    vwap ( volume weighted average prize)

  101. I’m a beginner I daily visit ur site for analysis 1.can l have the signal line for RSI that is EMA for RSI. 2. I want to learn swing trading how can u help me 3. Tell me about interperting P. F. chart and RENKO CHARTS(is it available).

  102. Dear Sir,
    Requesting you kindly add PASS ANY SUB FILTER facility in filter section, which will give great output for all traders.

  103. I want to scan stock close above and below 26 day simple moving average with +7 days displacement.

    can u share how to do it ?

  104. hi sir
    i want to screen out stocks based on OBV breakout in recent 6 months. But there is no OBV option in indicators of screener.But it is in charts . So pl. add OBV in screener.Also tell me how to make screen for that.I am living in rural part of ratnagiri district maharashtra.So pl. help me

  105. Pls provide “Previous Day/Week/Month High/Low” indicator. This indicator should draw horizontal lines for the 3 highs & 3 lows in different colors. We should be able to select/deselect any or all of the high/lows.


  106. Sir,
    please let me know how can i scan stock close above & below 25 days Displaced moving average with 7 days displacement.

  107. Hi
    I would like to find the whether the volume of the current candle is greater than the average volume of past n candles
    will this work ?
    Latest Volume > sma(Volume,n)


  108. I have below scanner and wants to know the diffference between crossed above and greater than. Looking as the name, seems both will give same result but they are not.

    Stock passesallof the below filters in futuressegment :
    LatestCloseGreater thanLatestUpper Bollinger band(20,2)
    LatestVolumeCrossed aboveNUMBER100000

    1. I think I got it now after analyzing the indicators on graph. lastest crossover means today itself it crossed the close or volume whereas greater than means it might have crossed the price or volume yesterday, week before or month before…
      Great scanner. thanks for making it for free. I learned a lot from this site and soon will become successful trader.
      Any chance to include 3 m time frame?

  109. How to make scan for the stock where latest close price is greater than 13 day EMA by 2%
    and increasing volume in last 5 days

  110. Sir, please tell me what do you mean by 15 min delay? Does it mean only the first 15 minutes, i.e. 9:15 to 9:30 the scanner is delayed or is it delayed 15 minutes till EOD 3:30 for all timeframes? Or it is real-time but the first 15 minutes till 9:30 only is delayed? Thanks

  111. This site is very useful to track the market.
    Please add following indicator for scanner.
    – schaff trend cycle
    – Awesome oscillator

  112. hello akash sir
    how to create scanner like
    1 hour latest rsi period 14 cross above 1 hour latest rsi average 9
    1 hour latest rsi period 14 cross bellow 1 hour latest rsi average 9

    1. SMA/EMA functions currently works only for stock attributes(open, high..), we’ll be adding the ability to make them run for indicators as well to get moving averages as per your requirement

  113. I want ICHIMOKU’s day filter, where trending line crosses over base line and this cross over should be above cloud. Please reply.

  114. Hi, your website is really helpful.I have noted all important points. I more wanted to know about candle indicator.Can you please mor elaborate on this.

  115. Amazing Scanner….
    Have few questions:
    1. How frequent is data updated? Is it real time?
    2. How to create a scan fulfilling following condition: (5 min time frame)
    Bollinger Band Squeeze- Upper bollinger band (20,2sd) less than (sma 20 + ATR 14) and Lower bollinger band (20,2sd) more than (sma 20 – ATR 14) on 5 min candlestick chart

  116. first of all thank you for your effort to build this site i was looking for such site for since time.
    my query is i want to know stocks which gained in each month like
    stock abc gained in jan 2017 10% then feb 2017 5% .
    can we apply any filter here to achieve this?

    1. You can do that using the monthly timeframe, a filter such as:

      ” Bracket( 2 months ago close – 1 month ago close ) / 2 months ago close * 100 greater than 10
      AND Bracket( 1 months ago close – monthly close ) / 1 months ago close * 100 greater than 5″

  117. hello and regards,
    I am speechless after i review you website. i must say for get money-control or whatever other websites available in the market for stock picking. you guys are simply awesome. You all know what trader or investor need for taking entry or exit in the market. hope you all update site time to time. this website is incomparable to any other website available.

    with screener if you guys add backtracking than it will be complete one. hope you will do soon.

  118. HI akash sir,

    Is there any operation i can perform to figure out whether any old swing pivot has broken today. For example; if i can perform operations to see whether any double top or double bottom broken out today or this week etc.


