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Santu baba trick on open equal low with 1% higher than previous close

Scan above 9.30 am for intraday buying position look for minimum 2-3% from opening

Bearish Engulifing-see after 3:15 PM for Next day trade

Today sell once Yst low is broken for intraday

Narrow Range 7 - NR7

Market goes thru regular contraction (i.e. daily trading range getting shorter and shorter) and expansion (i.e. daily trading range getting bigger) cycle. Expanding range is followed by Contraction and vice-versa. So if we can identify the narrow range days, then it give us a step ahead of everybody to benefit from coming expansion.



- BB Blast 15 Min

((OPEN=LOW)&&(PRB+)) || ((OPEN=HIGH)&&(PRB-))...By Dr_Shrikant_Sharma (

ADX Crossover Plus RSI
Day low = High
Volume Shockers

Exploding stock volumes by 5x the moving average of volume

NR7 IB - NR7 stocks with Inside Bar pattern by

Scanner that displays list of stocks that are expected to move exponentially, NR7 stocks along with Inside Bar pattern

RSP Bullish Checklist

Long Term Break out

Bullish Engulfing - Strong

Stock is in Downtrend for 4 days with all black candles. Last candel is white one which completely engulfs main body of earlier candle with increased Volume. This is a Strong sign of stock reversing its downtrend.