16 thoughts on “Doji pattern scan”

  1. Doji is assessed by its previoud candle. In downtrend after after falling candles, if it comes then trend is to change and after rising candles if it comes then price begins to fall. Doji is indication of reconsideration of bajar’s sentiment!

  2. Hi Sir, I appreciate your efforts on chatink, such a beautiful tool to use and learn. I need a chart and Alert when the trend change doji. Say ex,. I can see in a day chart if we see some 14 days the trend become changing from down or up. The identitifier is a doji. After a doji formation the next day on wards the pattern changes. If you have best suggestion please let me know for the positional trading. Thanks in advance.

  3. Sir, your web portal is amazing.. How can I setup a screener to scan for the stocks which crossed previous high and low.?

    Thank you

  4. hi, can ur site scan candlestick pattern in live market hours? for example if i want to scan for gravestone dozi in hourly charts, will it scan in realtime market hours..??

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