  119. Hi,

    When we write a lengthy screener on intraday candles, it become tedious to remember the reason we wrote that sub filter at later time.

    could you provide a notes section at sub filter level, it would be easy to remember for the person who wrote and the anyone who is looking at it on sharing.

  120. Can you please look into this behavior and let me know the reason and fix

    1) if i write {Latest Min(107,Latest Rsi(14) ) Greater than number 30 }, i get DMART in result.
    but if write anything more than that say 110 or 120, it does not give the output.why?
    Dmart RSI did not go below 30 from start that is from 209 days

    2) same behavior with (Shankara) after 97
    if i write {Latest Min(105,Latest Rsi(14) ) Greater than number 30 }

    I have around 33 stocks some issues like this, i got this on comparing multiple Scans

    1. This is because we go back over a year to calculate indicator values, DMART & Shankara have been listed a few months ago and there’s lack of data to accurately calculate the RSI for it, hence the discrepancy. This will automatically correct once the stock matures along with its data

  121. It is awesome website, really it is a great help for retail trading community who cant offer paid scanners and want to do their own research.
    atleast for me it is really really great help to select stocks and to form new strategies. thanks to the chartink team

  122. i have a query please help me out, how do i write find those stocks which are not yet crossed the 1st 15 min high low, i dont want the breakout but i want to know those which are still trading in 9.15 candle range (between high and low)

    1. We’ll be soon adding a start/end of date candle function to help you achive this, as of now, depending on the time of the day, you may need to adjust your offset

  123. thanks for your quick reply akash, i have a suggestion as well as request. The most important section of Scanner is MATH FUNCTION and the most complicated section also the same one, people like me having basic knowledge cant understand completely about these functions by seeing other scan examples. My humble request is to do a exhaustive video just for MATH FUNCTION section so that we can utilize this section for betterment of our scanners. Please….

  124. Hi Team,
    Great Work, Keep it up.

    I was notified that now indices are added to scanners/alert.
    How can i set hourly crossovers of EMA(high, n) on Nifty?

  125. I want to create a scan filter ” latest High crossed last 5 days high”.
    please help me by creating the scan .

  126. Dear Akash,
    I’m a beginner for chartink. I’m planning to become a premium member. I need below formula,

    [0]5 Min High is greater than { [0]5 Min Low + it’s (Low’s) 2% }
    For Example, Low Prise is 100 & High price is 110, So I need 110 is Greater than (100+(It’s 2%)2)102

    Also i need,
    [0]5 Min Low is Less than {[0]5Min High – it’s (High’s) 2%}


    1. close > (high-(high*0.005)
      Latest Close Greater than Bracket (latest high – bracket(latest high *number 0.005))

  127. hi akash,
    i just want to bring your kind notice that supertrend is not operative once it crosses 64 parameter.
    if i change supertrend parameter for 65 multiple 3 i.e., SUPERTREND(65,3)
    it is not showing any scan results in hourly please look into it.

      1. no need to thank me akash, actually we need to thank you for such a gift for trading community.
        we are just joining hands with you people.

  128. Hi Akash,

    The scanners don’t seem to be working today. The results shown are of 12th Feb for all my saved scanners. Please look in to it.


  129. Hi Akash,

    There seems to be an issue with scanner related to MA crossing (I have been noticing this issue past one week). For example, I suggest, you can try scanning 50 crossing 100 for the current or past candle in 15 minutes or day or month. On verifying the results you will see that the result shown is not correct.


      1. Hi Akash,
        Request you to check for 50 EMA Crossing Above 100 EMA in (both past candle & current)
        a) 15 Min
        b) 1 Hour
        c) Daily
        d) Monthly
        And you will realise my observation is correct and there is an issue with scanner results.
        Thanking you in advance for you time and efforts.

        1. Can you please give me the link to the scan for the same? And also a name of a stock that’s not correct. Would help me validate the results

          1. Hi Akash,
            Have created following scan as an example.
            In this following stocks got identified.
            1 Bosch Limited BOSCHLTD
            2 Krebs Biochemicals And Industries Limited KREBSBIO
            3 Parabolic Drugs Limited PARABDRUGS
            4 Pearl Global Industries Limited PGIL
            5 Shree Rama Newsprint Limited RAMANEWS

            If you look at 1,2,3 you will notice that 50 is crossing 100 on different candles rather than on the current candle as should be the case as per the scan code.
            Secondly, 4 & 5 rather there is a Bear crossing of 50 & 100 and not Bullish that too at different candles rather than current.
            Further, there is also the case of code not picking up all the crossing that has happened at a point in time.

