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Overbought stocks, as the name suggest show's the highly overbought stocks, ones that can see some profit booking. They are often tracked using RSI (Relative strength Index) which has a value between 1 and 100. the level above 70 (in RSI), acts as a overbought zone, and if a stock's RSI continues to trade above it for a few days and then changes its trend downwards (dipping below 70), it gives a sense of some downside ahead
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Sr. Stock name   Close Change CandleStick PnF
1Voltamp Transformers Limited3368.70-2.46 %linklink
2Vardhman Textiles Limited315.85-0.39 %linklink
3596.30-2.21 %linklink
4Zen Technologies Limited186.70-4.03 %linklink
5148.90-4.98 %linklink
6521.40-1.45 %linklink
7Venky's (india) Limited2124.40-11.43 %linklink
8256.40-2.29 %linklink
9Vesuvius India Limited1149.60-2.36 %linklink
10Vishnu Chemicals Limited1575.55-0.28 %linklink
11Uco Bank11.85-2.47 %linklink
12Ufo Moviez India Limited101.90-1.50 %linklink
13Usha Martin Education & Solutions Limited4.85-3.00 %linklink
1477.45-1.27 %linklink
15The State Trading Corporation Of India Limited88.80-0.78 %linklink
16Star Paper Mills Limited177.35-0.84 %linklink
17Spl Industries Limited54.95-0.81 %linklink
1876.00-2.06 %linklink
19Snowman Logistics Limited31.70-1.40 %linklink
20Sml Isuzu Limited684.85-0.73 %linklink
2174.90-2.47 %linklink
22Shriram City Union Finance Limited1956.30-0.19 %linklink
2383.05-1.01 %linklink
24Shree Rama Multi-tech Limited13.700.74 %linklink
25Sequent Scientific Limited125.60-3.31 %linklink
26Schneider Electric Infrastructure Limited118.90-0.29 %linklink
272826.200.96 %linklink
281266.65-0.95 %linklink
2927.30-3.87 %linklink
30Steel Authority Of India Limited77.600.84 %linklink
31Rpg Life Sciences Limited644.40-2.09 %linklink
32Rossell India Limited209.20-2.92 %linklink
33Rolta India Limited5.30-4.50 %linklink
34Rbl Bank Limited96.400.21 %linklink
35Ramky Infrastructure Limited170.10-2.47 %linklink
36Rajesh Exports Limited619.00-0.99 %linklink
37Quick Heal Technologies Limited208.80-0.19 %linklink
3831.44-0.16 %linklink
39Prozone Intu Properties Limited25.15-3.27 %linklink
40Polyplex Corporation Limited2398.40-0.67 %linklink
41Pfizer Limited4202.10-1.50 %linklink
42Pudumjee Paper Products Limited40.00-0.87 %linklink
43784.30-3.06 %linklink
44651.55-1.41 %linklink
45Paramount Communications Limited11.95-8.08 %linklink
461477.45-0.85 %linklink
47675.10-2.20 %linklink
48National Aluminium Company Limited77.65-0.38 %linklink
49Moil Limited160.35-1.78 %linklink
50Mohit Industries Limited18.40-2.13 %linklink
5149.20-0.59 %linklink
521555.05-1.15 %linklink
5328.170.28 %linklink
541211.90-3.14 %linklink
55Maharashtra Seamless Limited746.15-1.86 %linklink
56Larsen & Toubro Limited1787.450.41 %linklink
57Lloyds Steels Industries Limited14.75-4.84 %linklink
581521.80-0.99 %linklink
59Kothari Sugars And Chemicals Limited36.85-3.53 %linklink
60Kitex Garments Limited244.050.60 %linklink
61Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited161.10-2.27 %linklink
62Kirloskar Brothers Limited354.50-0.70 %linklink
63251.100.42 %linklink
64Karma Energy Limited24.00-1.84 %linklink
65Kalpataru Power Transmission Limited372.40-2.15 %linklink
66Kajaria Ceramics Limited1122.70-1.36 %linklink
67Jk Tyre & Industries Limited129.05-2.01 %linklink
68Jindal Saw Limited86.55-4.89 %linklink
69488.80-1.79 %linklink
70Igarashi Motors India Limited347.95-0.91 %linklink
711000.030.00 %linklink
7245.65-0.65 %linklink
73Hitech Corporation265.551.18 %linklink
74532.701.68 %linklink
75586.05-0.49 %linklink
76Gulf Oil Lubricants India Limited434.75-1.55 %linklink
77Tata Investment Corporation Limited1473.100.29 %linklink
78Symphony Limited919.65-1.04 %linklink
7991.30-2.56 %linklink
80Gujarat Alkalies And Chemicals Limited754.90-6.46 %linklink
81Graphite India Limited418.05-5.57 %linklink
82Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation Limited161.70-3.75 %linklink
83Gm Breweries Limited591.80-0.34 %linklink
8449.30-0.54 %linklink
85Gic Housing Finance Limited133.55-0.41 %linklink
8664.15-1.31 %linklink
87169.700.59 %linklink
88154.55-4.98 %linklink
89384.60-2.14 %linklink
902663.25-3.58 %linklink
91Cipla Limited1034.20-0.99 %linklink
92Century Textiles & Industries Limited844.35-0.38 %linklink
9325.00-2.72 %linklink
94413.80-2.75 %linklink
95345.95-1.20 %linklink
96Bharat Forge Limited706.40-0.60 %linklink
97Beml Limited1421.90-0.91 %linklink
98Bharat Electronics Limited276.15-2.82 %linklink
99Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Limited946.35-1.10 %linklink
10044.560.02 %linklink
101Axis Bank Limited728.500.96 %linklink
102674.50-2.64 %linklink
103318.60-0.98 %linklink
104Autoline Industries Limited77.750.71 %linklink
105Arvind Smartspaces Limited181.800.00 %linklink
106Aptech Limited244.05-3.59 %linklink
107321.40-1.83 %linklink
108227.500.51 %linklink
109Ajanta Pharma Limited1279.800.09 %linklink
110Amara Raja Batteries Limited504.60-0.15 %linklink
111Anant Raj Limited72.90-1.22 %linklink
1122222.75-1.63 %linklink
113Adani Transmission Limited3313.55-6.14 %linklink
114770.75-4.57 %linklink