Example scans

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Simple scans

  1. RSI Overbought
  2. RSI Oversold
  3. RSI Overbought OR Oversold
  4. Williams %R Overbought OR Oversold scan
  5. Gapup / Gapdown 
  6. 52-week high/low
  7. Bullish/Bearish MACD Signal Cross
  8. Bearish “Death Cross” scan
  9. Bullish “Golden Cross” scan
  10. Stocks in uptrend

Advanced scans

  1. Stocks rising with increase in volume
  2. Stocks falling with increase in volume
  3. Stocks with rising/falling prices and increase in volume(above 2 combined into a single scan)
  4. Doji Patterns scan


117 thoughts on “Example scans”

  1. Can you please help to apply filter for William %r where the william %R values cross above 20/30/40
    I tried but its not giving any results at the end.

    Thanks in advance for such a wonderful feature to be added into this site.

    1. Sure, i’ll be adding a video for that shortly. In the meantime, ensure the values you enter to compare are negative, -20/-30/-40 as Williams %R ranges from 0 to -100

    2. Can you provide scan filters for point & figure chart i.e. when x becomes o and when o becomes x with points and percentage for each box as in stockcharts.com? Kindly reply.


        1. Hello sir,

          I am looking for scanner which give sudden rise in volume buying in last 15 minute closing the market and can result gap up opening as BTST.

    3. Can you please let me know how to run scan for 5 day 15 minutes chart where simple moving average for 10 days and 3o day exponentially moving average cross each other.

      1. Sure, below is the scan:

        As a premium member you would be able to:
        Access realtime data for Charts & Scans every minute
        Create Alerts and receive updates of stock breakouts over sms/email/mobile/desktop
        View charts in 1/2/3 minute timeframes with auto-refresh
        Run screeners in 1/2/3 minute timeframes with auto-refresh
        Scan any watchlist via the segment dropdown of a scan
        Get Dedicated support for your scanner requirements

        You can get details/signup our premium service here: https://chartink.com/subscription

      2. Dear Sir,
        Thank you very much for your prompt reply.

        I have created watch list and would like to copy your scan but unable to do that. can you
        please guide me, how to copy and save your scan in my watch list.


  3. Hi,

    Can you MACD Histogram ascending/descending OR RSI ascending/descending etc.

    I meen ascending/descending parameter should be there.

  4. Hi, I understand that we can scan only daily data.

    1. Does the scan take place on EOD data or on live daily data?
    2. Is there any plan to add intra-day data to the scanner?
    3. Are we going to get the full stack of indicators in the scanner drop down in the near future. If yes, what is the ETA?

    for example if I need Rsi below 30 in Monthly chart, is there any provision for that

  6. Please add weekly as well as monthly

    and if possible do for live day scanner (means our yellow background candle )

  7. hi akash…it’s wonderful job you did….thanks …

    how can search morning star patter by using our scanner…please tell me

  8. Hi… Great work… Please add scanning on weekly and monthly time frame also…. Eg weekly/monthly macd breakouts… Weekly/monthly EMA crossovers etc.
    Thanks in advance

  9. Hi .. just noticed one thing .. that daily charts are missing data for some days in between. Is it for some purpose ?

  10. Hi – Looks you have put a lot of efforts in making these indicators.. Absolutely remarkable.. hats off sir.

  11. How to create a scan that finds a cross over (above) of 260 EMA[daily or weekly] to 1300 EMA[daily or weekly] in the last 6 months ?

    I have tried creating the scans but cannot put the “in last n months” condition anywhere?

    1. The screeners currently run only as of a given date(latest/1 day ago), we’ll soon be adding the ability to backtest your screening strategies that shall allow you search/filter breakouts in the past 6 months

      1. It has been more than 1 year now. Are you still working on backtesting feature? That is what is stopping me from getting paid membership.

  12. Dear,

    In super trend there is an option for Buy opportunity signal shown, but today it was not shown, kindly help to know about the option or upload all the supertrend related scanner.

      1. my second formula i can add stock trading above 5 day sma and 5 day sma above 20 day and volume average between 2 and 20 trading days stock coiled near 5 ,10, 20 day sma

        also first formula i can add 4 % maximum breakout
        but ROC i cant add ,
        if it is necessary you can modify but should keep remain my formula

  13. Hi Akash,
    This site is the best screener in India. And now it has intraday which is
    You guys are doing a great job.

    Do you have any plans to add fundamentals screens too ?…

  14. Hi, Need a facility to add/delete new columns in the scan list apart from the default ones.is that possible.eg : i want to see cci as well besides the stock names in scan list

  15. Hi Akash,

    1. For 15 minute candle, MACD and ADX(14) is not calculating correctly for some stocks.

    Example: Today 06-Oct-2017, for stock NAGREEKEXP. MACD signal

    Example: Today 06-Oct-2017, for stock NELCAST.

    [0] 15 minuteADX DI Negative(14)Greater than equal to[0] 15 minuteADX(14) failed, actually it is ADX(14) > ADX DI Negative

    2. Is it possible to add ROC (Rate of change 5,9) ?


    1. Adding further comment on MACD as it was not published in earlier comment:

      Example: Today 06-Oct-2017, for stock NAGREEKEXP.
      [0] 15 minuteMacd Line(26,12,9)Greater than equal to[0] 15 minuteMacd Signal(26,12,9) failed.

      In fact MACD is less than Signal for this stock. Please check and fix it.

        1. The low from 11:30-11:44 (15 minutes candles), is 70 is from the NSE data, we get the Feed directly from them. Also, there’s a lag of 15 minutes on our charts & scanner for the data, I’m unsure if you’ve considered that as well here.

  16. i want a stock which increase more then 1 % but not more then 3% of previous close. how to program it? please advice.

      1. Hi Akash ji

        Ok. Thanks for the update!

        My observation is that the colours of the Moving Average and the Moving avg 1 line is almost same. It would be great if you change the colour of one of them. I hope that can be done without too much coding efforts.

  17. Hi Akash,
    Great work !!!
    Great thank you very much for this amazing site.

    Can you please help with the commodity as well?

  18. looking for a chart ink for the below listed items

    scrips which are around their 52W high (Within 0-20% of their last 52W high)
    PB should be < 2 or around 2
    PE shoud be lower than industry pe (Ideally < 50% of industry PE)
    Last one year (4Qtr) average SQG should be around 20% or more
    Is there a filter by sector
    PricePerformance 10+% and DayVolumeVs2WeekAvgVolume
    Turn over

  19. Akash Sir,
    I want to scan for the stocks, whose SMA are in the tight range and nearer to each other.
    10 SMA, 20 SMA and 50 SMA.
    Can you help to get such scanner ?

  20. Greetings! Kindly clarify… If I am watching a stock and want to add it to my watchlist… do I need to enter it manually again? Also is there a provision where I can scroll down on watchlist and view the latest updated charts automatically rather than again click individually?

  21. sir i want to create a filter which is find the stock bitween range of 97-100, 197-200,297-300 & 397-400, can this is possible. please guide.

  22. Sir,
    Is the below scan possible? If yes, How?
    1) Today’s candle bullish
    2) today’s close greater than open of last bearish candle (may or may not be the previous candle)

    Similarly for weekly and monthly candles

    1. Currently we do not provide with buy/ sell signals. We provide with scans and alerts. Please share your scan requirement and if possible, we shall confirm the same. You will get instant alerts whenever a stock matches your criteria.

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