            Similarly, if you alter the current 15 Minute Candle to 1 Month selection, you can notice a similar case of incorrect scan results. Infact, till yesterday for past two / three days the monthly scanner was showing NIACL in result of Monthly 50 crossing above 100 which cannot be possible since that scrip does not have enough monthly candles to be part of scan itself.

            You will also find issue with the scan of 1 Hr candle.

            Hope, I have been able to highlight my point. If not, please share your email id, I can send you screenshots for a better explanation of the issue on hand.

            Thank you for your time and efforts.


          2. Hi Akash,

            Sorry if this is a duplicate reply. But I can’t see my earlier reply somehow here, that is why I am writing this again.

            Have created this scan for your validation.

            When you check the results shown you will realise my point about incorrect scan result.
            Further, if you change the time frame to Hourly, Daily & Monthly and validate the scan results you would also realise that results are incorrect.

            Hope I have been able to convey my observation this time. If not, please provide me with your email id and I will send you screenshots to explain my observation.


  130. hi akash,
    i have a request, please add TOTAL BID QYT and TOTAL ASK QTY to scanner options so that we can find such stocks where people are one sided on trend.

  131. Akash i am looking @ scanner specific dates 06/02/2018 stocks which have broken low and 31/01/2018 stocks which have broken high

    1. Hi Akash
      My query is I want to scan stocks which have broken low of 06/02/2018 from current price.
      Also I want to scan stocks which have broken high of 31/01/2018. Thank you.

  132. Hi Akash,

    First of all great work in providing the scanners.

    Could you please help. I want to have a scanner which can show the stock jumped 30% in 3 months. percent and month can be changed.

    P.S: I work in IT. So if I can help and be part of chartink team. I will be more than happy.

  133. Is the offset 1 day ago for the present day 22/02/18 (since I am writing this on 22/02/18) as the market has already closed for the day or is it for for 21/02/18?

  134. akash sir please add rsi average , vwap indicator and if possible for fno open interest change % for scanner . thanking you.

    1. RSI Average has been added, you can do it within SMA itself. We’ll working on adding the other request’s soon

      1. akash sir please send link for ( rsi 14,9) daily rsi 14 cross above daily rsi avarage 9 or cross bellow . what changes in sma for rsi average pls guide sir . thanks.

  135. Excellent, easy to use scanner.
    Can you add the leading indicator – Klinger Volume Oscillator in your list.

  136. Sir,
    I have to scan a method in 15 minutes candle stick :
    -3 , candle stick , cross over, -2 candle stick high… how can i apply this formula

  137. Hi Akash, I’ve designed scanners (for intraday) which scan stock which are at near day’s high and day’s low. Here’s the script for day’s low.
    Latest Close * NUMBER 0.995 Less than Latest Low
    but it takes previous day’s low as “latest low”. is there anyway I can get today’s Low?

    1. Can you please re-try and let me know if you are still facing this issue? Latest should refer to the current trading day when markets are open

      1. Hi Akash, It’s working as expected now. perhaps I was doing something wrong. Thanks for the quick reply.

  138. what are abs, Ceil, floor and round in math functions? and how to use them?
    can any of these be used to find stocks in channel?

  139. Awesome tool. Is there anyway to restrict the stock selection to only those that are in a particular index or combination of indicies (S&P, dow stocks only, Russel, etc) or that trade on a particular exchange (NYSE)?

  140. I am newly joined
    Great work done by Chartink also facility
    I want to know about Backtest of my scan.
    Presently i cant find the backtest.
    So i can easily examine my scan for knowing about scan was doing wrong or wright.

  141. hi akash,
    had raised an issue regarding supertrend scanner, but still is it not resolved please look into the issue. its a request please look into it as soon as possible.

  142. can u please suggest me a screener which filter the following…… 5 min price crossing first fifteen minutes high or low … to put first/opening 15 min high low in screener….

  143. I wish I can move alert sequence after creating them, when multiple alerts are created using a scanner. Makes it simpler to review.

    I wish I can copy an alert, if i have to use it the 2nd time in the scanner with some variation. I can save time in coding the same.

    I wish the alerts are available at 1min, and 3 min as 5 min is too much time for an Intraday/ swing trader.

    Your prices are almost same as, and I subscribe to both. Your scanners are better, but trading view provides real time data. Ideally, either of the websites moves ahead in features, I will drop the other.

  144. can you please add %change as one of field so that we can filter based on %change. I am looking at 2.4% when i check any time today.

