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Overbought stocks, as the name suggest show's the highly overbought stocks, ones that can see some profit booking. They are often tracked using RSI (Relative strength Index) which has a value between 1 and 100. the level above 70 (in RSI), acts as a overbought zone, and if a stock's RSI continues to trade above it for a few days and then changes its trend downwards (dipping below 70), it gives a sense of some downside ahead
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Sr. Stock name   Close Change CandleStick PnF
1Hindustan Media Ventures Limited89.10-0.83 %linklink
2Ht Media Limited31.65-6.50 %linklink
3Irb Infrastructure Developers Limited172.20-3.69 %linklink
4Jai Balaji Industries Limited61.00-1.53 %linklink
5Jayaswal Neco Industries Limited25.601.39 %linklink
6Jbm Auto Limited489.35-2.48 %linklink
7Jain Irrigation Systems Limited20.65-2.59 %linklink
8Jk Cement Limited3077.40-2.18 %linklink
9Kitex Garments Limited172.60-4.24 %linklink
10Larsen & Toubro Infotech Limited4361.20-1.02 %linklink
11Hinduja Global Solutions Limited2902.05-1.02 %linklink
1227.85-4.95 %linklink
131395.65-4.82 %linklink
14Gss Infotech Limited78.20-1.82 %linklink
15Granules India Limited379.45-1.17 %linklink
16Zuari Global Limited153.75-2.32 %linklink
17Zensar Technologies Limited375.80-0.32 %linklink
18Venus Remedies Limited463.95-0.94 %linklink
19Gokaldas Exports Limited187.05-3.66 %linklink
20Global Vectra Helicorp Limited58.00-3.09 %linklink
214016.85-3.13 %linklink
22Vardhman Acrylics Limited60.25-2.67 %linklink
23T T Limited69.65-3.40 %linklink
2464.10-9.34 %linklink
2560.05-5.36 %linklink
26Thirumalai Chemicals Limited179.85-1.67 %linklink
27The Tinplate Company Of India Limited244.20-1.99 %linklink
28Transwarranty Finance Limited5.70-2.56 %linklink
29Tanla Solutions Limited956.50-2.51 %linklink
30Symphony Limited1069.45-1.63 %linklink
31Suryalakshmi Cotton Mills Limited66.30-4.95 %linklink
32Surana Solar Limited14.45-4.93 %linklink
33Sumeet Industries Limited10.00-4.76 %linklink
34300.05-1.02 %linklink
35Southern Petrochemicals Industries Corporation Limited60.80-3.03 %linklink
36Savita Oil Technologies Limited1486.60-0.09 %linklink
37423.25-3.92 %linklink
38Sml Isuzu Limited571.40-2.54 %linklink
39Shilpa Medicare Limited631.05-1.78 %linklink
4079.15-4.98 %linklink
41133.70-2.41 %linklink
42Sangam (india) Limited128.25-5.00 %linklink
43Sagar Cements Limited1234.15-2.97 %linklink
44746.25-1.89 %linklink
45Rossell India Limited188.40-3.11 %linklink
46Puravankara Projects Limited106.70-0.47 %linklink
47Punjab Chemicals & Crop Protection Limited1418.20-2.47 %linklink
48142.25-1.76 %linklink
49Orient Abrasives Limited34.70-4.41 %linklink
50Onmobile Global Limited142.70-1.11 %linklink
5144.20-3.70 %linklink
52920.60-1.87 %linklink
531472.55-1.93 %linklink
54Mold-tek Technologies Limited94.60-2.17 %linklink
55Mindtree Limited2721.25-1.36 %linklink
56Mercator Limited3.304.76 %linklink
57Ginni Filaments Limited40.05-1.72 %linklink
58Marathon Nextgen Realty Limited80.50-3.59 %linklink
59Mangalam Drugs And Organics Limited169.000.66 %linklink
60Manaksia Limited70.75-1.39 %linklink
61Gillanders Arbuthnot & Company Limited55.90-1.93 %linklink
62Emkay Global Financial Services Limited121.40-3.96 %linklink
63Eclerx Services Limited2170.15-1.91 %linklink
64755.65-1.96 %linklink
65103.10-0.63 %linklink
66Cybertech Systems And Software Limited192.05-4.81 %linklink
67Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited458.90-2.93 %linklink
68Crisil Limited3053.55-2.71 %linklink
69Consolidated Finvest & Holdings Limited126.55-2.35 %linklink
70132.15-4.86 %linklink
71Ccl Products (india) Limited421.353.93 %linklink
72Career Point Limited153.450.99 %linklink
73234.75-0.19 %linklink
743310.30-1.61 %linklink
75178.30-2.73 %linklink
76Bsl Limited61.95-1.59 %linklink
77BSE (Bombay stock exchange)1164.85-6.48 %linklink
78Bf Investment Limited397.95-2.38 %linklink
79394.75-2.87 %linklink
80Aspinwall And Company Limited243.35-4.96 %linklink
81Arvind Smartspaces Limited133.950.64 %linklink
82358.95-4.79 %linklink
83Archies Limited26.40-4.86 %linklink
84969.15-3.28 %linklink
85Ankit Metal & Power Limited1.85-2.63 %linklink
86Anant Raj Limited67.95-1.74 %linklink
8791.80-0.81 %linklink
88Aarvee Denims & Exports Limited24.45-4.86 %linklink
89512.15-2.42 %linklink
9020 Microns Limited65.05-2.40 %linklink