New scans for Shareholding & Net Profit growth

We’ve recently added the ability to scan over 400+ fields including fields from Balance seet, Cash flow, P&L & shareholding pattern. Below are a few scans, dashboards showing usage of these new fields:



We shall continue updating these list based on scan requests from users to find stocks that are fundamentally strong

15 thoughts on “New scans for Shareholding & Net Profit growth”

  1. Thank You very much sir for for adding share holding increase and quarterly growth .
    My request is to add increase in cross block in quarterly result. Thank You very much

    1. Most welcome. Can you please elaborate what you mean by “cross block”? Do you mean gross block? We do have it in our scans for yearly time frame. Shall get with the team on quarterly time frame request.

  2. To use nifty as filter
    Why not to use Nifty as indicator
    (This is useful to enter the market on the conditions of Nifty)
    say suppose if Nifty is above EMA of 13 I would like to go long in the market vice versa.
    Also Using the scan results of one scan as feed to the other scan is also much awaited.

    1. Sure, shall get with the team on your request. We can save results of a scan into a watchlist in Atlas dashboards and have the watchlist run on another widget/ scan. For watchlist to update during market hours, you will need to keep the Atlas dashboard page open. Currently alerts are not sent out of Altas dashboards. We do plan on adding this feature soon.

  3. Hi Chartink Team,
    I am a paid customer for you and I have a concern.
    Right now for alert and triggers I am using ifttt with telegram. So I get real time data. However my concern is what will happen if ifttt goes for free to paid? Right now it allows only 3 applet to be free.

    Does Chartink team has another plan to integrate alert to some different third-party service? or Do you have any other plan so that your subscribers should not be dependent on only one application?

    I believe chartink must have a plan and if not then there has to be one.

  4. I am a paid subscriber for few years now.
    Chartink has developed a lot and added many new features over time.
    I congratulate the chartink team for this .
    The market scenario changes every few months and there is ever increasing demand from the end users, hence I request the chartink team to be more pro active.
    Few of the future demand will be algo trading, integrating with brokers terminal, shooting orders directly from the scan results etc.
    I request chartink to work on these fields. Thanks

  5. hi chartink.
    this is my second paid month. as i am new to chart ink
    can you please suggest any scanner to gain some profits??

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