Alerts Guide

Alerts is a premium feature on that allows users to receive notifications when stocks matching their specified criteria are identified by our screeners. These notifications can be delivered via Desktop/mobile web, SMS, or email and are continuously monitored to ensure that users are promptly notified of any new matches. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of setting up and managing alerts on our platform.


For any screener you want to create an alert for, click the “Create Alert” button (right beside save as). If you’re still looking for good screeners, we suggest you start with our top-loved scans, which contain a good mix of intraday/swing and short-term scans.

Alert settings :

Please find below a thorough explanation of the alert box functionality:

Alert setting box

1) Alert Name – Here, you can put a name for the particular alert. You can use the same name as well.

2) Check for alerts every – The time interval option allows you to specify how often you would like to receive alerts. Our platform allows users to configure alerts to run at various intervals, including every 1/2/3/5/10/15/20/30/60/120/240 minutes, and at market close and open.
These alerts can be set to run on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
For more information on the frequency of alert execution, please refer to our FAQ.

3) Minimum stocks to alert

The minimum results option can specify a minimum number of scan results that must be achieved before triggering an alert. For instance, if you set the minimum number of results to ’35’, you will receive an alert only when the scan returns at least 35 results.

4) Action – A trigger can continue an alert or be paused after it is met(alerted)

5) Notifications to be sent over – The notification method provides various options for receiving alerts. SMS, email, SMS and email, or desktop/mobile web notifications. You can select the desired method.

Notification method –

  • Desktop/Mobile, a.k.a Web notifications – You can receive alerts on Mobile and desktop devices through a web browser. These are unlimited & preferred ways to receive Alerts. Check out our guide on how to enable mobile/desktop notifications.
  • SMS & Email –Our service also includes 2000 credits (1000 SMS and 1000 email) per month. These allow you to receive alert notifications by SMS or email. To make the most of your notification credits, it is recommended that you track the notifications for the alerts you have configured.

6) Send Unique/Duplicate notifications :

Unique – This setting ensures that you will only receive one daily alert for a particular stock that meets the scan criteria.
For example, if a stock (e.g., ABC) meets the scan criteria at 9:35 AM and again at 12:20 PM on the same day, you will only receive one alert for that stock at 9:35 AM(first triggered). This can be useful for limiting the number of notifications you receive for a given stock within a single day.

Duplicate – To receive notifications for a particular stock multiple times per day, you can change the alert setting to allow for ‘duplicate’ notifications. This will ensure that you receive an alert for a given stock each time it meets the scan criteria, regardless of how many times it appears during the day.

7) Webhooks – A webhook feature to send automated messages or data to another application when a particular trigger or event occurs. When a webhook is activated, it sends an HTTP request to the URL provided by the first application. The first application can then process the request and respond as necessary, enabling the two applications to communicate and exchange data in an automated manner.

Viewing alerts –

All alerts created can be viewed on the Alerts Dashboard.

Alert Triggers/HISTORY –

A trigger lets you know when alerts for screeners have been triggered, and new stocks have been filtered. You will receive alerts via email or SMS when notifications have been sent. You can access the alert triggers page by clicking any alerts on the Alerts Dashboard.

New stocks that match the criteria of a given alert are highlighted on a corresponding day, and notifications are sent only if the alert identifies stocks that were not previously alerted.

Frequently asked questions

Kindly refer to our FAQs for alerts here.

Feel free to reach us at [email protected] for any doubts.

370 thoughts on “Alerts Guide”

  1. Thank you for the alert section. You all are doing a great job for the retail traders. Hope you’ll continue the authenticity.

          1. Sir
            Bahut late show hota hai chartink ke scanner pe kya kare pay karne ke baad bhi late ho aap

          1. Sir mobile version nikalo taki easy ho sake and. Hum bhi bahaar ghumte ghumte kaam kar sake

          2. i recommend to a friend dr Pradip shah but still not active premium subscription paid .mails written no response

          1. Hello Mahesh,

            This could probably be because of a scan or an alert misconfiguration which we could investigate and correct, please share the following details on your offical email ID – [email protected]

            URL of the scan that you are referring to?
            Share a few example stocks with us for which you should have received alerts but did not get alerts for the same?
            Share a screenshot of the alert settings for your scan. You can do so by opening your scan and clicking on the “modify alert” option, and sharing a screenshot of the same here for our reference?

          1. Hello,

            This could probably be because of a scan or an alert misconfiguration, which we could investigate and correct; please share the following details:

            URL of the scan that you are referring to?
            Share a few example stocks with us for which you should have received alerts but did not get alerts for the same.
            Share a screenshot of the alert settings for your scan. You can do so by opening your scan, clicking on the “modify alert” option and sharing a screenshot for the same here for our reference.

            Kindly share the above details at [email protected]

          1. SIR I WANT EXACT NOTIFIACTION FOR Candel closing above R4 camrilla which is not happening

          2. Hi Team,
            Need your help for below query:
            I want to capture the high of specific candle based on chartink scanner and I want to get the alert after breaking that high. Can you please suggest how it will be possible.
            1 . Scan the below link
            2. Capture the high for selected stock
            3. Alert should trigger once the high is break

            Please suggest how to configure the above conditions.
            Thanks in advance.

