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Scan the stocks which were in contraction for past days and are giving the breakout in INTRADAY, Stocks can be traded on 5 mins and 15 mins time-frame or using Bollinger's Band Blast. As the day proceeds many stocks might come into radar as the scanner conditions are met, you can take the stocks into consideration that came before 9.30 AM, This scanner works in real time and will give you Stocks at 9.21 AM if you have CHARTINK PREMIUM. All stocks have potential to more 3-10% when taken on Bollinger Bands Blast. Some stocks can give Upper Circuit as well.

Highly volatile intraday stocks...
15 min Breakdown

Intraday - identify strong support/resistance levels for Market hour trading

300% Buy - NR4 9.30 SCAN FOR BUY - DHANANJAY
9.30 AM scan for BUY entry
Morning 9:30 BUy FnO - Check In Morning
Stocks near 20 SMA/DMA

Stocks which are close to 20 dma( both above and below) not more than .5 to percent.

Stocks near to previous high

On Previous High

(updated) wise stock research =CAMARILLA h3 &h4(bullish)

Scanner designed by wise stock research

Find Stocks nearing strong support/resistance levels

Stocks trading near their high in the past 4 months with rising volumes and closing strong, indicating a possible breakout

VelociTrading 15 min Engulfing
Daily Fibonacci 61.8 Retracement With Strength

Daily Fibonacci 61.8 Retracement With Strength

Bullish Marubozu - Daily