Alerts FAQ

how to create alerts?

We’ve created a step-by-step guide on how to create alerts across any screener.

How many stocks are scanned for alerts?

We default to running scans for all NSE stocks, unless you change a scan to run for a watchlist, nifty 50, nifty 100. The number of stocks scanned for are dependent on the scan definition.

When are intraday, daily, weekly and monthly alerts run?

    • Intraday – A alert for 5 minute starts running at 9:20am considering the latest data as of 9:19:59am, next run would be at 9:25am. A 15 minute alerts starts running at 9:30am(data as of 9:29:59am), next run wold be at 9:45am and so on..
    • Market open – Runs at 9:20am considering the latest data as of 9:19:59am.
    • Market close – Runs between 6pm-7pm daily
    • Weekly – Runs every Friday between 6pm-7pm
    • Monthly – Runs on the last day of the month between 6pm-7pm

Whether THE alerts ARE live[ real time ]?

Yes, our scans runs on the latest live data available, eg: If you have configured to run a scan every 5 minutes, the first scan would be at 9:20am, which will be based on the data as of 9:19:59am. As we process dozens of scans for every user throughout the day, there could be a delay upto 1 minute while you are notified.

How frequently would I be notified for alerts?

We send our alert notifications based on alert configuration. If you’ve set a alert to run every hour, it shall run at 9:20am, 10:20am, 11:20am.. We send you notifications ONLY when we find new stocks the scans to avoid spamming your sms/mail box.

how many alerts i shall receive?

We provide a total of 2,000 sms & email credits in a month, which are used while sending alerts. These allows you to receive more than 90+ alerts per day. Notifications credits(sms & email) will be used at a alert level and independent on the number of stocks filtered in a scan. If a alert notifies you about 50 stocks, it will use a single notification credit.

What happens when your NOTIFICATION credits finish?

You can purchase additional SMS or Email credits. Visit your subscription dashboard to do so.


We provide a alerts dashboard, that allows you configure and manage your active alerts

Do you provide the scanners or subscriber has to  can use his own scanners.

You can add alerts on any of the 1,50,000+ screeners‘ available on the site or create your own.


We provide all our other tools(scans, charts) free to use on our site, Alerts are resource intensive and is also supported by external services including sms/email which include additional costs’. Hence, we don’t provide a trial for the same

192 thoughts on “Alerts FAQ”

  1. i have only doughy is it real time scanner if i use 5 min chart i apply 12 moving average cut 30 moving average. if it cut in real market. when will i get notification exactly. i am really eager to be a premium member . I really love chatink its very useful to me.

    1. Yes, if you configure your alert to run every 5 minute, as soon as the alert notices a breakout (i.e at 9:20am, 9:25am, 9:30am… and so on..) you’ll be alert via SMS & Email

    2. last 1 month i subscribed your alert package. it is very useful. but i am unable to use mail notification msg 1000 i need only both 2000 sms notification through only mobile . is it possible or not. kindly reply

        1. To get alert over SMS, you will need to change the alert setting(below the scan via Modify alert) to send notifications over SMS/Email or both.

  2. Mr.Aakash please add a confirmation to scan penetrations of Pivot, S1, S2, R1 & R2 and as well as double Bottoms & Tops.
    They are useful for Intra-day trading.
    Thank you.

  3. Hello,

    1) If i made 10 queries and it will be generate alert to automatically right?
    Is there any manual work required for the same?

    2) All the queries will be run sententiously or now? How we can make/mark specific list of the quiry required to run for me only?

    1. No manual work is required once you set your alerts, you will be automatically notified. You can also set a history of all alerts that were sent. On the alerts dashboard, you will be able to manage all your created alerts

  4. Is there any ways we can add any chart pattern identification alerts? like spining top. doji, start doji,
    morobozu, belt hold like that?

    do we have any further plant for adding alert for alert on one indicator to another?
    Say for example i want alert in day chart when RSI 14 crossed EMA of RSI14. so, its alert on one indicator to another indicator.

