Filter stocks using 1st/2nd.. or any candle in our scanner

We’ve added the ability to access any candle of the latest trading day or previous days for Intraday timeframes. Useful for scans that require to access indicator values at a given point in time.

Example offset’s to access different candles for a trading day (5 minute chart)

  • [0] 5 minute close -> refers to the latest 5 minute candle
  • [=1] 5 minute close -> refers to the days’ first 5 minute candle
  • [=3] 5 minute close -> refers to the days’ third 5 minute candle
  • [=-1] 5 minute close -> refers to the previous day’s last 5 minute candle
  • [=-75] 5 minute close -> refers to the previous day’s first 5 minute candle, considering a single day has 75, 5 minute candles

If you want to access the first candle on a 5 minute timeframe(9:15-9:19:59am), you can select your required indicator/stock attribute and then change the offset to `=1` as indicated below:

Crossover Support

Days candles also support crossover/below operations. For example, to identify a crossover at the opening candle, we can do “[0] 5 minute Close Crossed above [=1] 5 minute SuperTrend(7,3)”

Example scans


61 thoughts on “Filter stocks using 1st/2nd.. or any candle in our scanner”

  1. This is very good. Please also add functionality to select a range like if I want if any condition happened during whole day so I can give day’s first bar to last bar in the scan.

      1. Mr. Akash,

        Would you please tell how to scan the criteria like below:
        “When closing value of candle goes below the crossing value of either previous 2 or 3 or 4 or candle but simultaneously RSI(14) value goes above the value of that specific candle”

        For example, in 30 min time frame 4th candle of the day closes below the value of 1st candle stick close value. Simultaneously RSI value of 4th candle would be more than that of 1st candle RSI value.
        It is just detection of divergence in RSI for any time frames. Please let me know how to scan such criteria please

  2. chakkass,,,,,very very use full. earlier i have to change the candle number as pass the every candle of time ..thank uuuuuuu

  3. Great. Keep it up. I need stochastic momentum index indicator. Till now I didn’t earn profit for last 4 months. If you add stochastic momentum index, I will be grateful to Chartink. Tku

  4. Hi Team,

    Can you please add Gann number option in scanner.

    Secondly you can ask how many upside and downside Gann level should be on chart.


  5. This feature is amazing Chartink team. You have out done yourself this time.

    Glad to be user of this amazing tool.

  6. sir,
    i excess your chart daily the additional feature are you giving free or chargeable your charting system is good & do inform about more indicator for educational purpose if you can display nifty put call chart it will be great. thank you

  7. Not able to understand this feature correctly, kindly give this with an example of a scanner scrip please.

  8. what a great work. amazing that my requirement was seriously considered and implemented in no time. iam very thankful for your wonderful service

  9. Hi,
    Is it possible to code 1/2/3..n day ago 1/2/3/..nth (15min)candle so that i could easily back test my strategies??

  10. good work sir , i m new here plz can u share any link how to use sub filter and other function i m unable to use it and plz add one more important feature in chart wneh we work on chart with drawing but when we open next time it removes all drawing not show r support and resistance make chart easy like amibroker charting plz sir thanks

  11. Hello, Chartink system is class apart. If you could include subscription based backtesting feature then we could test our strategies also.

  12. sir how can i refer a candle before today’s 1st candle, your days 1st candle has improves stock screening for intraday very much for me,

  13. Hi,
    Chartink is one of the best charting available now.

    Can you please explore the possibility of chart movement for any time frame with the help of mouse (like

    Thanks and Regards,

  14. Hi there,

    Can we apply this functionality on historical data i.e. first candle of previous 2 days?

    When I was playing around this, I saw that it’s possible but when I tried next time, it’s not allowing me.

    Any updates on this are highly appreciated!

    Thank you!

    Best regards,

  15. Hi i want to create an alert when the 16th 1 min candle crosses above the high of the 1st 15 min candle. I tried for many 1 min candles ( from 16 to 31). but the query is not throwing up any stocks. Could you please advise.

    Many thanks

  16. me analyst h.aving. 66% accuracy ….i regularly your charts since few years it works. well unders.table g.ives. clear picture of mkt plz update me on 9819140743 or 9819134791 g.ood

  17. Akash ji,

    Please add Quarterly & Yearly chart in chartink website, it will help to investors.
    No update bse & x, xt group stocks in scan.

    Thank you

  18. Are planning to add feature to customize the columns of exported report. For e.g i want to add previous day close in my exported report.

  19. I need to understand chart for making trades as I trade online and take position and losing huge money please help me my number is 9810935042 please call me or give your mobile number at my email id I will call you

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