  145. This is a great tool to find the relevant stocks. Appreciate all your effort.

    I have one question – how can I refer the first candle of the day (let’s say first 15 min candle) and make decision based on the candle behavior. For example, Open = Low within 1 or 2 candles at the beginning of the day. I may like to check the same for any previous day.

    Thanks in advance for your guidance in this regard.

  146. Dear Sirs,
    1.I want to find Narrow ranges stocks less than 1% range
    2.I want to find NR3 stocks
    3.Is there any training class, or paid services for these scan service.
    Pleas reply.
    Thanking you sir,
    Yours sincerely,
    M.KUPPAIAH, Email- [email protected]

  147. how to use other functional filters like cell, floor and round..
    how to average the price for last 30 days…
    and one more thing..can you please add hull moving average…


  148. Hi Akash ji,

    The chartink screeners are wonderfull to filter the stocks. Thanks a lot providing such a nice website.

    Could kindly guide on the following requirement:
    From the last 100 days, i want to find highest-high value achieved for a particular stock. Among the mentioned 100 days, the filter must find the highest price the stock has ever touched. Currently i am only able to find the latest high; not the highest-high.

    Thanks in advance.


    1. You are looking to filter stocks at their high’s when compared with the past 100 days? If so, you can use our max function for this

  149. Mr.Aakash,
    I got subscribed and getting alerts at faster than my expectations.
    Thanks for all.
    I am advised one thing to be deployed for your services grant to the trader.
    I observed that many persons having little effort and knowledge towards market and needs of trader tie up with Zerodha, as they allowed to direct deploying the orders into their trade terminal.
    Why don’t you go and enhance your potential front frame architecture for fast routed and as well as convenience charges.
    Please think big as I am using Zerodha’s streak platform simulation with Chartlink as a semi algorithm trading tool, but haven’t enough logics and comfortable indicators and no customized tools available.
    You may free from burdened messaging costs.
    Thanking you for your nice approach towards trader needs.

    1. Thanks again for your feedback.

      We currently don’t offer brokerage service and would need to rely on other platforms that allow doing so. We’ll soon try approaching them and request them to allow any API calls that allow our users to perform trades remotely

      1. Hi Akash,

        Can you please call me on 9819682300

        I need subscription.
        Thanks for amazing work, keep it up.

        Thank you.

  150. Mr.Aakash,
    I have a need to looking regards coding a scanner conditions for alerts an EXIT conditions adding within formula and by default all the stocks fulfill the criteria has to be added into a temporary basket like as watchlist to get alerts on exit condition met, or as it may either Stoploss & profit booking alerts as a stipulated %.
    Thanks a lot and to be big

  151. hi my name is ankur n i am finding it difficult to use this website i have save some scan in my scanners n i want to know wt is the diffrence between paid subscription and free one

    1. In our premium service we provide realtime data updates every minute for our Charts & Scans along with Alerts for any scans over SMS/EMAIL

  152. Mr. Aakash,
    I have to know or notice a need.
    I will trying to get an alert on specific stock may it ASHOKLEY crossed > 155 OR crossed < 150, but I couldn't get any idea to built such alert.
    Please consider my query not found in FAQ.
    It is a betterment of adding VWAP(Volume Weighted Average Price).
    Thanks once again for your support.

  153. Very Good work by Chartink team. Please do let me know about, time lag, if any, w.rt. to the live market.
    Also please help me in creating a scan for VWAP.

    There are five steps involved in the VWAP calculation. First, compute the typical price for the intraday period. This is the average of the high, low, and close: {(H+L+C)/3)}. Second, multiply the typical price by the period’s volume. Third, create a running total of these values. This is also known as a cumulative total. Fourth, create a running total of volume (cumulative volume). Fifth, divide the running total of price-volume by the running total of volume.

    There are five steps in calculating VWAP:

    1. Calculate the Typical Price for the period. [(High + Low + Close)/3)]
    2. Multiply the Typical Price by the period Volume (Typical Price x Volume)
    3. Create a Cumulative Total of Typical Price. Cumulative(Typical Price x Volume)
    4. Create a Cumulative Total of Volume. Cumulative(Volume)
    5. Divide the Cumulative Totals.

    VWAP = Cumulative(Typical Price x Volume) / Cumulative(Volume)

      1. akash sir thanks for adding vwap indicator in screener. please vwap also add in chart . one thing remain is rsi crossover to rsi avg. please add this indicator soon in screener. me and my friends waiting for that changes as we want to subscribe premium services . good work sir. god bless you and your entire team.