  5. Hi,
    Do I need to pay INR 780 per month to utilize this feature?
    You are referring to notification credits. How many notification credits do I get INR 780?
    What happens to unused credits at the end of the month?
    Please advise. Thanks.

    1. Yes, alerts are a premium service for 780 INR per month. unused credits expire unless you have purchased additional notification credits which have a validity of 1 year

    1. No, the Alerts are realtime. A alert running at 9:20am would consider the latest data until 9:19:59am. Having alerts run every minute would result in a lot of spam messages over mail/sms hence we’ve kept the minium interval to 5 minutes

      1. I want to subscribe . But 2 questions . 1. Cani I get Pop up Alert and sound alert if conditions are met ? 2. Do I get better charts than what are available …Like I mean if i want to see 10 yrs data for Daily it gets compressed in small window that is provided . Can i get scroll function or zoom in zoom out functions once i subscribe ?

      2. Is it possible to run scan from 9.19/9.24/9.29 etc… so the alert may be received by 9.20/9.25/9.30..i.e. before a new candle formation.
        And if it is possible then will the scanner take the data up to 9.18.59/9.23.59/9.28.59…. ?

        1. The first, run scan from 9.19/9.24/9.29 is possible as these are based on 5 minutes. The second one is based on 4 minutes and we currently don’t have a provision to run alert every 4 minutes

      3. Can I be notified in real time (as it happens)via., Desktop Alerts. I am looking for some sort of notification in real time.

  6. Hi can any one tell me how to set for parameter 1st five minutes high low eg. after 1 hour I want to know price has passed 1st five minutes candle high as well as low. Check for 1st five minutes…Can any one help me or this?

  7. I don’t get a function of condition OR, only AND function available.
    If Than or Else functions availability is an added advantage to build complex functions easy.
    Thank you.

  8. Mr.Akash,
    How can I found simple Trend lines scanner from your s/w ?
    Is it possible to get an alert on only single stock with specific conditions often for all ?

    1. We don’t have a trendline indicator as of now.

      Yes, alerts can be created for a single stock as well, this can be achieved by creating an new watchlist, adding your stock to that, & then creating a scan/alert for the same

  9. In CROSSOVER scanner,if I chooses time range DAILY instead of 5min,1hour real time when I will get the alert. Say for example crossover happened at 12.30pm,what time I will receive the ALERT.

    1. Daily alerts would only be sent after market close, if you want to be notified at 12:30pm, you can run the alert for every 5 minutes, so we’ll notify you instantly

  10. Chartink charting is the best free charting site I have seen in India.Hats off for providing it for free.Would be much better if a percentage chart too is included along with the price chart.Since I look more into scientific theories and statistical theories for price motion rather than economic theories of price action , just wanted to know if alerts can be provided if the velocity of the price(price as a mathematical object) of the stock for specific time lengths deviates from the applied daily volatility. of the stock.Any contact numbers to know more about your product to clarify the asks and subscribe.

  11. akash sir i wants only desktop alert as am on screen during market hour . no need sms or email alert. my scanner shows entry at 5 min interval on 5 min chart having list of all fno stock so it shows many stock as result most of time ……so please suggest me that alert subscription will useful for me or not.

    2) STOCHASTIC RSI (14) – 80 TOUCH, 20 TOUCH
    3)RSI (2) – 90 TOCH, 10 TOUCH

  13. good evening
    if i subscribe and i want to work on your formula or scaner is their any such scaners do you have ?
    if i want only fno item (210) with indices only is it their?

  14. sir, I have seen youtube and the present chartink, it is different, in this I cannot see EOD , analyse and learn etc, which site should I be login. please explain.


  15. Sir, Good Morning. In your live chart futures (i.e., current month SBI, ACC etc) are available or only stock available for live chart.

  16. Dear sir, Is it possible to scan a group likets S&P 500 scripts than scanning whole nse scrips.To populate watchlists any auto loading scrpts as a group or category is available instead of adding manually?However manual function is good for small number of scripts.

