NSE connectivity issue

We are facing connectivity issue with NSE feed starting at 11:46am today, we are trying to co-oridate with them to fix this issue ASAP.

Update 12:42pm -> The issue was confirmed and resolved by NSE

Please note, such issues are not within our control. However, we try our best to reach out to NSE & get this resolved ASAP.

3 thoughts on “NSE connectivity issue”

  1. Moving average crossover alerts are not getting popped up but seen in backtest results.How to get alerts on crossovers say ema17 crossing below ema72 on 5mt TF

    1. Can you please try visiting our demo notification page: http://chartink.com/demo-notification

      Once opened, you should see a sample notification on your mobile/desktop. Let us know if you happen to see this.

      If this does not work, please check your browser settings and make sure notifications are enabled. If enabled, please make sure chartink.com is in the list. 

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