        1. i subscribed yesterday i am unable to create my scan anyone can help me please. i sent 5 mails company, but no response.
          If company support with toll-free number, that would be very helpful to clients
          Phani Krishna

          1. Hello,

            I do see your email dated 20 Sept 2021. We also have replied to the same. I am sharing our last email communication here for your reference. If you have sent any other email kindly do share the same with us again as we have not received it.

            The first 2 scans are for 15 min time frame:

            To set alerts for a scan, you need to click on “create alert” after opening the scan page and set your alert preferences accordingly.

      1. Hello, I just wanted to know, how many alerts we can get per month. Alerts like. if Reliance reach 2300 then i should receive alert notification. Same way if i add alert on BAJFIN at 6800, then i should be alerted. I was using your subscription since very long which ended in August. I used to get 500 SMS and 500 email alerts, i just ws to know if i set alert on a stock on any specific price, then will these alerts be deducted from these 500+500 alerts or not ??

        1. Dear Sir, Its better if u talk to us for clarifications & request u to synchronise with WhatsApp and u should provide unlimited email alerts.

          1. We do plan on adding tele-support in the near term. Currently its not possible to provide alerts for free as exchange charges high fees for realtime data, also we are dependent on third party services for SMS & Email used in our Alerts. Considering this, we allow full access to our charts & scans for free with delayed data.

        2. sir i subscribed monthly service , but it isho not alerting me by sms and email. plz solve this problem….sir

        3. No sir, you should have call or chat support, as the email is lengthy way and the chartink is very difficult to understand.

          There should be call support for paid members at least as very annoying to read and implement the alerts.


    1. Can we check an alert on a specific time in past. Because sometimes it don’t show results or provide alert though satisfies our criteria.

      Means that is back testing possible?

  2. I think this is absolutely a great idea.. But I really feel the pricing could have been 500 per month inclusive of taxes. I have subscribed it though. I hope the alerts come immediately and not after the party is over.

    1. Thanks for your feedback. We’ve tried keep the rate to a minimal considering there are other service providers involved (sms, email..). Do let us know your feedback on the same.

  3. Hi,
    You have mentioned following in Alerts Guide :

    How to notify you for this alert(email, sms)?
    – Alert notifications can be sent over Email or SMS or both. We provide you with 2000 credits(1000 sms & 1000 email) for alert notifications.

    Just want to know if this limit of 2000 credit is per month ?


  4. Good initiative. If i put alert then can i get details of inactive alert’s detail if their condition is met.
    So that i can check EOD details.

  5. Is there an option not to use SMS or email service and still track the alerts in the alerts section?

    And by using such method one can avoid triggering the 2000 threshold on scanner results.

    1. yes, I support RP suggestions as we use alerts credintial only while we out from system, and use when we off from system.

      1. My wish to add WhatsApp msg to do at speed delivered.
        If you done through Android App is best job, as at right entire world works on mobiles.
        Thanks a lot.

  6. Akash ji,

    Congratulations for your New great start of Alert section,
    In premium Shall i get BSE & X group stocks Scan in watch list ?


      1. Waiting for subscribe premium, Bse stocks & X group stocks for EOD scanning bcz I’m long term retail investor !!!

  7. Congratulations sir.
    Please suggest some screener which are working rightly at all situations. Or what are the most successfull screeners in your opinion.

      1. Ok thank you. I have subscribed alerts. I want to ask that whether the screener run by your server system or any individuals? Sir I want alerts fast; as soon as it filters any stock or index. Sir its a humble request.

  8. Hi Akash,
    As u mentioned in one of the comments…
    “We plan on adding desktop notifications soon, in which notifications would be sent directly to the browser.”
    This will be a great feature to have. Just remember to add a SOUND ALERT also to the desktop notifications…..a pop up with 3 0r 4 beep sounds will be great.
    Also, once this feature is enabled, please give a discount to the clients who don’t want SMS and email support.

      1. Thanks…..but remember………
        once this feature is enabled, please give a discount to the clients who don’t want SMS support……
        I am glued to the screen full time….hence will be able the see the pop up on the screen along with the multiple beep sound… why pay extra for the facility of SMS alerts…which some third party will be benefiting. (Chartink will not be benefitted for the extra payment because you will have to pay the third party for this facility).

        1. And one more point that I believe everyone here will agree…..
          Everyone will be more than happy to pay even more for this wonderful scanner…..if one makes good profits, it’s our duty to compensate well those who make it possible….
          and this scanner is a sure winner…..if used correctly, it will give good profits.
          Thank you.

  9. Mr.Akash,
    I feel good of real globalization on trading with technicall horizon.
    My wish to your team building up a mobile App, nowadays entire world works on & through mobile platform, it’s make convenient with third party delivery costs including no delay, no notice within a small API.
    I wish all the best to your team and foremost uppermost utility software.

  10. Hi Akash,

    Alert functionality is a wonderful feature addition!!! Thanks a ton for adding this feature!

    Well as suggested by Robin, sound alert with 3/4 beeps would be a great addition.


  11. If I want scan two red cancel continuously with 15 min time frame in nifty 50 stock.can I get it from ur scanner?

  12. Alerts is a great tool for traders.
    It would be great if you also provide alerts based on F&O parameters along with technical parameters.

