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Cheetah Scan 2( Premium Swing Trading Scanner)

It will help you in swing trading btst and even intraday trading stocks selection. This scan will help you for selecting stocks whose prices are less than 100. Can Join my telegram channel for more updates. Link of telegram channel is My YouTube channel link is

Current close crosses below VWAP and previous candle either below sma 20 or macd
darvas box perfect ptm

stoploss should be start of pole on weekly chart

Intraday Bullish engulfing 15 min
Three Candles positive

Three candles which is closing above the previous candles

Chankya Moving Average Crossover
BB Squeeze - EOD

Futures range breakout

camarilla compression

h3 & l3 squeeze

A1 for swing trading

20 day in 10% 1 day in 3% volume greater than 20 sma

camarilla breakout stock selsection Kishore singh

current day L3-H3 are inside of previous day L3-H3 values of camrilla pivots

3 white soldiers
Bollinger Band breakdown