Atlas dashboards now support 12 column layout

We have increased the visiblity in our custom dashboards, we now support 12 column layout(from 6 earlier), allowing more widgets(charts,tables) to be viewed on the screen.

Sample dashboard (market matrix):


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  1. Akash, Can you share link / manual to track a stock/ indices (future) on various parameters like RSI, MACD, AD etc in one screen in various graphs. I have taken membership, but not effectively able to the site.

    1. Sure, you need a dashboard display RSI values, MACD values in a table to view the same? If so, yes, this is possible. Please do email us so that we can send you the private link to your dashboard.

  2. Hello Aakash,
    Thanks for your team’s great effort, Can you help me to figureout how we can frame the application/json as you have described in your blog?

    I have successfuly done telegram hook using ifttt, but if I want to customize the trigger data, how can I do that?
    I tried something like this, not sure if it’s right approach.
    curl -X POST -H “Content-Type: application/json” -d ‘{“stocks”:new symbols,”trigger_prices”:,”triggered_at”:,”scan_name”:}’

    1. Hey, thanks for your kind comments. Its not possible to customize the data or the keys, they remain fixed to the ifttt format, which expects a maxmium of 3 values to be sent for the POST

  3. Hello,

    I am not a member yet. If I create a dashboard using my scans, I understand that anyone can view the dashboard if i provide the link to them.
    But can they also see the underlying scans that have been used to create the widgets/dashboards ?

    Secondly, can I use my existing scans when i start building a dashboard ? I see templates but that does not show the list of scans i have created under my login.


    1. Just figured out that the end user can ‘View Query’ if they have the link. Cool !!!

      Next logical question. If I become a paid member, create a dashboard, make it private and then give the link to someone, can they see the underlying filter and query even in this case ?

      Thanks !

        1. And there is no way we can only hide the underlying scan for a dashboard ? I am ok with anyone checking the results but the logic should be secure.

          Do consider this as a feature if it adds value to the product.

          Thanks !

  4. Hello i have taken premium today but from the morning itself i am getting late alerts in all my 4-5 scans.And alert is coming after 8-10 minutes on every platform (web alert, sms,email ).And for intraday getting alerts after so long doesn’t make any sense.kindly see to the problem.Kindly help me out

    1. Hello,
      Alerts are sent out immediately once a stock matches the scan criteria. Can you please share the url to the scan along with an example so we can review the same and respond.

  5. I want to understand when a stock in future reaches Gann 45 degree then an alert should be raised, what is the scanner for this and can this be plotted on the chart

  6. Hello Team,

    For something like week on week sector analysis, can we have two bars for a sector in the same Bar chart ? One below the other.
    Then two for the next sector.
    I tried adding another column but that did not reflect on the chart. Maybe I am doing something wrong.


  7. Dashboard is not able to read and use watchlist to get feedback on. Earlier it use to do it and we were able to raise queries on it. now its stopped any particular reason for stopping it.

  8. great tool indeed specially with back test facility you can actually see which all stock had qualified that criteria.
    i have a doubt if want a condition that nifty 1day value should greater than1 week how i add these criteria

  9. Hello team how can I add sector like sugar chemical in sectors group
    For sectorwise performance list

  10. Please add a function so we can deduce something and put a short comment in column.
    Ex. suppose we can deduce whether its doji or shooting star or marabozu and can put the result as a text.
    so, the columns will look like “Doji”,”Shooting star”, marabozu” etc.

  11. Hi

    Can you please indicate how to add a column to the BACK TEST results? For example if I need market information for each stock in the back test results how can i achieve the same?

    Br, Sudheendra

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