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Triple Top
count 14
Triple Bottom
count 3
Double Top
count 22
Double Bottom
count 2
Overbought Stocks
count 80
Oversold Stocks
count 13
Volume Shockers
count 100
Double Top helps to know the immediate resistance level for a stock. The formation shows the 2 major high's of the stock over a period, from where it previously saw selling pressure. These levels act as a resistance level. Failure to again cross them (for the 3rd time), could result in some downside. It is often used by trades for mid/long term trades
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Sr. Stock name   Close Change CandleStick PnF
1Vls Finance Limited58.150.52 %linklink
2Torrent Power Limited313.052.54 %linklink
3390.250.05 %linklink
4Premier Polyfilm Limited25.454.73 %linklink
5212.901.53 %linklink
666.720.82 %linklink
7Multi Commodity Exchange Of India Limited1377.750.48 %linklink
8Lux Industries Limited1499.650.36 %linklink
9L&t Finance Holdings Limited127.250.95 %linklink
10724.803.92 %linklink
11Knr Constructions Limited297.200.97 %linklink
12Kingfa Science & Technology (india) Limited691.202.76 %linklink
13JUNIORBEES301.410.19 %linklink
14Jubilant Life Sciences Limited569.403.77 %linklink
15Inox Leisure Limited398.750.81 %linklink
1629.360.34 %linklink
17130.370.43 %linklink
18164.110.06 %linklink
19Hcl Technologies Limited598.800.94 %linklink
20City Union Bank Limited244.450.97 %linklink
21Aries Agro Limited75.750.60 %linklink
22Bajaj Finserv Limited9715.000.96 %linklink