    Thanks in

  17. Akash ji,

    I created scanner with sub-filter which i have discovered but issue is not showing proper result, If i select “Passes all” my formula doesn’t work, I selected “Passes any”(working) but Main problem it showing many stocks i have to find out in 65 pages, so i created EMA 9/21 positive then only it showing many stocks…. Please help me..


    (One more request Please add candlestick drag and view option past candles for clear research)

    Thanks a lot..!!!

    Girish(Yearly Premium member client)

      1. I have discovered weekly chart(Name called Fantastic(-5) with different close and open candles, so i have created scan in single formula with different open & close prices.

        My query: If i select “Stock passes ‘any’ of the below filters in cash” my discovered indicator works but it showing many stocks bcz i have selected ‘passes any’ option so i have created sub-filter MACD, EMA (positive signals) then only getting Negative MACD stocks in scan.

        I need your help to solve my question akash ji.

        Created scan in single formula with “sub-filter”
        * Fantastic(-5) Part-I bullish indicator
        * Fantastic(-5) Part-II bullish indicator

        I wish to get stocks only which i have created in scan…!!!

        Thank’s !!!

  18. R/Sir,
    Hi, I just wanna know the following scan in stochrsi (14,14,3,3) :
    1) the green line crossing its red line
    2) the green line crossing above its oversold line (20) and,
    3) the green line crossing above its overbought line (80), whatever we set.


  19. 15 min me candle PE trading hours me jitne stock scanner PE aathe ho, trading hours ke bad scann karne PE USSe jyada stock aate hai yese kyo?

    1. You can calculate the PE by taking the 15 minute latest close and dividing it by the earnings, which will give you the latest PE on a 15 minute timeframe

  20. whether scroll able charts are available for premium subscription also let me know whether zoom in /zoom out facility available because for manual back testing scrolling of chart is necessity.

  21. I want pivot points on 5 minutes base. I want to scan only those shares which have crossed 2nd resistance twice. Is it possible?

    1. In our premium service we provide realtime data updates every minute for our Charts & Scans along with Alerts for any scans over SMS/EMAIL

  22. want to subscribe . but want to get few queries cleared
    1. dont want sms or email alert . want pop up alert and sound alert on my desktop.
    2. if i want to see 10 yrs data Daily format then all data gets compressed and cant get proper picture . Scroll or zoom function available ?
    3. want to know 44 SMA of Nifty on 29 Jan 2018. if i place cursor on 29 Jan candle will i be able to see that days 44SMA or todays 44 sma ?

    1. @1: We currently provide Alerts via SMS & Email only, we’ll be adding desktop notification shortly
      @2: This facility is not current avaliable
      @3: While moving the cursor on Charts, you can place your mouse at the SMA line and view the price of it on the Y-axis, is this what you are looking for?

  23. whether the scan s available when stocks crossed the required parameters because you scan give stocks only after crossed 50% hike

    1. This is possible, it depends on how you have created your scan. Is it created on daily/weekly or Intraday candles? Let me know the link to your scan so that I can check

  24. Hi
    I want to take premium membership.I want to utilise to scan open equals low stocks at 9.17 am.Is it possible to scan stocks at 9.17 am.

  25. Hi, Do you plan to introduce Charts for Options / Futures?? with all current features available on charts..

  26. Dear Sir/Madam, I subscribed the monthly pack. I m having doubt regarding the alerts . I need to get alert till 10 am i.e after 3 , 15 min bars. When I manually scan it, i got 10 am results at 10.03 itself , but on automatic alerts, i m getting it at 10.15 am only So i might be missed the trade . Please reply

    1. You can create a alert at a custom/fixed time, like 10:01am, which will be based on the latest available candles as of 10:00:59am

      1. Thanks sir got it … Excellent service … If you add the back test facility in future, then it will be great .

  27. Dear sir,
    I M a paid users premium services but I still getting trade alerts delayed 5-10 mins. Pls advise

    1. We already contacted over email for your query

      Please note the scan that you are using for your alert:

      Contains supertrend indicator for 10, 3 and 7, 3 parameters along with other filters as well. Whereas the chart you indicated is only referencing a Supertrend crossover(10, 3). All conditions in your scan alert match only at 12:39pm today

  28. BY default, you are running scans for all NSE stocks. But I want to run the scan only for F&O stocks. How can I do it. I am your existing customer

  29. Hello, I want to subscribe the plan…
    I have one query,
    Does Scans which i have saved are runs automatically? And alert set (e.g. on prev high/low price breakout) are sent automatically through sms/email?
    or I need to run scan daily and need to set alerts?

