Alerts for scans on Telegram/Slack using

Webhooks can now be used to send our alerts over telegram/slack channels, the below 2 video guides you thru the process for Telegram. The process for Slack too would remain the same.

  • Video 1 takes you thru the process of creating a service on that listen’s to webhook hook events and then sends a messsage to telgram. Note, you’ll need to connect your telegram channel and follow the steps mentioned over the telegram channel while you are setting this up(you can do so on the mobile since you already might be having the telegram app installed and might be faster to perform this step on the mobile)
  • Video 2 takes you thru the process to test the webhook & note if the telegram is being triggered. At the end of the 1st video, you’ll notice I click on the “Documentation” on the top right croner, that’s the page that would provide us the detail for the webhook url to test against & is used in the 2nd video.

This should be a good starting point for using for other services as well(including slack, telegram), please let us know if you get stuck anywhere

6 thoughts on “Alerts for scans on Telegram/Slack using”

    1. Hello, could you please email us? That ways we can pull up the alert that’s being used for this for your account & investigate further on this

  1. Dear Sir/Madam, I am watching your free scanners.
    There is one more free site for free scanners/screeners :
    They mention the price like levels of MA, price crossing, etc.
    If you can do the same, it will be helpful for paid & free clients.
    Example : I am watching screener/volume-spurt-205.
    But it is difficult to know at which price the alert occured.
    I hope you will the needful at the earliest.

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