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Downtrend stock 3
Stocks in Downtrend

The scan will find out the stocks in downtrend but suddenly there is a spurt in volume which might result in trend reversal.

Downtrend big move sure shot
Monthly Weekly Daily Downtrend

For Shorting

Stock Screener Downtrend
Downtrend with Good Volume

Downtrend with Good Volume

Downtrend reversal + RSI 5 breakout + 3 wma crossing 5 wma

2 lower low and lower close reversed by a higher open,low and close, along with rsi 5 crossing over 20, 3wma crossing 5wma

Uptrend stocks now in short term downtrend
Strong Downtrend (Weekly)

Stocks with strong downtrend where daily 20 DEMA crossing below 20 DSMA on weekly chart

Monthly, Weekly, Daily downtrend stocks
sell downtrend 1
stock downtrend daily
downtrend 3 to 4

sar less than sma 35