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RSI Bullish divergence daily/hourly
Intraday Mean Reversion

This scanner is used for API (Do Not Delete)

Copy - Copy - RAISON FAST Buy sRSI 7
MACD RSI Bullish crossover

Macd Signal line crossovers with rsi

kaushal - Gapup EMA MACD RSI
modified orb sell setup version 1 part2 start with 32 after 12 pm
OM Stock Screener RSI

70+30 G■L

Bearish RSI Divergence

RSI increasing but Price is not increasing. Most Bearish Sine

kaushal - 5 min breakout with incremental adx, RSI>60, CCI>80

5 min breakout with incremental adx, RSI>60, CCI>80

Powerful Intraday buy rsi 55

Intraday rsi

(bearish bb & rsi)15mi
RSI5 & WMA5 Positional Trick

Summary of Srikanth Sir's magic touch on Santu Baba's Positional Strategy on Daily Candlesticks: 1. First, change RSI settings from 14 to 5 & add WMA(5) to the chart 2. then wait for RSI(5) drop to below 20 3. then look for RSI(5) to cross-above 20 also wait for daily candle to "CLOSE" above WMA(5) 4. Draw support and resistance lines: price must bounce off support line or cross-above the resistance lines for higher accuracy 5. Previous Candle Low is Stoploss 6. Profits 5% - 10% 7. Accuracy levels 90+% Additions: 1. Add EMA(8) & EMA(34) 2. First, check if EMA(34) > EMA(8) > WMA(5) 3. After Entry, if Price touches EMA(8), then 95% of the time, the price will also touch EMA(34) So Targets & TSL: 1. Tgt 1: 5 -10% - SL: Prev Candle Low 2. Tgt 2: EMA(8) - SL2: WMA(5) 3. Tgt 3: EMA(34) - SL3: EMA(8) Recommendations: 1. The strategy is recommended more for Long than Short. 2. Min Open Price > 100 3. Min Daily Volume > 1,00,000

Rsi bullish divergence

Rsi greater than previous close