Supertrend indicator updates

Supertrend indicator is now available in our Charts & Screener. It can be added for daily, weekly & monthly ranges and accepts 2 parameters as below:

  1. Period – Period used for ATR calculation, default: 7
  2. Multiplier – Co-efficient used in calculation, default: 3

Refer the below images on how to add them to your studies.

  1. Charts

  2. Scanner

Screeners for Supertrend

Hoping this additional further helps you to filter & find breakout stocks.

32 thoughts on “Supertrend indicator updates”

    1. I request for super trend and the same has been add with in 10 days by chart ink team…Thax for fast responding an providing great support

  1. A request placed in 2013 has come true in 2017.Good Job team.Please add more parameters like 10 1 10 2 10 3 7 1 7 2 7 3 for super trend in screener.

  2. Hi,

    Please introduce Triple Exponential Moving Average (TEMA) for scanning/screening in addition to Exponential Moving Average (EMA). Thank you,



  3. I request for super trend and the same has been add with in 10 days by chart ink team…Thax for fast responding an providing great support

  4. Thanks Chartlink for the wonderful job. Really appreciate the initiative. Is it possible to find out an moving average which has remained steady (may be within a range of 2%) like a straight line say for 5/7/10 days?
    Best Regards
    Bharat Thakkar

    1. As of now, you would need to add multiple conditions for all the moving averages with different offsets, 5/7 to get your desired results

  5. I really appreciate the logical break-up of the technical parameters
    & making it so flexible & comprehensive to include so many parameters & sub-parameters.
    Very nice indeed.
    Thank you sir,
    K C Arvind

    1. seeing the comments now, you can instead of limiting it to
      technical parameters screening expand to add fundamental
      & ratio calculations too….basically increasing its scope. But
      its worth it, since there arent many good and comprehensive
      screeners like one of DSJ. All the best.
      K C ARvind

  6. Dear Admin,
    i am finding difficulties in filtering, i am looking my filter like this 20 SMA 5% >= 50 SMA , 50 SMA >= 100 SMA

    1. I am referring to the scanner for intraday/Daily/Weekly in which Supertrend is not working for more than 100 period e.g Supertrend(101,3) or Suptertrend(110,3) .
      Kindly check on it.

  7. I am regular user of, and I loved these filters. One query i have regarding Supertrend.
    If I want to scan stocks whose “Hourly (60 mins) supertrend turned positive”.
    Supertrend either show positive or negative, so I want to apply this logic.

    Query should be:
    Weekly Supertrend (7,3) = Positive
    Hourly SuperTrend (10,3) – Cross Above (Turn to Positive).

    Is there any way???

  8. Dear Sir,

    Kindly let me know how can I calculate Super Trend manually. I am getting difference in calculation by Upstox & Chartink.


    Kaushik Sangoi

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