Eod Scanner

Triple Top
count 16
Triple Bottom
count 4
Double Top
count 20
Double Bottom
count 3
Overbought Stocks
count 42
Oversold Stocks
count 42
Volume Shockers
count 100
Double Top helps to know the immediate resistance level for a stock. The formation shows the 2 major high's of the stock over a period, from where it previously saw selling pressure. These levels act as a resistance level. Failure to again cross them (for the 3rd time), could result in some downside. It is often used by trades for mid/long term trades
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Sr. Stock name   Close Change CandleStick PnF
1101.254.98 %linklink
2380.860.99 %linklink
3181.770.12 %linklink
4873.852.85 %linklink
5770.903.20 %linklink
6184.090.05 %linklink
718.710.54 %linklink
823.292.06 %linklink
9Kddl Limited452.707.79 %linklink
10Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited2033.350.26 %linklink
11Indian Oil Corporation Limited118.651.19 %linklink
12Ig Petrochemicals Limited750.353.06 %linklink
13191.160.06 %linklink
14Icici Bank Limited730.000.98 %linklink
15607.250.86 %linklink
16191.350.53 %linklink
17Gmr Infrastructure Limited36.500.55 %linklink
181800.452.13 %linklink
19Brigade Enterprises Limited422.100.72 %linklink
20Ambika Cotton Mills Limited1674.051.08 %linklink