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Triple Top
count 9
Triple Bottom
count 2
Double Top
count 6
Double Bottom
count 1
Overbought Stocks
count 46
Oversold Stocks
count 10
Volume Shockers
count 100
Triple Bottom is helpful to identify bearish stocks(stock that have been trading weak). The Candlestick pattern shows the 3 major support levels of a stock, from where it previously managed to give a bouce. Trades often consider this as a strong support level and expected re-bounce from the triple bottom level. Often, the stocks do given bounces from their crucial support, but if broken, a exit call should be taken
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Sr. Stock name   Close Change CandleStick PnF
1Abbott India Limited14399.90-0.61 %linklink
2Den Networks Limited61.70-3.82 %linklink