      1. i know i can run query on Fn0 stock list, but i want to run queries on FnO parameters such as Open interest, to be specific i want to run scans on overall options OI of a stock(CE & PE) and strike specific OI of a stock(CE/PE), scans based on PCR values, Futures OI, etc in real time. I don’t know it’s feasible or not but i would love the above scans if provided and i’m sure most of traders who trade based on FnO parameters like this idea. Do you have any plan of bringing these scans in future?

          1. Hi,
            I believe the Charts on your website use Nse equity data for F&O stocks also. It would be great if the Charts are as per F&O data/prices

  13. I had written a message around 2 weeks back by filling the form in the ‘Contact Us” page of It was regarding a doubt in scanner…. I have not got any reply for that.
    I wanted to reduce the number of lines in my scanner. I had given the link to the scanner also.

    Thank you.

      1. Mr.Akash,
        It’s lengthy formula to short process, using
        15 Min Max(High,11), to(-2) greater than Upper and(-2)
        15 min Min(Sma(Close,7),11),(-1)
        Crossed below 15 Min (Sma(Close,20),11),(-1)

        giving same results

  14. Hi,
    There are 2 requirements in the scanners that I have always felt. If it is feasible, please include them….it surely will be useful for all.
    Requirement 1:
    …..An option in the scanner to “AVOID” a segment……. ‘Watch List’ (the scripts in a Watch List) while scanning…..
    e.g……A scanner to filter scripts where the SMA 7 is above SMA 20 and RSI 14 is above 60.
    When the scan gives a result, I would enter a Buy position in that script. When I run the scan again, I don’t need the scan to include that script in the scan because I am already long in it and will continue long position till my exit signal is generated. ……A simple procedure to implement this is…..whenever I enter a position, the script is added to the watch list…and when I exit, I will remove it from the watch list……. NOW,…. if I can add a line in the scanner to “ ‘AVOID’ the ‘Watch List’ “, then repeated scripts in the result can be avoided (Scripts in Watch List will not be included in the scan)
    The “AVOID” option can also be used in another way….Suppose I am using F&O segment in my scanner, and I add a line using “AVOID” option…..”AVOID scripts from ‘NIFTY 50’ segment”…..then I can scan all the scripts in F&O segment excluding the Nifty 50 scripts’.
    Requirement 2:
    ……An option to select different Watch List for different scans…. in the scanner itself …eg. Watchlist-1, Watchlist-2 etc.
    Currently, this is possible while doing manual scan….before doing the scan, one can go to watch list section, select YES for ‘Use in Scanner’ against the watch list to be used for that scan. BUT in the auto scan, I think this will not be possible. In manual scan also, it is time consuming when the scans are repeated at short intervals.
    e.g……For a complete trading strategy, one needs 4 scanners….
    Scanner 1 – for going Long (using Cash or Futures or Nifty 50 or Nifty 100 …. Segments)
    Scanner 2 – for going Short (using Cash or Futures or Nifty 50 or Nifty 100 …. Segments)
    Scanner 3 – to Exit Long positions (using Watchlist-1 Segment)
    Scanner 4 – to Exit Short positions (using Watchlist-2 Segment)
    When one goes Long, the script can be added to Watchlist-1. This Watchlist-1 can be used in Scanner 3 to Exit long positions. Similarly, when one goes Short, the script can be added to Watchlist-2. This Watchlist-2 can be used in Scanner 4 to Exit short positions.
    So, a modification in the scanner is needed to select any of the created watchlists for the scan. Currently, in the scanner,…. only “ ‘WATCH LIST’ segment” can be selected and the selection of different watchlist is to be made from the watchlist section every time a different scanner (using Watchlist segment) is used.
    N.B: A single watch list having scripts of both Long & Short positions cannot be used because the Exit Long scan will always give the shorted scripts in the results…and similarly, the Exit Short scan will always give the bought scripts in the results.
    Hope I have made the point clear.
    Thanking you
    N.B:- I will be joining for Paid Alerts from 1st March… just wanted to keep all the scanners for my strategy ready. Currently, I am using the manual scanners to enter a position and for the Exit, I am checking the charts manually. If the mentioned requirements are added, then it will become very easy.

      1. Hi,
        So that means, the requirement 2 can be fulfilled if I start the alerts….i.e. different scans can be set to run on different Watchlist….. then the problem is solved…
        What about requirement 1 ?…… include an AVOID function in the scanner……with the available features, is it possible to avoid a watchlist in a scan ?…..i.e. not to include the scripts in a watchlist during the scan.

        1. To fulfil requirement 1 with the available features, I see only one way….
          I trade in F&O universe… I can add all F&O stocks in the watchlist and then run the BUY & SELL scan on the “Watchlist”……when I enter a position, I can remove the stock from the watchlst…..hence, new scans will not include that stock…..After I exit from the position, I can again add the stock in the watchlist………this will solve the problem…..BUT this process is very cumbersome. Also, I will have to keep track of the change in the F&O stock list.
          These problems can be removed by adding an “AVOID” function.
          If it is not possible, then I will follow this method.

          1. Yes for #2.

            We’ll plan on adding a new column in the scan results table, that helps you ignore/hide stocks that you’ve made positions in. Until then, I could replicate the F&O Stocks for you in a watchlist, from which you can add/remove stocks as per your requirement.

          2. Mr.Robin,
            Your suggestions are very nice and I support you for your proposal that actually needed by traders.
            Akash and his term should consider your request.
            Thank you.

