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Oversold stocks, as the name suggest show's the highly oversold stocks, ones that are expected to see some fresh buying coming in. They are often tracked using RSI (Relative strength Index) which has a value between 1 and 100. the level below 30 (in RSI), acts as a oversold zone, and if a stock's RSI continues to trade below it for a few days and then changes its trend updwards (crossing above 30), it denotes some upside could be seen ahead
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Sr. Stock name   Close Change CandleStick PnF
1Zensar Technologies Limited244.850.97 %linklink
2Yes Bank Limited103.8511.43 %linklink
3Websol Energy System Limited24.801.64 %linklink
4Narayana Hrudayalaya Ltd.225.200.94 %linklink
5Opto Circuits (india) Limited4.302.38 %linklink
6Oricon Enterprises Limited18.903.28 %linklink
7Praj Industries Limited126.951.64 %linklink
8Rural Electrification Corporation Limited154.152.94 %linklink
9Relaxo Footwears Limited421.75-0.35 %linklink
10Sanwaria Agro Oils Limited4.9019.51 %linklink
11Satin Creditcare Network Limited280.752.22 %linklink
12Shyam Century Ferrous Limited4.7018.99 %linklink
13428.951.19 %linklink
14Speciality Restaurants Limited82.2020.00 %linklink
15Srf Limited2777.903.42 %linklink
16Strides Shasun Limited377.851.78 %linklink
17Sun Tv Network Limited480.451.33 %linklink
18Themis Medicare Limited201.9519.99 %linklink
19Visagar Polytex Limited0.3020.00 %linklink
20Navkar Corporation Limited25.206.33 %linklink
21Maruti Suzuki India Limited6158.051.29 %linklink
22Dr. Lal Path Labs Ltd.1072.451.81 %linklink
23Maithan Alloys Limited526.653.04 %linklink
24Manappuram Finance Limited136.556.31 %linklink
25Interglobe Aviation Limited1445.254.65 %linklink
26Greaves Cotton Limited131.302.94 %linklink
27Ester Industries Limited29.052.47 %linklink
28Eros International Media Limited15.75-4.55 %linklink
29782.502.58 %linklink
30Cambridge Technology Enterprises Limited30.909.19 %linklink
31Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited194.352.34 %linklink
32Celebrity Fashions Limited5.703.64 %linklink
33Castrol India Limited128.653.75 %linklink
3476.005.26 %linklink
35Borosil Glass Works Ltd.159.402.31 %linklink
36Bata India Limited1357.601.31 %linklink
37Aurionpro Solutions Limited107.701.08 %linklink
38Atul Limited3828.952.31 %linklink
39Astra Microwave Products Limited79.20-0.56 %linklink
40Arshiya Limited17.359.81 %linklink