5 thoughts on “Bearish “Death Cross” scan”

  1. please help i have 70 stocks in my portfolio. please help to scan all these stocks to either hold buy or sell.
    which scanners can help me do this intraday which is the best time to do it.
    any other advise is welcome . i am an amateur in this field.

  2. Hi Team,
    I am not able to plot Sma formula mentioned as above ( ( 1 week ago Sma ( close,20 ) – 1 week ago Sma ( close,50 ) ) / 1 weeks ago Sma ( close,50 ) ) > 0.08

    I have copied this formula from other users screener, however if I tried to build a Sma Screener a fresh it shows formula like 1 week ago Sma ( 1 week ago Close , 20 )

    I do not understand why 1 week ago candles repeats while selecting Sma funtion as mentioned in second sentence.

    Please advise how to take care of this

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