  15. Thank you…..
    That would be great……..A default watchlist that contains all the F&O stocks will be useful.
    Thank you.

  16. Hello Chartink Team,

    First of all kudos to all the hard work you guys are putting up here.
    I do have a small doubt regarding the charts and data. I will appreciate if you can tell me what is the exact time difference between the real-time & chartink data.

    Kind Regards,

    1. Currently we have the options of starting every 5 minutes, we’ll be adding lesser frequency(1m, 2m, 3m) options soon too

  17. HI Akash,

    Thanks for adding Intraday Scanner (I should’ve said this well before) and for adding alerts.

    1. Can we have a feature to group all scanners as per our requirement like 1. Intraday Long Scan 2. Short term long scan, etc

    2. And also option to minimize formula, so that we can have many scanners handy in one page.


    1. Thanks for your feedback.

      @1: Yes, you can create different watchlists and run scans against those watchlists in alerts

      @2: Please provide details on what exactly what you are looking for here

      1. Slash,
        It’s an interface utility of formula in formula as like as your subfilter and avoiding rewrite each & everytime formulas used regularly as a subformula evaluation.
        You need to add an extra column to set use pre-defined formula.
        In my view subfilter is not more useful if you add an “OR” function.
        There was no If , Then or Else.
        We have to use long formula create each and every time to define Pivot values.
        If you add pre-defined formula , we used on various scanners as pivot, S1,R1 etcas pre-defined.

      2. Thanks for your reply sir, What I meant is, In scans dashboard home page, all formulae is visible, so for bigger formula its occupying bigger space, In scan dashboard we don’t check formulae, so if we are removing this column then we can have so many scanners in one single page.

        That’s what I request, To remove this “Clause” column, so that I can view all the scanners in single page. (I am having so many scanners, so its difficult to go so many pages)

    1. I noticed you have created a alert to run at Market close on email, you should be receiving mails for the same between 6-7pm on a daily basis

      1. Now selected Sms only…., when shall i get bse & x group stocks scan option in chartink ?
        Thanks for the quick response.

  18. Hi Akash,

    I subscribed to alert service today – you are doing a fantastic job by creating a simple scanner where no coding is involved.I have spend extensive amount of time using your scanner – based on that Couple of suggestions :

    – Please include VWAP in the scanner . I feel its a critical scanner for day trading which most of the traders use regularly.

    – I write some complex scanners where the lines in scanner may be similar:
    — part of scanner —
    ( [ -1 ] 10 minute close = [ -2 ] 10 minute ichimoku cloud bottom(9,26,52) ) or ( [ -2 ] 10 minute close max(9.45AM candle) trigger an alert. this is not possible with referring a candle by 0,-1,-2 … but these kind of things are useful when back testing / want to check some conditions based on time stamp.

    – you can include not equal to ( i was trying to use some condition similar to this but could not find the option)

    These are some constructive feed back … except VWAP rest of the things can be considered as possible improvement suggestions when ever possible.


    1. Thanks for your feedback.

      We are working with data providers for VWAP data.

      We plan on having a global offset that would probably help you to backtest for the past 10/15 offests and impact all timeframes that are used in your scan. I’ll have this along with the “not equals” condition added soon

  19. akash sir i wants only desktop alert as am on screen during market hour . no need of sms or email alert. my scanner shows entry at 5 min interval on 5 min chart having list of 150 fno stock so it shows many stock as result most of time ……so please suggest me that alert subscription will useful for me or not.

  20. Sir i have 2 screener n i want to set alert for 5 min once at 9.20 only .it will notify only once or every 5 min ?i dnt want it every 5 min.

    1. We have added a ability to run Alerts at custom times, you can create a Alert to run exactly at 9:20am daily

  21. The charts are not live. Hope the alerts will be live…i mean alerts should not come after 15 minutes of it happening, otherwise no use.

    1. In our premium service we provide realtime data updates every minute for our Charts & Scans along with Alerts for any scans over SMS/EMAIL

  22. I m premium member of your services no. I really confused for one of the thing is there any way i can get stocks which are taking support near 21 day moving average…

  23. Hey Akasha,

    Though you provide future stock group but the prices are spot prices.
    Can chartink team add future prices for current expiry so that fo playes gets benefit.


  24. Hello….today I have taken your premium service. I want to do my scanning on future data/chart. But here no future data/chart is not available…..only cash data/charts are available for future segment stocks also.

    1. We currently scan against only NSE Cash stocks, we’ll be adding BSE Stocks followed by F&O soon

    1. This can be done via the the Alerts Dashboard, there’s a active/inactive column to help you do this

  25. Hello chartink team, very good platform for stocks chart.. i need scan on 60 min chart , which stocks crossed and close above 200 dma.
    How i can set on scanner. Please suggest. This query i need on futures stocks.

