Alerts for scans on Telegram/Slack using

Webhooks can now be used to send our alerts over telegram/slack channels, the below 2 video guides you thru the process for Telegram. The process for Slack too would remain the same.

  • Video 1 takes you thru the process of creating a service on that listen’s to webhook hook events and then sends a messsage to telgram. Note, you’ll need to connect your telegram channel and follow the steps mentioned over the telegram channel while you are setting this up(you can do so on the mobile since you already might be having the telegram app installed and might be faster to perform this step on the mobile)
  • Video 2 takes you thru the process to test the webhook & note if the telegram is being triggered. At the end of the 1st video, you’ll notice I click on the “Documentation” on the top right croner, that’s the page that would provide us the detail for the webhook url to test against & is used in the 2nd video.

This should be a good starting point for using for other services as well(including slack, telegram), please let us know if you get stuck anywhere

44 thoughts on “Alerts for scans on Telegram/Slack using”

    1. Hello, could you please email us? That ways we can pull up the alert that’s being used for this for your account & investigate further on this

    2. I am not able to connect to telegram using a chrome browser on windows 10 desktop.
      Please help

    3. How do you land on the api screen ?(ref. second video of your video) I cannot find it. Maybe they changed their interface… Kindly help

  1. Dear Sir/Madam, I am watching your free scanners.
    There is one more free site for free scanners/screeners :
    They mention the price like levels of MA, price crossing, etc.
    If you can do the same, it will be helpful for paid & free clients.
    Example : I am watching screener/volume-spurt-205.
    But it is difficult to know at which price the alert occured.
    I hope you will the needful at the earliest.

  2. Hi ,
    By default, the Alert sends the ScannerName, StockSymbol and price as value 1, 2 and 3 respectively to link. Is this customizable ? Can I change this to some specific value i wish to send ?

    Secondly, can we increase the number of line items in the “All alert triggers for latest trading session”. It is currently at 20 line items per page.

    Thanks !

    1. Currently its not possible to change this. As we’re limited by a maxmium of 3 keys to IFTTT. I’ve taken a note of the 2nd request & we’ll have a provision/option to help you increase the same.

      1. Thank you Akash !

        So i am assuming that even these 3 variables are fixed for now and cannot be overwritten by the user. I tried using query string parameters in the URL to ifttt but that too did not work. So it is ok. I will find a workaround.

        Also, if you are open to some suggestions, I have few based on my usage so far.
        1. In the ‘Triggers for a Scan’ page, you have done a great job of marking the new stocks in bold. Also, the search feature is great. But as an alternate to the search feature, if you can also add a feature where on ‘mouse-over’ on a certain stock ( that appears in multiple rows), highlights the multiple rows where that stock appears in someway, it would be a great addition.
        2. Reg. dashboard: If a dashboard is private, there should be a choice if you can make it available to others. But at the same time, the “View Query” on the widgets should be hidden. So I can then share the results with others without exposing the underlying logic.

        Apologies of the long post. i must admit that Chartink is one product where I did not have to think twice before taking the subscription.

        All the best to you and the team !


  3. Hello Akash, Team

    Is there a suggested approach or an integration with any back-testing tool that can provide the results for the stocks that come in a particular alert ?

    So if we provide the output of the alert to that system, time and price, it tells us if the target or SL was hit first post the trigger.


  4. Team,

    Facing a little issue. The All Alerts page keeps refreshing automatically .

    I understand that is required for new alerts to be shown, but this constant refresh makes it difficult to analyse results. You search for a stock and by the time you start looking at the time it came first, the page refreshes.

    Maybe the refresh frequency can be reduced post market hours or something else can be done.

    Thanks !

  5. Sorry for bugging with feature requests. Please ignore if you do not find it useful.

    Just like you have the “View all alert triggers for today” option, there should be an option to “View All Historical Alerts” option.

    Scenario : While analysis, I saw a stock in ‘alert_1’ two days back. And i wish to know if the same stock appeared in any other alert during a date range. Ideally, in the new option, I should be able to see all instances when this stock appeared in any of my alerts.

    Would be useful for past analysis.


  6. Hello i have taken premium today but from the morning itself i am getting late alerts in all my 4-5 scans.And alert is coming after 8-10 minutes on every platform (web alert, sms,email ).And for intraday getting alerts after so long doesn’t make any sense.kindly see to the problem.Kindly help me out

    1. You can try going to the Webhooks section in IFTTT. Then in the top right you see documentation. You will find the key there.

      If I understood your question correctly.

  7. Hi I have setup webhook Alerts in Slack through iftt but I am not getting content of alerts.
    Only receiving that alert has trigger on Maker web service.

    “The event named “alertupdate” occurred on the Maker Webhooks service”

    What mistake I am doing here?

  8. Hi Akash
    Am unable to connect the ChartInk alerts to Telegram. Can you please help.

    I have tried all the steps given in the above link but been unsuccessful.


  9. Hi Chartink Team,
    I am a paid customer for you and I have a concern.
    Right now for alert and triggers I am using ifttt with telegram. So I get real time data. However my concern is what will happen if ifttt goes for free to paid? Right now it allows only 3 applet to be free.

    Does Chartink team has another plan to integrate alert to some different third-party service? or Do you have any other plan so that your subscribers should not be dependent on only one application?

    I believe chartink must have a plan and if not then there has to be one.

  10. Hi,
    The IFFT page has changed. Can you update your video,

    Not sure where to find the key to update the webhook.

    Or you can reply here.

  11. hi i am looking for the way to get alerts on discord, i copied discord webhook url and pasted to alerts but not receiving any alerts on discord server

  12. Dear Support team,

    I have followed all steps mentioned in the youtube tutorial videos .I am getting alert to telegram but not getting the stock name which triggered the alert. Please help with issue.

    1. Hello,

      Thank you for reaching out. Please note, we provide support only via email, as it makes it simpler for us to understand your requirements & have them documented; hence I suggest you please try to share your requirements/queries here and we would be happy to help you.

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