18 thoughts on “Gapup/Gapdown stocks”

  1. sir i am in a problem

    how can i find stocks which is having a movement of less then 1 percent in a days 1st 15 min candle

    pls make a scanner for it pls pls pls ……

  2. I am using your premium subscription. i need some screener please provide (1) which show stock gap up/ gap down more than 3 percent. (2). stocks above/ below 52 week high/low and also stock above life time high/low .(3) today volume is equal to 10 day average daily volume . (4) today volume is 1.5 times of 10 day average volume


  3. Could you please explain what AccDist filter is ? It would help to if there is document on what each filter is , if possible.

  4. Hlo sir I am a premium subscriber of chartink please tell me how can we set auto stop loss of a stock open price in trading with the help of chartink

    1. Hello,
      We have Webhooks for API that you can use to trigger events in your system, https://chartink.com/articles/alerts/webhook-support-for-alerts/.

      Note that automating trades with webhooks requires some programming logic to incorporate our webhooks within your application, which already uses APIs from the stockbrokers to place orders. Your system/application must be deployed on the internet and reachable by a domain or an IP address; this requires your application to support the ability to receive incoming POST requests to receive our JSON data for the alert.

      We recommend using a service like Hookbin to test the webhooks feature; it allows you to create an endpoint, adding in our “webhook URL” field within the alert form. Alerts will make an HTTP POST request to the URL you have specified along with the data corresponding to the alert.

      Also, I’ve come across two open-source projects on Github to auto this workflow:


      I hope this helps.

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