  154. hello sir…
    i want to scan stocks near certain levels…
    for example stocks near 144 number stocks near 189 number stocks near wise…
    i used crossed above but i want scans of near this prices even like A stock close is 187 which is near 189
    can u help me in making this scan possible

  155. hi akash,
    supertrend with changed inputs is not working can u please chech out,
    inputs (5,15)

  156. Hi Akash,
    My question is on intraday offset for example, I have following scanner

    [-1] 05 minute volume > [0] 05 minute volume.

    Now consider following scenario
    I am running this scanner at 09:27
    Question – what offset [0] and [-1] will return ?
    will [0] return , volume of current candle which is being formed 09:25-09:30 and
    [-1] return volume of 09:20-09:25 candle or [0] return volume of completed
    candle from 09:20-09:25 and [-1] return volume of 09:15-09:20 candle, please
    What if I run this test at 09:30

    1. If you run this scan at 9:30 on a minute candle, ” [0] 05 minute volume” will refer to the candle from 9:25:00am – 9:29:59am & ” [-1] 05 minute volume” will refer to its previous candle

  157. Hi,

    Can you just remove the ‘Clause’ Column from scan main page. that is taking lot of area for big scans. So user can see more no of scans on same page.


  158. Hi all,
    How do I screen those stocks
    1) An MACD(48,89,13) crossover above Zero line in monthly chart?

    2) MACD (13,48,5) cross over in monthly chart in any where?

    3) MACD(48,89,13) slopping on upside (in Monthly chart) but price is touching 48 EMA (Monthly)?

    4) An MACD(48,89,13) crossover has happen before, now the Signal line is crossing the Zero level in daily chart.

    These are my four different criteria. Please help me to do the scans.

  159. Hello….today I have taken your premium service. I want to do my scanning on future data/chart. But here no future data/chart is not available…..only cash data/charts are available for future segment stocks also.

    1. Yes, currently was Scan only NSE Cash Stocks, we’ll be adding BSE Soon followed by Future prices

          1. Have BSE Cash stocks been added yet? When do you plan on including them in screener results?

  160. hi akash sir ,
    scanner like
    1)Latest Open Equals Latest High at EOD 2) [-6]1 hour Open Equals [-6] 1 hour High at EOD . RESULTS RESULTS


    1. The results are correct. Kindly consider the fact that the Daily candles consider the pre-market data, whereas the Intraday/Hourly candles don’t consider them!

      1. ok sir thanks. …. please guide me that which scanner i use daily base or intraday for open=high and open=low.

  161. This is with reference to a previous post for a feature enhancement.
    Is this feature released please ? Can we run a scan on a specific date ( n days ago ) rather than manually changing “n” value ?
    Best Regards.

    “Akash says:
    July 4, 2017 at 2:55 pm
    Yes, currently that’s the only way possible.

    We’ll be soon adding a date filter, allowing you to run the scan as per a given date(the latest would refer to the data as of the given date)”

    1. No yet, we’re planning to add a global offset filter for this as it there are challenges in dealing with Intraday timeframes for same

  162. Hi,

    When do we use “Crossed above” and when do we use “greater than “. Please explain.

    1. Crossover checks if the value was below the indicator the previous day and has crossed above it today

  163. Please can you also add Ichimoku Chikou Span (othewise please suggest if it is already available – I couldn’t find it) – thanks

    1. The CHIKOU SPAN (“lagging line”) is the closing price plotted 26 days ahead, if you want to refer to this, you can directly select “26 days ago Close”

  164. Hi,
    I have your paid subscription of alerts. Is there a way to execute a specific alert at specific time of the day? For example, run an alert at 9:18 am.
    Or is there a way to execute a alert between specific time period? For example, run an alert between 9:20 to 9:40.
    Is it possible to have such alerts?

    1. You have alerts run a specific time of a day, eg: 9:18, to do so, select “day at time” in the alert frequency dropdown

  165. Akash Sir

    Can you please help me to create the scanner for the following parameters?
    7 EMA cross 13 EMA ( Latest )
    One day before hourly 7 EMA cross 13 EMA
    Twoday before 30 Min 7 EMA cross 13 EMA

    Kindly Send me the link to my mail ID Please









    1. Creating these should be quite simple, you can refer VWAP as ATP and use our crossover operator. Then run the Scan against your watchlist

  167. Good Day
    Request to introduce candle stick patterns eg Ham mer, Bullish Harami, 3 white soldiers, inverted hammer , morning star, abandoned babby and vice versa in you predefined list of indicators

  168. Hi Team,
    I must congratulate Chartink for the great website. I have recently bought the premium membership.

    I wanted to know how to add pre-market data (top gainer /loser ) to my scan.