    Thanking you….

  30. Good morning sir
    I am cracking my brain past 24 hrs o did not a idea were to join u
    I have my statergy to be applied
    And join u how to do this
    First thing any contact number of yours

  31. Hi Akash,

    I am really enjoying the services is providing in the free version, but need to put my step on accelerator for reaching my destination.

    Speaking of destination I just want to know that the free version always shows the data in a delay on the 5 mins chart, so once I subscribe to the premium membership will this delay be turned into a real time data and my scanner will show the data I need at the time of a breakout or breakdown when a 5 mins candle is over.

    1. Nice to hear your feedback. Yes, you are correct. Premium members get realtime data for charts & scanner with data updates every minute, also As a premium member you would be able to:

      Create Alerts and receive updates of stock breakouts over sms/email
      View charts in 1/2/3 minute timeframes with auto-refresh
      Run screeners in 1/2/3 minute timeframes with auto-refresh
      Scan any watchlist via the segment dropdown of a scan
      Get Dedicated support for your scanner requirements

  32. Hi Akash,
    I’m your existing customer. Currently all alerts are based on cash price. Are you planning to add alerts based on futures and/or options prices?

  33. For premium users is the real time charts displayed tick by tick! Or do i have to refresh the browser or hit update button to update the real time data as we do now!

    1. We provide realtime data with Charts & Scans auto refreshing every minute. Eg: Running a scan at 9:20am would be based on the latest realtime data as of 9:19:59am.

  34. Alerts will just show up as pop-up message without sound. One cannot keep staring at the computer screen waiting for notification. If sound notification is also provided alerts will be more useful.

  35. I want to create a scan which will run after every minute but the frequency of getting any stock is less than 10 times in a day. So can I create such scan ?

    1. We don’t have this facility as of now, you can set the alert to send duplicate notifications and all stocks’ list would be sent to you throughout the day

  36. Do you have apps which can be downloaded in mobile??
    Also do you provide trend patterns for stocks held by me? Whether to hold or sell.

    1. We don’t have a mobile app as of now, however, our website is mobile friendly and you can view it on any device.

  37. i want to trade on nifty 50/next 50/midcap stocks only
    so, is it possible to create alert for this 150 stocks only
    can i create alerts for nifty 50/next 50/midcap futures?

    thanks in advance

  38. Hi Aakash,

    Can you please Provide atleast 1 day free trial for small timeframe traders. As I just want to check wheather the alterts are on time or has how much delay.

  39. Hello Team,

    This has always been a great portal for quick research and its even better now with real time scans options which I plan to subscribe starting from September.
    Very quick question : Since I have a limited time to trade (2.5hrs in the morning), is there a facility to limit alerts/scans till a certain time, say till noon ?


    1. As a premium member you would be able to:
      Access realtime data for Charts & Scans every minute
      Create Alerts and receive updates of stock breakouts over sms/email/mobile/desktop
      View charts in 1/2/3 minute timeframes with auto-refresh
      Run screeners in 1/2/3 minute timeframes with auto-refresh
      Scan any watchlist via the segment dropdown of a scan
      Get Dedicated support for your scanner requirements

      You can get details/signup our premium service here:

  40. Is there a chance of getting price alert twice that means if I set a alert at a particular price and the alert is triggered and should I set a fresh alert if I want to know again if that particular price is hit again

