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  1. 1 day ago Max(7,Latest High ) -1 day ago Min(7,Latest Low ). —– what does this mean ? total calculation is 1 day ago but whats this latest high means. ?

    1. 1 day ago max(..) in this context relates to the max function, which calculates the maximum based on the latest high (you can also calculate the maximum a day ago using a offset of 1/2/3.. for the parameters in the max)

  2. What is the exact difference between
    Latest close greater than max(30, 1 day ago close)
    Latest close greater than 1 day ago max(30, latest close)

    1. In this case, its the same and would produce the same results. The ability to have a offset for min/max function allows you to control the dataset for all measures that are within the function. So, you can have a filter like, “close greater than 1 day ago max(20, Latest open + 1 day ago high)”

  3. Hi Akash ,

    I want to know whether todays low is lower than the lows of previous 5 days, so i have written following scan function but its not showing any result. Is it written correctly, please let me know.Thanks

    Latest Min(5,Latest Low ) Greater than Latest Low

  4. How to use Max and Min function?
    Inside of Max function (Duration,Value) what it is described, what is the outcome of parameter?
    If I pass
    Latest max(5, latest close) what is the meaning of entire function?

  5. Hi,
    Can anyone help me to get stocks

    Calculate the range between the true high of the last two days and the true low of the last two days
    2. Calculate this true range in two day blocks for the previous three occasions
    3. Current range is lower than the previous three ranges

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