Launching Chartink Atlas

Atlas allows you to view a complete picture of the market on a single screen with auto updates. All dashboards can be customized to show information that you are most interested in, including RSI crossovers, Volume breakouts, Povit points and so on.

Features provided by atlas include:

  • Customize scan result columns, eg: Adding RSI as one of the result columns
  • Create new dashboards with custom scans/charts or tables3
  • Auto updates for premium members
  • Ability to drill down by clicking on the sector/industry or market cap names3
  • Sort scan result tables by any columns, like highest RSI, top % change, volume ..etcWe’ve created a few sample dashboards to help you monitor the markets:

* Intraday Market overview
* Volume Shockers
* Pivot points
* Daily Market overview
* Fundamental overview

Also note that you can drill down further to any of the sectors, marketcaps or indsutry by simply clicking on a bar/pie chart, eg:

We’ll soon be adding tutorials on the steps required to create your own custom scans/charts & tables for more insights on the markets.

Difference in Backtest vs Alerts history

Assuming you have a scan that use’s daily candles and you have a alert as well for this scan that runs every 5 minutes, the results that you see during market hours in the backtest and your alert history, will change, for the current day(as the candle is still being made while the markets are open).

While calculating the backtest results, the daily candles considers values until the current time(when you are viewing the scan), whereas when the alerts are sent, example at 10:05am, the daily candles contained data only until that time, so the results of the backtest graph will change thru the day in such a case. We have already added a note for the same, stating “Backtesting considers values as per completed candles of the timeframes, this may cause the results to change for the latest candle/time as its candle is being built.”

Backtesting considers the daily candles as of the current time, rather than when the alerts were actually run example at 10:05am or 12:50pm, so the results may not match with what you see in the backtest history along with your alerts history due to the above mentioned scenario.

If you want to show the same results in the backtest, you should have similar timeframes as per your alert eg: 5 minutes instead of “latest close” in the scan, this will ensure the backtest runs with the data of the 5 minutes timeframe, which will not change for completed cnadles i.e 9:15am, 9:20am and so on.. so that the backtest can then consider the close of the 5 minutes and plot the rows accordingly.

There’s no way to have this implemented in the backtest as well in the alerts, the reason being, if you view the chart for RSI on a daily timeframe for yesterday’s candle, it show’s the value as of 3:30pm, but actually the RSI on a daily candle at 9:15am for example would differ when compared with the RSI of at 10am or 11am or 3:30pm, but the charts only show yesterday’s RSI considering the daily completed candle i.e as of 3:30pm.

The same is being applicable for “close” or the “ltp” as well, which changes for a daily candle thru the day, so the results of the current completed candle can change, similar to the results that you view in the scanner at different times during the day

We have already added a note implying the same, that the current candle’s results can change(the same is true for any candletsick chart) as well, as the indicator values are as of the latest completed candle time.

Backtesting now available!

Backtest history now available for all scans, view them right below any screener

The backtest history currently show’s the number of stocks filtered per timeframe(day, minute, week..) grouped by its market cap. Click on the individual bars to view the list of stocks filtered on a particular day.

We go back upto 7 months for backtest daily timeframes for every scan. This gives you a instant view of how stocks trended within a particular scan without the need to manually change offset’s within the scan

Filter stocks using 1st/2nd.. or any candle in our scanner

We’ve added the ability to access any candle of the latest trading day or previous days for Intraday timeframes. Useful for scans that require to access indicator values at a given point in time.

Example offset’s to access different candles for a trading day (5 minute chart)

  • [0] 5 minute close -> refers to the latest 5 minute candle
  • [=1] 5 minute close -> refers to the days’ first 5 minute candle
  • [=3] 5 minute close -> refers to the days’ third 5 minute candle
  • [=-1] 5 minute close -> refers to the previous day’s last 5 minute candle
  • [=-75] 5 minute close -> refers to the previous day’s first 5 minute candle, considering a single day has 75, 5 minute candles

If you want to access the first candle on a 5 minute timeframe(9:15-9:19:59am), you can select your required indicator/stock attribute and then change the offset to `=1` as indicated below:

Crossover Support

Days candles also support crossover/below operations. For example, to identify a crossover at the opening candle, we can do “[0] 5 minute Close Crossed above [=1] 5 minute SuperTrend(7,3)”

Example scans


Desktop/Mobile (a.k.a Web) notifications

We are happy to launch Desktop & mobile notifications for Alerts, they allow you to receive alert notifications across multiple devices (mobile/desktop) that has a modern browser installed (eg: Google Chrome/Firefox).