    Thanks and Regards,

    1. Thank you. For daily candles, the data does contain the pre-market values, so you can run your scan prior to 9:15am for those results.

  169. I want to see all stocks which crossed supertrend (10,4) at 10 minute candle close on it possible?

  170. Dear sir,
    Your Website is Superb comparing to any other screening websites.. Very easy to use. Thank you so much for your support..

    i want to find 10 moving average crossing both 50 moving average and 200 moving average
    Please guide me..
    Thanks in advance…

  171. When we execute a command like
    [0] 5 minuteCloseGreater thanLatestWma(close,180)
    [0] 5 minuteCloseGreater than[0] 5 minuteWma(close,180)

    What is the difference.
    My purpose is to check whether the price close is greater than WMA 180 on a 5 min chart. Which one will be correct??

    1. The crossover compares the prevoius candle below and current candle above it. If you just want to compare the current candle, use greater than

  172. Hi,
    I am trying to create a scanner for inner day (Latest High 1 day ago Low). However it does not seem to work as i am getting back stock which are satisfying only one of those conditions. I have chosen the satisfy “ALL” filters options. Here is a link to the scanner i created

    Can you please check and let me know if anything is wrong with the scanner i created ?

    e.g It returned me SIEMENS, however it satisfies only the latest low > i day ago low condition.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank s and Regards,

  173. The data for 3rd august is not updated in the scans , I am getting data in the scans as per 2nd August closing prices only in my scans. Kindly check urgently.

  174. Dear Sir, Is it possible to get alerts for Bullish Engulfing & Bearish Engulfing strictly for Future stocks only ?

    1. Yes, we have a segments filter on the first line of a scan, you can change it to run only against Future stocks

    1. Close for Intraday candles(1/2/3.. minutes) should work fine as the close on daily candles is adjusted against the avg of last 30 minutes

    1. The scan appears to be based on a daily candle, are you verifying the results on a chart of a daily timeframe?

    1. You can create a alert for your crossover scan & set the alert settings to unique, so alerts would be sent for a stock only the first time it occurs during the day

  175. Beautifully done. So much of filters / and all this can be understood with lay man / devoting just few Hrs in it .. great job.

  176. Hi, I want to get list of stock moving in sideways(Example: 15 Minutes candle pattern moving + or – 1%). Please help

  177. hello akash sir….. trend line se supporting scanner banaa sakate hai kya jaise …Price Crossed Above(or)bellow Falling Trendline …… Price Crossed Above(or)bellow rising Trendline…aap jitnaa ye website improve kar rahe hai aapse ummide bhi badhati jaa rahi hai. ab tak kaa sabse accha website hai ye market ke liye……. thanks for such a wonderful gift for us.

  178. Hi,

    I want to scan for the stocks which are near 1% of its 5 day low or high. How do I do it. Any help please?


  179. Hi, Is there anyway to put current price as an indicator, even in paid option?

    Like if I want to live track stock price crosses above 20 SMA for Inraday, is it possible. Please revert

  180. Dear Sir,

    Kindly request you to add functions like Sum (of days,weeks, months), Average (of days, weeks, months) and years data for screening the yearly data.

    Thanking you.

  181. Hi,
    I want to know the setting for a scan. I couldn’t find or write one. Once I got the correct setting I will subscribe. Help me to get this please.

    I need to get alert, When price in 5 mins chart touches last two months(monthly candle) highs or lows.

  182. Hi,
    Check if the below configuration helps.

    [0] 5 minuteCloseEquals44 days agoHigh
    [0] 5 minuteCloseEquals44 days agoLow

  183. hii,
    I want to create a scanner on 15 min chart that will alert me when the stock price comes 5% nearer to its 2 weeks high or low. can you assist me in this regard,

    thank you.

  184. Good morning, I have been looking at your charting and scanning tools and they look very interesting. Is it possible to scan for stocks, ETFs, etc. on the Toronto Stock Exchange (ie. the TSX)? Lokk forward to your reply, thank you and have a great week!



  186. Hi,

    you where about to provide a option to back test based on date, what is the status of that.

    Example :: simple if i write a code to check ema 50 crossing Ema200 on 15 min chart today.
    Now it takes 25 lines of code to check this, but if I want for today and yesterday, i need to write 25 more lines of code along with this 25 lines, but if I can check the same with date change, it would be great.

