32 thoughts on “VWAP – Volume weighted average price is now available in our scans”

  1. akash sir thanks for adding vwap indicator in screener. please vwap also add in chart . one thing remain is rsi crossover to rsi avg. please add this indicator soon in screener. me and my friends waiting for that changes as we want to subscribe premium services . good work sir. god bless you and your entire chartink.com team.

  2. Akash ji,

    Please it’s request to chartink team, Add Candlestick drag and view past candles for better study purpose, it’s highly need for everyone, And if we select ‘1’ minute chart, chart shows small candlestick And waiting for BSE & X group stocks for in scanner..

    Thank you sir..!!!

  3. Hi
    Pls check if vwap is providing correct output it seems that it’s showing the wrong output. If vwap scanner is working well I would be interested in premium membership

  4. Hi
    Same here as requested by other members.does premium membership include plotting of wvap on charts it self …if yes then I would be interested in taking it . Thank you ..

  5. hi Chartink team ,
    I had asked same query last time .I have taken premium membership .as I am intraday trader, so I need plotting of vwap on my intraday chart .it will be really helpful for me .
    Archana .

  6. Hi Akash,
    Is it possible to create a screener where the latest volume ( 1 min or 3 min or 5 min ) will be greater than average of the previous volume of n candles ( 1 min or 3 min or 5 min ).

    1. Yes, these scans as possible. We provide dedicated scanner support only to our premium members which allows you send your scan requirements and we create and share the scan with you.

    1. It is possible to plot pivot points using the formula. Below are few example scans for the same:

      Yes, these scans as possible. We provide dedicated scanner support only to our premium members which allows you send your scan requirements and we create and share the scan with you.

  7. Hi Akash,
    I am unable to get Bank Nifty in drop down. please suggest how to get Bank Nifty and other Indices.


    1. You may choose indices from the drop down menu to run scans on indices only. Currently we do not have the feature to select only banking stocks to run the scan on. If you need only a few bank stocks where you need to run a scan on, you may create a watchlist for the same and run the scan against the watchlist

  8. can i screen by ignoring first candle of day and scan rest of day candle is like price is above 15 min close?

  9. on screener chart need guidance for;
    1. For VWAP indicator with MACD, RSI, 20MA, 10MA& 50MA
    2. How can change colors of Indicator lines, Candles ( Dark& White TO Red&Green)

  10. Hi am Vinayak

    Is ther any possible to trade directly to our broker account to chartink software.could you please implement this feature .it will help so many people and also increases the using of chartink software

    1. Hello,
      We do have Webhooks for API that you can use to trigger events in your own system, https://chartink.com/articles/alerts/webhook-support-for-alerts/

      Note on automating trades with webhooks, requires some programming logic so that you can incoporate our webhooks within your application which is alreadying using API’s from the stockbrokers to place orders. Your system/application must be deployed on the internet and reachable by a domain or a IP address, this requires your application to support the ability to receive incoming POST request’s so that we can send our JSON data for the alert

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