  26. Good Day
    I would like to subscribe
    Pls adv on the foll
    2. WHAT is the Data feed time delay.
    3. Have you integrated your “chart ink” with any trading portal, so that the trades can be executed when the signal is generate. ie. ALGO trading.
    4. For premium users pls suggest the best stock screeners for intraday, hourly.,daily, weekly ,monthly and medium to long term time frames

    1. Please find my response’s below

      -> We current provide Charts only for NSE Cash stocks

      2. WHAT is the Data feed time delay.
      -> Data for premium subscribers is updated in realtime every minute

      3. Have you integrated your “chart ink” with any trading portal, so that the trades can be executed when the signal is generate. ie. ALGO trading.
      -> No, we provide our own alerting feature, it also allows you to receive Alerts when your terminal is open or closed

      4. For premium users do you have any best stock screeners.
      -> We do suggest to view the top scans our site for this

          1. Yes, Charts & Scans are aut0-refreshed every minute with the latest realtime data

            Alerts can be set to run at regular frequencies of 1/2/3/5/10.. minutes and hours as per your requirements

  27. Hi,
    As requested in my previous message, Please add a sound alert to your desktop notification…..without a beep sound, the notifications is of not much help.
    Also, please give a discount to clients who do not want email/SMS facility… can also save on the cost involved in offering this facility.

    1. We have just added this new option, to alert you only via mobile/desktop. You’ll be able to see this in the alert settings box. Also, sounds notifications for this should be active too

  28. May i know if you are planning to provide alerts based on Point and Figure charts in further roll outs

  29. I have paid the subscribtion amount. How much time it takes to activate my account . Means when can I use alerts and real time data facilities.How to contact your office .Any contact no. is not mentioned on the website.

    1. Your a/c is updated to premium membership instantly after you make the payment. I do notice you reached out to us over mail as well and hope this issue is resolved now

  30. Hi Aakashji,
    Subscribed premium today.Can we customise chart settings and auto refreshing for charts.
    Thanks for the wonderful service at affordable cost.

  31. Today i got alert after triggered scanner,

    Will i get alert message on next day also if i selected count 0 and PAUSE?

    I need only one notification daily on selected scanner

    1. Yes, in this case on can enable duplicate notifications and you will get an alert for the same stock again if it passes through the filters of the scan

  32. Your website is very good and scans are excellent. To further improve, you are required to add on balance Volume ( OBV) & Mass index in scan parameters.
    Please add OBV & Mass index in scan parameters


  33. Hello. I am looking to explore this site for subscription. Can you please let me know if i have trouble in creating a scanner for myself, would i get help technically with respect to the syntax of the condition? And also will the prices we real-time so that we can immediately act on it?

    1. Hello,
      Yes, We provide dedicated scanner support only to our premium members which allows you send your scan requirements and we create and share the scan with you.

    1. We provide only email support, please feel free to share you doubts here or email us at [email protected]

      As a premium member you would be able to:

      Access realtime data for Charts & Scans every minute
      Create Alerts and receive updates of stock breakouts over sms/email/mobile/desktop
      View charts in 1/2/3 minute timeframes with auto-refresh
      Run screeners in 1/2/3 minute timeframes with auto-refresh
      Scan any watchlist via the segment dropdown of a scan
      Get Dedicated support for your scanner requirements

      You can get details/signup our premium service here:

    1. Hello,
      We do sent SMS’s to international numbers but charge is a bit higher. For Indian numbers we give 1000 sms alerts but for international numbers we would be providing with only 60 sms alerts considering the high costs. Would recommend you to activate mobile browser notifications, these are unlimited. Hope this helps:


  34. hello,
    I m a new subscriber but i dont know my alert is on or not because the bell icon show me” you block your alert ” plz help me

  35. Hello Sir,
    I have made watchlist and created alert for scans using my watchlist option, but I am receiving scan alert for other stocks also, please tell me how I can customize the alert for my watchlist only.

    Thanks .

    1. There are no limits on the same. We offer 1000 sms and 1000 email credits along with unlimited desktop/ mobile browser notifications on registration for 1 month. If you exhaust your sms/ email credits, there is an option to buy more

    1. Can you please try visiting our demo notification page:

      Once opened, you should see a sample notification on your mobile/desktop. Let us know if you happen to see this.

      If it does not work , please email at [email protected]

  36. Sir can we upload alerts via excel sheet which will help us if there are too many stocks to all to alert

  37. सर मैं आपका ग्राहक हूं और मैंने सब्सक्रिप्शन भी लिया हुआ है मेरे खुद के बनाए गए चार्ट का मैंने अलर्ट एक्टिव किया हुआ है लेकिन मोबाइल पर मैसेज नहीं आ रहा है

    [email protected]

    Please solve the problem

  38. Hi Akash

    I am a premium costumer of the Chart-ink for a quite period of time .. I am using some other scanners also but I loves most of the features of the Chart-ink compared to other competitors,But One thing I am badly missing form Chart-ink was post processing support of the previous day’s generated alert .

    While we uses the chart link it is too much of maul effort of copying each alerts corresponding to one scanner and add that into another watch list for a nested scanning .

    First of all creating a watch-list is a laborious tasks in Chart-ink whereas some competitors of yours are allowing direct uploading of Excel sheets in to watch-list .

    If you are able to provide an option of adding alert symbols directly in to a watch list .That means the alert creation has one more options for adding into watch list as like we already has (sms,desktop,email) .

    Allowing alerts corresponding to one scanner into watch-list and other scanner use it as input is permitting the user to have a nested scanning which is very powerful even it allows implementing very complicated Neural Networks with out much infrastructure changes or adding any scanning engine instruments .All you need to have some software update for interfacing alert symbols into a watch list .

    Thanks and Regards

  39. I have Created One Hour candle and Scan. I would like to receive alert after 5 minutes after the hourly candle. If I create it as 5 minutes alert, it is running every five minutes and giving wrong results, What should be my alert time ?

