Example scans

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Simple scans

  1. RSI Overbought
  2. RSI Oversold
  3. RSI Overbought OR Oversold
  4. Williams %R Overbought OR Oversold scan
  5. Gapup / Gapdown 
  6. 52-week high/low
  7. Bullish/Bearish MACD Signal Cross
  8. Bearish “Death Cross” scan
  9. Bullish “Golden Cross” scan
  10. Stocks in uptrend

Advanced scans

  1. Stocks rising with increase in volume
  2. Stocks falling with increase in volume
  3. Stocks with rising/falling prices and increase in volume(above 2 combined into a single scan)
  4. Doji Patterns scan


RSI Overbought OR Oversold scan

Filter stocks that are either overbought(crossed below 70) OR oversold(crossed above 30) in a single scan.

Video for overbought OR oversold stocks

Steps to find Overbought OR Oversold stocks:
  1. As we want to filter stocks that have filtered either of the filters(overbought or oversold filter), click on the ‘All’ keyword, and change it to ‘Any’ from the first sub-filter.
  2. Click on the funnel() and select the RSI indicator from the pull-down menu.
  3. Select the offset(Latest) and specify the duration (which is by default 14 days for RSI). You can change both the offset and the duration as per your requirements by clicking on them.
  4. Click on the next icon(…) and select the ‘Crossed above’ operation, as we want to find out the oversold stocks crossing above 30 (meaning RSI having a value below 30 for the past day but above 30 for today).
  5. The number constant selected by default is 50, which is changed to 30 for oversold stocks.
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 for a “crossed below” operation & comparing it against a value of 70
  7. Run the scan by clicking on ‘Run Scan’ button.