    Simple this can be done by providing an option to set current date, Offset 0 will be the last candle of that day

    1. Hello,
      Currently we do not have this feature. We do plan on adding it in the near term. Shall keep you posted. For now, you can create a scan and change it to “1 day ago, 2 days ago, or n number to days ago” to run a scan for the past.

    1. Currently we support only NSE cash stocks and indices. We do plan on adding others soon. Shall keep you posted.  We have added a segment filter that can be modified in the top-most filter that scans stocks that are in the F&O segment

  187. Hello, I want to see if open equals low in any of the future scripts (Dec future, Jan future,Feb future).
    How to filter those stocks? please advise.

    Thanks in advance.

  188. Hi Team,
    How to write OR condition in scanner for below condition.

    (1 st or 2nd candle) of day opening is greater than equal to previous day high.
    Please help me on this.

    Thanks in advance

  189. Hi,
    I want to scan stocks which RSI(14) is only moved between 70 and 30 and not breaked above or below 70 and 30 on entire day in 15 minute chart.

    1. Yes, these scans as possible. We provide dedicated scanner support only to our premium members which allows you send your scan requirements and we create and share the scan with you.

    1. Yes, these scans as possible. We provide dedicated scanner support only to our premium members which allows you send your scan requirements and we create and share the scan with you.

      As a premium member you would be able to:
      Access realtime data for Charts & Scans every minute
      Create Alerts and receive updates of stock breakouts over sms/email/mobile/desktop
      View charts in 1/2/3 minute timeframes with auto-refresh
      Run screeners in 1/2/3 minute timeframes with auto-refresh
      Scan any watchlist via the segment dropdown of a scan
      Get Dedicated support for your scanner requirements

      You can get details/signup our premium service here:

        1. Hello,

          As of now we are working on improving our charts. We have forwarded your request to our Development team for future consideration. We don’t want to give you results based on the incorrect data. So, this might take some time. We hope you understand. 

          We value your patience and look forward to enhancing our service for our valuable users.

  190. Hi i want to scan stocks for first 30 min candle with high and low below “lower bollinger band” with field – (high low/2) i.e. medium, period – 20 , std dev – 1.

    Stocks for first 30 min candle with high and low above “upper bollinger band” with field – medium (high low/2) i.e. medium, period – 20 , std dev – 1.

  191. Hi,

    I want to scan stocks with following filters,

    Today’s open > Yesterday’s high
    Current high > Today’s high at 9.30 am
    Current close > Today’s high at 9.30 am

    How to write above scanner.

    1. We provide dedicated scanner support only to our premium members which allows you send your scan requirements and we create and share the scan with you.

      You review examples scans or create your own scan by following our scanner guide here.

    1. We provide dedicated scanner support only to our premium members which allows you send your scan requirements and we create and share the scan with you.

      You review examples scans  or create your own scan by following our scanner guide here.

  192. Hi

    I am getting alerts with script names in PDF to my email address.

    Is it possible to add Open price with the script name in the attached PDF document?


      1. Hi,
        Yes, am getting alerts in email body. Currently i am getting email content like below

        below is the list of new stocks filtered through scan …

        I would like to get the list with the open price
        CoalINDIA – open price 238.55
        RECLTD – open price 133.4

        Let me know if you need any other clarifications. Thanks.

  193. How do we filter for stock with CMP range?
    For example i want to filter only stocks that are between price 150 – 500
    Thanks in Advance…

  194. how to filter stock based on stock name or symbol

    For eg . i want to create my scanner only for specified stock like reliance , axis or HDFC .

    so how can i insure that

      1. i need the scan to be specific value for an attribute for a particular stock

        For eg., can I build a scan that alerts when a) AXIS BANK latest CLOSE greater than 100 , b) HDFCBANK latest CLOSE greater than 200 ….etc

  195. You really need to make it easy to add a condition or sub-filter in between lines.

    There is no way to add in between lines.
    If i have written 10 lines and want to add a sub-filter in between line 3 and 4.

    I have to re-write the entire code.

    There should be an option to sequentialize the line.
    I should be able to select line and drag and drop it below a sub-filter.

    Chartink is fantastic but very hard way to do things.

  196. Sir I am searching RSI bullish and bearish divergence stocks and divergence has to ceate on top candle or bottom candle. I cant create or find any scan formula in chartink. Can you plz help me on that?
    One more query, How to talk with my favourite creator of scanner in chartink? is this possibile to talk with them? plz give me fruitfull solution.


