Change colors for table columns, line, bar and Pie charts

We’ve released support to change/customize colors for widgets, including table colors for table columns, line, bar and pie charts. Below is a demo showing the process to change colors:

Customizing colors as per your needs would help you easliy identify the levels/columns that interest you first. Color changes can be made to Tables as well any types of Chart(pie/line/bar/area).


15 thoughts on “Change colors for table columns, line, bar and Pie charts”

  1. Hi,

    How do i change the colour of the candle? i do not want hollow candle, instead prefers candle with colour. Pl help

  2. Coloring Rows or columns is a great facility. Congrats! Can we have conditional color formatting of cells like, say, when RSI crosses over 60 in a column for RSI.

      1. Yes please, Conditional coloring of columns would be helpful.
        Also, can we have values based on conditions ? Like Adx above 20, RSI above average RSI, I can new new column :
        Column name : Trade
        Values: Yes in green or No in Red.

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