Square & Square root function added

Square & Square root functions are now avaliable for Gann screeners

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4 thoughts on “Square & Square root function added”

  1. Please add some examples for this function and how to add the AND or OR operator for this scanner

    1. Hello,

      Thank you for your comment. Below are example scans for AND & OR operation; please review –
      AND – https://chartink.com/screener/green-candle-above-sma200-with-rsi-greater-than-60
      OR – https://chartink.com/screener/green-candle-or-close-sma200-or-rsi-60

      We have used stock “passes any” in the above OR operation, so results will show you as green candle OR close above SMA200 OR RSI > 60; I hope this helps you understand.

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