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Overbought stocks, as the name suggest show's the highly overbought stocks, ones that can see some profit booking. They are often tracked using RSI (Relative strength Index) which has a value between 1 and 100. the level above 70 (in RSI), acts as a overbought zone, and if a stock's RSI continues to trade above it for a few days and then changes its trend downwards (dipping below 70), it gives a sense of some downside ahead
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Sr. Stock name   Close Change CandleStick PnF
1Bf Utilities Limited315.65-6.00 %linklink
2171.50-6.54 %linklink
3Cox & Kings Limited1.85-2.63 %linklink
4475.80-2.68 %linklink
5Jbm Auto Limited237.65-3.53 %linklink
6Jk Tyre & Industries Limited72.45-2.42 %linklink
7Kesar Enterprises Limited32.60-5.92 %linklink
8Malu Paper Mills Limited25.25-9.50 %linklink
9Mep Infrastructure Developers Limited41.60-2.35 %linklink
10Nava Bharat Ventures Limited71.100.00 %linklink
11Huhtamaki Ppl Limited250.70-2.20 %linklink
12Shirpur Gold Refinery Limited7.10-4.70 %linklink
13Shriram City Union Finance Limited1400.40-0.88 %linklink
14Somany Ceramics Limited207.70-6.23 %linklink
15Tilaknagar Industries Limited17.20-4.97 %linklink
1679.95-5.89 %linklink
17Xchanging Solutions Limited57.75-1.20 %linklink