  40. Hi,
    For alert system… for a particular condition… I am not getting alert if the condition fulfills more than once in a particular scrip… say is the condition triggers in SBIN at 10am… I am getting the signal but if it triggers again at 11 or 12… not getting it… is there any other settings for this…

    another is the delay in getting alert is varying… my setting is 1min check… sometimes I get within 2-3 mins… but sometimes getting as much as 10min… that is much higher delay for candlestick entry in a shorter time frame.

    can you please help

  41. Time of Trigers for alert and Backtest result time is different. I observed that sms comes late if I compare with back test.

    Can you please check and advise how to correct it.

    1. There are chances that the backtest results may not match with the alerts history if multiple timeframes are used in the scan, please read our for more details:

      Hope this helps on back-testing:

      It will show the previous days/ minutes results for your scan without the need for you to modify the scan. Back-testing will not give alerts. It is only to analyze/ view stocks previously triggered by your scans.  If you click on any of the bars on the graph, it will show the list of stocks that triggered as per the scan previously. 

      Back-test data will show data for the lowest candle time frame in your scan. If lowest time frame is 1 minute, it will show results for last 1 minutes. If its on daily candle it will show data for past 6 months. We show results for the past 150 bars  in our backtest section, these 150 candles could be of any timeframe, depending on the lowest timeframe in your scan, so for 5 minutes for example, you would get 2 days, for 1 minute, half a day and so on. 

      If you have the alert frequency of 5 minutes on a 1 hour candle scan, the alert results will update every 5 minutes and so will the backtest results(if you open the site and view the graph every 5 minutes), the difference is that the alert keeps a history of all your stocks triggered every 5 minutes i.e at 9:20am, 9:25am and so on via the alert history page,, whereas the backtest graph doesn’t keep any history as such, it will show the results only as of the candle completion time i.e 10:15am. so its not necessary that the backtest will show all the stocks that were triggered every 5 minutes as your alert show’s.

      Alerts is a premium feature that would allow you to do this, it keeps a track of all your stocks that met the condition every 5 minutes so that you don’t need to keep a track of them manually in the scanner page or the backtesting graph. The backtest is a dynamic graph that would update/change as your 1 hour candle is changing.

  42. I have two questions ?
    1. RSI or Stochastic Regular and Hidden divergence scans available ?
    2. Can we identify when price comes near to Supertrend ?

  43. Please avail simple moving average (SMA) support for 1000 day and more. The same is available for exponential moving average(EMA).

  44. Could you please start trial service for couple of days, so that we can check desired results real time before going for full subscription.

  45. Do you have facility to scan Index ?
    Nifty 50 is not displayed in the scan result even though Nifty matches that criteria .

    ChartInk not support Index on scan ?

  46. Hi, pls advise functionality/use of ‘unique’ / ‘duplicate’ drop down options while creating scan alerts.


    1. If in the alerts, you have set notifications to send only “unique” alerts, it will not be sent again. If you set it to “duplicate” notifications, you will get the alert for the same stock again if it matches the criteria again the same day..

  47. How many scanner and backtest are available per day..? Like zerodha streak have limited scanner per day..

    1. Hello,
      Currently back-test can go back only upto previous 150 candles (any time frame). We do plan on adding more features to the same in near term. 
      There are no limits on number of scans or alerts one can set

  48. Dear Chartink
    I want to scan all MCX Commodities like Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, Copper, Lead, Zinc, Natural Gas, Alluminium, Nickle etc etc..& Forex Currency pairs TOO… So how to set all these Scripts’s Scan…? Please Guide me on this…
    if not supported for these scripts then I Request you to please Start them on Priority basis..
    Waiting for your Reply…

  49. HELP required on multiple condition scan making on a single scanner (i.e. All of them & Any of them)
    as, i need to scan a candle stick on different level of pivot point

  50. I ran scans and setup alerts for the same. However, for a given day, back-test history has different stocks and alerts are not triggered for those stocks. Why?

    1. Hello,
      There are chances that the backtest results may not match with the alerts history if multiple timeframes are used in the scan, please read our for more details:

  51. Hii I want to create scaner which show in 1 hour chart all those stoch where 5 bar crose above 20 ema
    how can i make this can you plz guide me

  52. sir I m a premium member and I want a option in alert setting for a particular alert so that i will get alert only upto a certain time of day say for example i want my “X”alert to give signal upto 12.30 pm only, my ‘Y’ alert to give signal upto 1.30 pm and my ”Z” alert to give signal every 5min upto 11.30 am etc etc.
    please incorporate this feature.

      1. SIR I M A PREMIUM MEMBER OF YOUR SITE. PLEASE allow GROUP FUNCTION, group count , so that i can use it in scanner. at present time they are visible but i can not use them IN MY SCANNER. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT PLZ ALLOW .

  53. Hi Team,

    i am unable to get the alert for “” this screener at 1:30 pm today even though the back test results show it correctly.
    can pls look into it.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Harish Thota.

    1. This appears a problem with the alert setting being sent to unique that will send notifications for the same stock only once a day. I notice your scan could have the same stock filtered thru the day as the with the case that you’ve mentioned. To have the same stock alert more than once i.e repeatedly thru the day, please change the alert setting to send “duplicate” notifications, that ways if a stock appears more than once during a day, you will be alert as per your alert notifications preferences.

