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Downtrend stock 3
Downtrend big move sure shot
Downtrend with Good Volume

Downtrend with Good Volume

Downtrend reversal + RSI 5 breakout + 3 wma crossing 5 wma

2 lower low and lower close reversed by a higher open,low and close, along with rsi 5 crossing over 20, 3wma crossing 5wma

Stocks in Downtrend

The scan will find out the stocks in downtrend but suddenly there is a spurt in volume which might result in trend reversal.

Stock Screener Downtrend
Monthly Weekly Daily Downtrend

For Shorting

Uptrend stocks now in short term downtrend
sell downtrend 1
Strong Downtrend (Weekly)

Stocks with strong downtrend where daily 20 DEMA crossing below 20 DSMA on weekly chart

Anil GoldenScan when nifty in downtrend

Cmp>ema20>ema50>ema100>ema200 with rsi >65