  197. Hi Akash,
    I am a premium member.

    Can we create a scanner on Chartink which meets below conditions?

    Any latest candle is crossing above or below first 10 minute candle of the day high or low?

    I know we have clause for crossed above or below but it indicates all stocks which crossed anytime, I want it whenever I run this it should give me at that particular time if any candle is crossing first 10 minute candle high\low?

    Thank you

  198. Hi,

    is it possible to create a filter were i would like to compare the %change of stock with %Change of Nifty 50 Index

    Ex: TCS % Change in 5 days >= Nifty 50 Index % Change in 5 days

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hello,

      I am also looking for this functionality. Is this available as on date? Appreciate your kind response.

      Thanks in anticipation.

      1. Hi,

        I would like to know the time frame to use this scanner.
        Time frame will help me to run the scan and check.

        Please reply.

  199. can we add any colomn to the result?
    Like the following coloumns come in any scanning result: Name/Symbol/%chng/Price/VoL.
    Can i add any customize column like previous Low / StopLoss(which came after some calculation) etc.

    1. Free version price is delayed by 5 minutes. Our premium members get realtime data with updates every minute for our Charts & Scans. So if you run a scan at 9:20am for example, it would be based on the latest data until 9:19:59am and so on..

  200. Dear Sir,
    I am premium member,

    I want create scan high or low break of 15 min. second candle by 5 ema in 5 min. time frame. I have tried it but clause shown [-1] candle which I have not set. I need only day 15 min. 2nd candle high or low break alert by 5 ema in 5 min time frame.

    Please suggest.


  201. Dear Sir,
    I want to create a scan where I would like to compare month end close prices, eg March end close is less than April end close. Is it available. The month ago functionality takes month ago close and not month end.
    Also if same functionality of week end close comparison is available


  202. How to find out the first 15 min candle that breaks high/low of opening 15 min candle and use that candle’s attributes in subsequent filter?

  203. Sir ji i want this scanner, latest open is crossed above (Gann 45 degree)one day ago low

    IS IT BECAUSE I HAVE SET ” UNIQUE” in my modify allert setting?
    what do you mean by “unique” and ” duplicate” in modify allert settings?

  205. Sir,
    If i want to scan just Stochastic RSI bearish crossover at top and bullish crossover at bottom on daily charts, is it possible here ?

      1. Good morning Team,

        Thanks for the good website.

        Can you please give me scanner for 200-50 simple moving average above/below for 1 day candle stick?
        Thank you for valuable time.

  206. Hey Guys,

    This is a my fav tool to work on however it lacks a few basic features, so its been a few years since the bulk stock upload to the watch-list has not been implemented, can you guys implement this feature, its a hassle to write each stock name considering everyday I have 50+ new stocks to watch??

    Quoted from above…
    “Please look into providing option to bulk upload Stocks into this screeners from EXCEl or CSV or like google finance upload option where we can copy and past mutiple stocks in search box and we get all this stocks added into watchlist. ”


  207. Hi,
    Is there any option to create filter for trading patterns like Head and shoulder, Cup and handle pattern. I am looking pattern for the period of 2-3month time frame.

  208. is there a way to add one more filter to list the stocks only in F&O segment? i mean, my scanner should be performed on stock cash prices and the output only filters the F&O segment stocks among the list we got in the first cash filter?

    1. Yes, you may choose “futures” from the drop down menu. Currently we support only NSE cash stocks and indices. This segment is created to run scans on stocks that are in F&O segment.

  209. Sir, how to apply Indicators on Custom time frame, for example how to scan if RSI(14) of 5day chart crossed below Lvl 30
    Here I am not asking 5 days ago RSI(14) CROSSED BELOW 30 …….no no no NOT THIS
    I am asking for how to fileter stocks based on custom time frame indicators.


  210. Sir, Today we can scan stocks based on certain criteria selected in filter.
    Is there any way can I screen the future and options???

    For example,
    1) I want to screen stocks whose future value is below the current stock price.
    2) I want to screen stocks whose future value ends with round figure like 1300/1250/1400 etc.
    3) I want to screen all nifty options whose value is less than 10RS or based on the any specific value.

      1. HI,
        This is really good!
        I am waiting for the Future and Option scanner to be updated 🙂

  211. I have seen screener gives below condition:
    “Stock passes allof the below filters in nifty 50segment :”

    Can we have
    Stock future price passes allof the below filters in nifty 50segment :

    Can we have
    Stock/Index Options passes allof the below filters in nifty 50segment :