  54. Hi sir,
    I m premium subscriber of your service i have 1 query & need help
    I am using below scan for buying
    Copy – 7.PURE INTRADAY BULLISH best stock my check
    But getting scanned stock is in already at day high that is not useful to me to take trade
    Please correct for me above scan as it has to give signals at entry point so that that trade will be benefited
    And kindly provide a selling signal scan with making proper some changes in above scan
    Thanks a lot for helping

  55. Many times what happens that triggers have been given.. It is there in system

    But in backtest, that output is not present in backtest history – why is the result manipulated in backtest?

    1. Hello,
      There are chances that the backtest results may not match with the alerts history if multiple timeframes are used in the scan, please read our for more details:

  56. Hello Team,

    It would be a great addition to the Alerts feature if you can add an Alert Start time and Alert End time in the alert. The alert should only run during this interval.

    Just a suggestion but would help a lot.


  57. Hello , I want alerts for Stocks reaching a particular value, I mean suppose the stock is at 45 and when it crosses above 48, I should get alert, Can u tell me how can this be achieved.

  58. Hello sir

    I am new to chart ink

    Just have a query

    can you please update the time frame which chart ink support..Is 3 hours/4 hours time frame available for strategy alert?

  59. i have a suggestion for chartink. Can you please add an option to trigger the alerts during only a particular time. for instance like from 10 am to 1 pm. right now the website allows only to trigger at a particular time
    thank you

  60. How to set to receive only 90 alerts per day… After 90 alerts it should automatically disabled… How to do this settings pls let me know

  61. Sir i want to stop alert for specific time can it is possible ?
    Because many massage come whole day so my monthly limit (1000) exhausted soon, please suggest.
    if facility not available please add.

  62. Sometimes alert not performing..i.e. inside bar Candle 30 min not working properly.. I didn’t get 12:15 and 15:15 alert ..due to that I missed my opportunity.. Please improve your System. Thank you.

    1. You may view tutorials on scans and alerts here:

      To set alerts for a scan, you need to click on “create alert” after opening the scan page and set your alert preferences accordingly.

      You can also start by reviewing out top scans here:

      They contain the top 10 scans used for Intraday/Swing & short term trading

      If you need help in creating a scan, please share your requirements, we shall create the same for you. 

  63. Hello Chartink team,

    Can you please help me know how to put a price alert not based on stock screening but based on a certain price achievement by a identified stock

  64. Hi Team,

    I have one query related to first 15 min breakout candle. I have already created a 15 min candle breakout scan but after creating an alert i am getting only 3 stocks on my mobile and on website it was showing 20 -30 stocks.

    Can someone guide me how to set the timings of alert

    1. Hello,

      You should set your alert time as your scan timeframe.
      Ex: For a 15min timeframe scan, you should set your alerts for every 15min time interval.

      To set alerts for a scan, you need to click on “create alert” after opening the scan page and set your alert preferences accordingly.

  65. for getting alerts do i need to open chartink page or after setting up alert i will receive it by sms or email??

    Also Pl. let me know i created webhooks for getting alerts on telegram so do i need to login chartink & IFTTT webhooks for getting alerts ??

        1. Hello,

          In a premium subscription, charts and scans are updated every minute. Our premium members get realtime data with updates every minute for our Charts & Scans. So if you run a scan at 9:20 am, for example, it would be based on the latest data until 9:19:59am and so on…

          As soon as the stock matches your all scan criteria, you will get an alert.

          On a one-month subscription, one gets 1000 SMS and 1000 email credits along with unlimited browser notifications.

    i want to this screener anyone make this ,please share,,,,

    chart ink team can u make is your end,,


  67. I want such scanner Which can tell which stock is consolidating in the market. stock consolidating from 1 month ,1 year

  68. sir,
    my question is that some of stocks showing me in alert or sms but when i download backtest result it would be change in result,some stocks missing and some automatic add in backtest result.

    my question is that how can i consider which stock is triggered?

  69. hi i need sound alert to make sound every time when a new alert is triggered so that it can become actionable.
    but i am not getting sound from laptop/phone.
    can you guide?

    1. Hello,

      From the dropdown list of the segment, you will get “nifty and banknifty” as a segment.

      If you run the scan on the nifty and banknifty segments, you will get an alert as soon as the stock matches all your scan criteria.

      I hope this helps.

  70. Why I am not getting alerts on morning using my scanner, at the end of the day only showing all stocks list what is the problem with website..?

  71. Hi , is it possible to have different color for alerts see the below example

    Latest close greater than 1 day ago close – Black color text in alerts
    Latest close greater than 2 day ago close – Blue color text in alerts
    Latest close greater than 3 day ago close – Red color text in alerts

  72. When you people are going to reply please can you tell me.
    its more than 2 days

    i want to change my email address and your widgets are not working fine.

  73. Sir I have premium subscription . If I have more than 10 Dashboard. If I want Alert from any specific dashboard then what will be the method.

  74. Hi Sir,
    Can I get Stochastic screener where in %K crosses %D near Lower Band 20. I want to keep this as an alert. Please help me on this.