  41. Hello Sir,
    I’m totally new for this stock market arena. Please explain me simply, If I create break out alert and say if a break out happens at 11:30 am, when will I get alert ? And please explain me which are the other indicators are useful for day trading. (Just tell 2 to 4)

  42. Hi Akash,

    Just want clarifications on below 2 points:
    1. When I can get the hourly alert? For example, for 10.15am candle when I will get a alert? As per your above discussion I can see it will be at 10.20am (as of 10:19:59am). Am I right? Or Can I get the alert at 10.15am (as of 10:14:59). Please correct me and let me know about this.
    2. Suppose I want to create on only 10 FNO stocks, will it be possible? I guess and as per the above conversations, I need to create my watchlist. Corret me on this.

      1. Sure, for the 1 hour alert, you will get it at 10.15am (candle data until of 10:14:59) i.e when the 1 hour candle completes starting at 9:15am. Yes, you can change the segment of the scan from the default of “cash” to F&O, this is at the very first line of the scan

        1. Hi Akash, Have posted a query here, as well as contacted on support, but didn;t get any response.
          I am intrested in premium subscription, but am nit getting any response from your team. Please look into it at the earliest. Thank You!

          1. Did you get a response?

            As a premium member you would be able to:
            Access realtime data for Charts & Scans every minute
            Create Alerts and receive updates of stock breakouts over sms/email/mobile/desktop
            View charts in 1/2/3 minute timeframes with auto-refresh
            Run screeners in 1/2/3 minute timeframes with auto-refresh
            Scan any watchlist via the segment dropdown of a scan
            Get Dedicated support for your scanner requirements

            You can get details/signup our premium service here:

  43. Hi,
    I have taken aletrs subscription. I wanted to creat an alert for list of stocks. For example i have ten stocks and one of them is Infosys. So i want to check every five minutes and provide me an alerts if infosys crosses price of 750. And if we can set such alert, then is there any limit for number of stocks.

    Looking forward for your reply.
    Thank you.

    1. We don’t provide trials as exchange charges high fees for realtime data, also we are dependent on third party services for SMS & Email used in our Alerts. Considering this, we allow full access to our charts & scans for free with delayed data.

  44. Hi,

    I want to setup alert for following conditions of NIFTY all stocks.

    1) How many alerts can be run actively?
    2) How many stocks be included in one alert?
    3) I want to create alert with following conditions- is it possible?
    a) Intraday 1 min timeframe
    b) Supertrend(22,3), ADX(14,14,Y,N), MACD(12,26,9), CCI(14)

    Thank you,

    1. There are no limitations on point 1 & 2. Yes, these scans are possible. We provide dedicated scanner support only to our premium members which allows you send your scan requirements and we create and share the scan with you.

  45. Hi we don’t have open interest scanners in chartink. can u kindly let me know how can be screened only for open interest raise or reduced

    1. We do not have F&O data yet. We have added a segment filter that can be modified in the top-most filter and scan only stocks are that are in the F&O segment. We plan on adding F&O data in near term.

  46. Could u please find a scanner for below conditions.
    1) In a 5 mins candle must be close above super trend (13,4)
    2) price must be above 200 days sma

    Thanks in advance

    1. Yes, this scan is possible. We provide dedicated scanner support only to our premium members which allows you send your scan requirements and we create and share the scan with you.

  47. Hi,
    This is great idea for all traders who have get good benefits and profits. I would like to get email or SMS alerts for trade of the day. Could you please confirm, is it automatically run from server and send the alerts to email or sms without logged-in browser from my system? It would be great, if you provide pre-requisite for this.


  48. is it possible to have an alert / scan for Last traded price LTP = EMA 15 on an hourly chart time frame ? please advise.

    1. When you set it for duplicate alerts, if your scan has triggered the stock at 10am and the stock again matches your scan criteria at 11.10am, it will show that stock again. Under unique notification the stock will not show up in the 11.10am alerts.

