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Oversold stocks, as the name suggest show's the highly oversold stocks, ones that are expected to see some fresh buying coming in. They are often tracked using RSI (Relative strength Index) which has a value between 1 and 100. the level below 30 (in RSI), acts as a oversold zone, and if a stock's RSI continues to trade below it for a few days and then changes its trend updwards (crossing above 30), it denotes some upside could be seen ahead
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Sr. Stock name   Close Change CandleStick PnF
1Thirumalai Chemicals Limited225.401.69 %linklink
2Spml Infra Limited39.304.94 %linklink
3811.703.34 %linklink
425.004.38 %linklink
5Websol Energy System Limited91.257.29 %linklink
6Petronet Lng Limited215.851.12 %linklink
7Mps Limited688.502.46 %linklink
8Morepen Laboratories Limited35.30-0.56 %linklink
9687.352.03 %linklink
10Eastern Silk Industries Limited4.051.25 %linklink
11Jayaswal Neco Industries Limited23.602.39 %linklink
12158.751.76 %linklink
13112.604.55 %linklink
14Avt Natural Products Limited92.152.28 %linklink