Please follow the below simple steps to enable these notifications:


STEP 1: Visit our site, on your desktop/laptop.

STEP 2.a: You will be prompted with a message as below, click “Allow Alerts” to proceed. If the prompt is not visible, perform the next step.

Alert notification prompt

STEP 2.b: Skip this step if you are able to see the above prompt. If not, search for the “Bell” icon at the bottom right of our site & click on it to “Subscribe” for notifications

STEP 3: Click “Allow” to enable notifications for our site:

STEP 4: Finally, visit Alerts dashboard & verify your active alerts, these notifications are automatically enabled for all your activated alerts

Sample notification

Sit back and relax, we’ll show a pop-up(alert) on your computer screen once we notice new stocks are available in your screener.


STEP 1:  Visit our site, on your mobile device.

STEP 2.a: You will be prompted with a message as below, click “Allow Alerts” to proceed. If the prompt is not visible, perform the next step.

STEP 2.b(optional): Skip this step if you are able to see the above prompt. If not, search for the “Bell” icon at the bottom right of our site & click on it to “Subscribe” for notifications.

STEP 3: Click “Allow” to enable notifications for our site

STEP 4: Visit Alerts dashboard & verify your active alerts, these notifications are automatically enabled for all your activated alerts

If you facing any issues in getting these notifications work, please contact us.


Alerts Guide

Alerts is a premium service on . Alert notifications are sent when stocks are found in the screeners that you specify. They continuously check for new stocks in your scans and can notify you via multiple channels. We support Desktop/Mobile web notifications, SMS & Email. In this guide we’ll go thru the steps required to create & manager alerts

Creating & MANAGING alert

Open any screener for which you’d like to create a alert for and click on the “Create Alert” button(right besides the Run scan). If you still searching for good screeners, we’ll suggest you start with our top loved scans, which contain a good mix of Scans for Intraday/Swing & Short term trading.

Alert settings:

Alerts can run every 1/2/3/5/10/15/20/30/60/120/240 minutes & on daily, weekly or monthly basis. Alerts can also be configured to run at market close & open. Read our FAQ on more details on when alerts are run.

Notification method
  1. Desktop/Mobile a.k.a Web notifications – This method allows you to receive alerts on mobile/desktops’ thru a web browser. These are unlimited & preferred way to receive Alerts. Read our guide on how to enable mobile/desktop notification
  2. SMS & Email – We also provide you with 2000 credits(1000 sms & 1000 email) monthly. These allow you receive alert notifications over sms or email. We recommend you track the notifications for the alerts you have configured for optimal usage of notification credits.
Minimum stocks to alert

At times, you may want to be alerted when the count of stocks that meet your scan conditions is more than 2, 3 or so on.. By default this is set to 0, so you will be alerted even when a single new stock is found in your Scan.


You could continue the alert after the trigger is met or pause it.

Viewing alerts

All alerts created can viewed on the Alerts Dashboard.

Viewing all alerts

Alert Triggers/HISTORY

Triggers indicate when alerts for screeners were triggered & new stocks were filtered in your scan. Alert triggers indicate when notifications were sent  via your email or sms. Clicking any of the alerts on the Alerts Dashboard would take you to the alert triggers page.

Alert triggers

New stocks filtered for a given alert in a day are highlighted and notifications are sent ONLY when a alert finds stocks that were not alerted in its previous run.

Frequently asked questions

Kindly refer our FAQs for alerts here.

Feel free to reach us at for any doubts.