Fundamental filters now avaliable!

Scans can now be created using a mix of Fundamental & Technical indicators. Fundamental parameters in scan can be validated against our fundamental page.

Example fundamental scans can be found here. We have the following list of fundamental indicators as of now:

Results for Consolidated figures in Rs. Cr.

    1. Face Value
    2. Reserves
    3. Dividend
    4. Book Value
    5. Yearly PE Ratio
    6. Yearly PC Ratio
    7. Sales Turnover[yearly]
    8. Net Profit[yearly]
    9. Net Profit Variance[yr]
    10. Net Profit[quarter]
    11. Net Profit Variance[qr]
    12. Earning Per Share[EPS]
    13. Prev Year EPS
    14. Cash Per Share[yr]
    15. Cash Per Share[qr]
    16. Cash per share[mt]
    17. Net Sales[quarter]
    18. Price to Book Value
    19. Networth
    20. BSE Value in lakhs
    21. NSE Value in lakhs
    22. Market Cap
    23. Operating profit margin[yr]
    24. Operating profit margin[qr]
    25. Gross profit margin
    26. Gross Block
    27. Total Loans
    28. Advance Given By Bank
    29. Net non performing assets
    30. TTM – Trailing 12 months Sales
    31. TTM – Trailing 12 months Operating Profit
    32. TTM – Trailing 12 months Operating Profit margin
    33. TTM – Trailing 12 months Gross profit
    34. TTM – Trailing 12 months Gross profit margin
    35. TTM – Trailing 12 months Net profit
    36. TTM – Trailing 12 months Net profit Variance
    37. TTM – Trailing 12 months EPS
    38. TTM – Trailing 12 months PE
    39. TTM – Trailing 12 months CPS
    40. TTM – Trailing 12 months Depreciation
Fundamental parameters can be added on create scan page after clicking the filter icon

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29 thoughts on “Fundamental filters now avaliable!”

  1. Hi,
    In Fundamental scanner, I would like to filter

    stocks Latest Net Profit[quarter] Greater than 1 quarter ago Net Profit[quarter] + 2 quarter ago Net Profit[quarter] + 3 quarter ago Net Profit[quarter]

  2. If possible, introduce option scan with strategies. This will require higher database but it will improve site visits.
    There are many scans which is still not possible in this since the program does not allow combination of two filters to simultaneously work for example, if one wants to know the stocks whose RSI is between 70 to 80 but Day before it was between 60 to 70 and the stock is also nearing its day’s high. It’s not possible to write such complicated but advanced scan. So please introduce such programs.

  3. Hi Akash,

    It would be great if you also introduce some industry data too. For ex : Company PE less than Industry PE

  4. I guess it’s not the perfect place to ask but are there any plans for a Chartink app on Android? Please do make it as that would be way more handy and fast

  5. thanks for making this excellent tool for us i want to know how we can filter book value > CMP bcoz CMP option is not avaiable in the filter list
    thanks once again

  6. Sir, I m thankful for this excellent site, Please assist me Which filter should I use to find fundamental strong multibagger stocks, which are in sideways since long time and strong potential to move up in near future?

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