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Golden cross scan

Stocks where the 50 Simple moving average(SMA) has crossed above the 200 Simple moving average .

Positive Hammer
EMA crossover(5,13,26) scan

Multiple ema crossover scan 2 days ago

High volume stocks

High volume stocks

BUY open equals to Low
Breaking Days High - 5 Mins

Intraday - identify strong support/resistance levels for Market hour trading

Closing 3% up since 3 days

Stocks closing up by 3% continuously for the past 3 days

Bollinger band Squeeze

Bollinger band Squeeze

Profit jump by 200%

Net profit increase by 200% over TTM net profit


95% ACCURACY ( want to check back test)

CPR BY KGS R1/PDH broken

Use this scanner anytime during the day. But, the best timing will be between 09:15 am to 10 am. Consult your financial advisor or mentor before taking the trade. I whole heartedly dedicate this scanner to all the good people out there who motivate me and support me. "Together we grow as a price action trading community"- Gomathi Shankar