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Bearish RSI Divergence

RSI increasing but Price is not increasing. Most Bearish Sine

kaushal - 5 min breakout with incremental adx, RSI>60, CCI>80

5 min breakout with incremental adx, RSI>60, CCI>80

Powerful Intraday buy rsi 55

Intraday rsi

(bearish bb & rsi)15mi
RSI5 & WMA5 Positional Trick

Summary of Srikanth Sir's magic touch on Santu Baba's Positional Strategy on Daily Candlesticks: 1. First, change RSI settings from 14 to 5 & add WMA(5) to the chart 2. then wait for RSI(5) drop to below 20 3. then look for RSI(5) to cross-above 20 also wait for daily candle to "CLOSE" above WMA(5) 4. Draw support and resistance lines: price must bounce off support line or cross-above the resistance lines for higher accuracy 5. Previous Candle Low is Stoploss 6. Profits 5% - 10% 7. Accuracy levels 90+% Additions: 1. Add EMA(8) & EMA(34) 2. First, check if EMA(34) > EMA(8) > WMA(5) 3. After Entry, if Price touches EMA(8), then 95% of the time, the price will also touch EMA(34) So Targets & TSL: 1. Tgt 1: 5 -10% - SL: Prev Candle Low 2. Tgt 2: EMA(8) - SL2: WMA(5) 3. Tgt 3: EMA(34) - SL3: EMA(8) Recommendations: 1. The strategy is recommended more for Long than Short. 2. Min Open Price > 100 3. Min Daily Volume > 1,00,000

Rsi bullish divergence

Rsi greater than previous close

rsi 30

Crossover when daily RSI crosses above 30(oversold)

RSI crossing above Avg of RSI
rsi consolidation bearish


Fibo RSI Bullish 15 Min with WPR and SuperTrend
stocks - RSI below 35

scan the stocks having RSI below 35

NOW. RSI from < 33 to Over 55 !!

It is quite an correction if 30 MIN RSI for 25 bars falls below 33. With this, this scan also track the 30 min gainers. The stock will appear in this list for one and a half day if it crosses RSI below 33 which will give sufficient time to take notice of the same.