  49. Since Indian FO markets are based on Friday to Thursday on a weekly time length and from the day after last Thursday to the following month Thursday on a monthly time length, it would be much appreciated if a chart is structured based on monthly charts and weekly charts based on such day time lengths along with the normal Monday to Friday and month beginning to month end monthly charts.Also would like to know if the time length can be customised. Say for eg if I want a candle to be customized to a 37.5 minute timeframe. Expecing a reply.

  50. Hello: My capital is less and have one position at a time. If I do not want any notification via SMS or E-Mails as I sit in front of the system while I trade. Will there be a reduction in subscription if I do not opt for SMS or E-mails?

  51. Akash, please let me know if only new stocks are sent as an alert for a saved scan. This will help me get only new stocks in notifications that have met my criteria in your recent scan.

  52. I am premium subscriber
    I have made following screener and alerts. But i think results are coming wrong.
    pl. see these screeners and suggest me if i wrong to edit it.
    Name Scan
    Alert for Intraday trend cont SHORT Intraday trend cont SHORT
    Alert for Intraday trend cont LONG Intraday trend cont LONG
    Alert for ST 73 Strong Short GapDown ST 73 Strong Short GapDown
    Alert for ST 73 Strong Long GapUp ST 73 Strong Long GapUp
    Alert for Supertrend 73 Strong Long Supertrend 73 Strong Long
    Alert for Supertrend 73 Strong Short Supertrend 73 Strong Short
    pl check 6 scans and advise me

  53. Akash Sir,
    pl advice me
    I have made following screener and alerts. But i think results are coming wrong. When signal are generated then after long time alerts was popup or SMS.
    pl. see these screeners and suggest me if i wrong to edit it.
    Name Scan
    Alert for Intraday trend cont SHORT Intraday trend cont SHORT
    Alert for Intraday trend cont LONG Intraday trend cont LONG
    Alert for ST 73 Strong Short GapDown ST 73 Strong Short GapDown
    Alert for ST 73 Strong Long GapUp ST 73 Strong Long GapUp
    Alert for Supertrend 73 Strong Long Supertrend 73 Strong Long
    Alert for Supertrend 73 Strong Short Supertrend 73 Strong Short
    pl check 6 scans and advise me


  54. Hello,
    Suppose i set alert for every 15 mins via SMS, & no stock got scanned as per the screener in that time span. Then still i would get a SMS saying, No stock as per scan for last 15 mins or there will not be any SMS for that time span.

    1. Hello,
      In the free version, data is delayed by 5 minutes. Our premium members get realtime data with updates every minute for our Charts & Scans. So if you run a scan at 9:20am for example, it would be based on the latest data until 9:19:59am and so on..

  55. my alert function is not working properly on real time i am facing 1 hour delay.
    26 /3/2019 my 5 min breakout candle of infratel stock breakout 10:5 am but chartink alert give notification me on 11:5 am. no use for me .

    all alert give 30 minute to 1 hour delay . this is my first day using your alert but i disappointed

    pls solve this delay problem

    1. This appears like a scanner timeframe configuration issue, can you please email us the scans for which you are facing this issue so that we can correct it

    1. Hope this helps on back-testing:

      It will show the previous days/ minutes results for your scan without the need for you to modify the scan. Back-testing will not give alerts. It is only to analyze/ view stocks previously triggered by your scans.  If you click on any of the bars on the graph, it will show the list of stocks that triggered as per the scan previously. 

      Back-test data will show data for the lowest candle time frame in your scan. If lowest time frame is 1 minute, it will show results for last 1 minutes. If its on daily candle it will show data for past 6 months. We show results for the past 150 bars  in our backtest section, these 150 candles could be of any timeframe, depending on the lowest timeframe in your scan, so for 5 minutes for example, you would get 2 days, for 1 minute, half a day and so on. 

  56. Hi Team,

    I want to get alert when first 1min candle/5min candle open equal to high.

    Please share me strategy based on this.

  57. I want to make a screener. Will u make it for me. Than i will subscribe it.
    I don’t know how to make and it confuse me to make.
    I want to make Tweezer top bottom screener with Bollinger band and pivots

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