Stocks with rising/failling prices and increase in volume

This is a combination of 2 scans, “Stocks with rising prices & increase in volume” & “Stocks with falling prices & Increase in volume”. This example show’s how multiple scans can be combined into a single scan, showing stocks from both of the 2 individual scans.

Notice the use of a new sub-filter, with ANY to specify if either of the 2 filters below it is true.

17 thoughts on “Stocks with rising/failling prices and increase in volume”

  1. Hi,

    Is there any way to get SMA ((high+low+close)/3, 50)?
    how operator precedence work in expression? For Example: high+low+close/3
    How to group like (high+low+close)/3

    1. Operator precedence is from left -> right. So high+low+close/3, would be: (high+low+close)/3. Currently we don’t allow nested filters inside SMA (its allowed only in the min/max) functions. But we shall be adding that shortly

  2. Dear Sir,

    You have created a fantastic and very easy to use scanner. It is a generic scanner which is its beauty and gives the flexibility to individual to build as per requirement.
    My Congratulations.
    One thing, in ‘FUTURES; segment the futures price data is used or cash price data is used for functions like EMA, SMA, VOLUME etc?

  3. 1. stock price above 50 rs and less than 2000 rs

    2. Current volume is at least 30% greater than the average volume of the last 10 volume bars

    3. Yesterday Closing value should be higher than Previous day’s High with min.3% and above

    4. Yesterday Closing value should be lower than Previous day’s low with min.3% and above

    5. Top 3 stocks in which volume up and prices up

    6. Top 3 stocks in which volume up and prices down

    7. Top 3 stocks which moves upside in market with highest volume

    8. Top 3 stocks which moves downside in market with highest volume

    9. Top 3 stocks, which satisfy NR7 method.. (HIGH-LOW OF 7 TH DAY IS LOWEST AMONG ALL 7 DAYS..)

    How to Find NR7 day..

    1) Get the High and Low data of last few period
    2) Calculate the range of each day i.e. high – low) for each day
    3) Compare the range of a today and previous 6 days range (to get NR7. To get NR4 get last 3 days range)
    4) If todays range is smallest of all 7 days, then today is NR7 day..else not.

  4. i would like to create scanners for the following parameters:
    1. latest price shall be equal or greater than the price of last 30 trading days
    2. latest volume shall be more than 100000
    3. latest sma is greater than 50 sma
    4. latest price shall be higher than pivot point

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