    1. Hello,

      Setting alerts to “unique” ensures you get an alert for a particular stock only once throughout the day (when it first met all conditions in the scan). Similarly, setting an alert to “duplicate” ensures you get an alert for a stock as many times as it fulfills the conditions of the scan throughout the day. I hope this helps.

    1. Hello,

      This could probably be because of a scan or an alert misconfiguration which we could investigate and correct; please share the following details:
      URL of the scan that you are referring to.
      Please share a few example stocks with us for which you should have received alerts but did not get alerts for the same.
      Share a screenshot of the alert settings for your scan. You can do so by opening your scan and clicking on the “modify alert” option and sharing a screenshot of the same here for our reference.

  75. Before one month I purchased your one month premium pack and added webhook alert and I received correctly but after that plan get expired I purchased now also the one month pack but now I’m not receiving any webhook alerts , kindly check is their any issues with the alert system.
    I already requested this issue with chartlink support email, still their is delay in response, kindly respond to the issue please…

  76. Nowadays I didnt see the breakout stocks/intraday bull with good performance.
    Pl.ensure the quality of alerts.

    And one more thing try to add the alert time as that every one can easily fix it…

    1. Hello,

      Sometimes, this could probably be because of a scan or an alert misconfiguration which we could investigate and correct.

      Could you please elaborate on your query and share the scan URL and screenshot of the alert setting to review and respond?

  77. sir i have purchase premium membership and applied 3 scanner but notification i received are too late eg: if i received notification of break out of axis bank at 1:30 now i see than this stock is already up at 9.30 it means there are late incoming of notification so no profit of taking premium membership .

  78. Hello,

    Can you please help me out to complete my scan. I want “if a 5 minute candle’s low = day’s low” then i should get alert OR “if a 5 minute candle’s high = day’s high” then i should get alert. Please help me out

  79. Hi
    I am receiving the notifications very late. For a crossover screener, when i receive the alert, the cross over has already over and stock has moved up , at least 10 min delay. I have subscribed to premium and it os absolutely of no use due to this delay.

    1. Hello,

      This could probably be because of a scan or an alert misconfiguration which we could investigate and correct; please share the following details:

      1. Share the URL of the scan that you are referring to?
      2. Share a few example stocks with us for which you should have received alerts but did not get alerts for the same?
      3. Share a screenshot of the alert settings for your scan. You can do so by opening your scan and clicking on the “modify alert” option and sharing a screenshot of the same here for our reference.

  80. i needed only premium version for 1 month for testing , but why did you send 3month bill ,its not fair i activated on june 19th for 1month ,but this month bill came 2200rs which is for 3 months.why does chartink team play with customers . what is the solution for cancelling

    1. Greetings,

      Based on our records, it appears that you have chosen the 3-month option during the renewal process, which resulted in the issuance of an invoice for 3 months. It has also come to my attention that you previously subscribed in May, and on the renewal page, we offer 1 month, 3 months, or 12 months subscription options. As you selected the “3 months” option, your subscription was activated for 3 months.

      Thank you.

  81. feature request- can u pls enable/provide price based alerts. say in my watchlist i put price against each stock. when price crosses that set price, an alert is triggered. this would solve a lot of trouble.

      1. Hello,

        This could probably be because of a scan or an alert misconfiguration, which we could investigate and correct; please share the following details:

        URL of the scan that you are referring to?
        Share a few example stocks with us for which you should have received alerts but did not get alerts for the same.
        Share a screenshot of the alert settings for your scan. You can do so by opening your scan and clicking on the “modify alert” option, and sharing a screenshot for the same here for our reference.

  82. Sir, I need screener on:
    Scanner 1. – Time frame 15 min
    1.Break out – High of first (9.15 candle) 15 min candle only , alert should be given on candle closing basis .
    2.Do not require break out of high of every 15 min candle . Through out the day it is required only break out of first 15 min candle stocks to be displayed
    Scanner 2. -Time frame: 9.15 am
    3.Break down – Low of first (9.15 candle) 15 min candle only, alert should be given on candle closing basis.
    4.Do not require break out of low every 15 min candle . Through out the day it is required only break down of first 15 min candle low stocks to be displayed

  83. Dear Sir,

    As attached screener, please inform me when i will get alert.

    if any problem in my alert setting while getting alert, please inform settings so that I can get alert on Morning before market open and after market close.

    at present, We have setted alert after every one minute.

    Request you to please guide and help to resolve the issue.

    1. Hello,

      The scan does not send the alerts based on the market timings. But rather when the stock fulfills all the scan conditions at the same time.

      You’ll get pre-market data for the current day’s data starting at 9:09 am, consisting of data until 9:08:59am. Data is updated at 9:09 am in our scans for our Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly & Yearly candles. Note that for Intraday candles(1/2/3…minutes), data would reflect starting 9:15 am.

      Alerts are not sent out before 9.15 am. You will need to manually run the scan and view the results with candles, including pre-market values.

      Please share your alert setting on this email ID: [email protected]


    1. Hello,

      The alert setting being set to unique, which will send notifications for the same stock only once a day. To have the same stock alert more than once, i.e., repeatedly throughout the day, please change the alert setting to send “duplicate” notifications; that way, if a stock appears more than once during a day, you will get an alert as per your alert notifications preferences.

      The setting can be modified by clicking on the “Modify Alert” button right below your scan.

  85. Hi i just want to know Your Alert system is accurate or delay for some time when stock appear in a list…

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