NSE Data feed issue from Exchange

NSE is facing a issue that’s causing missing data for today(Nov 19 ‘2019, we are co-oridnating with the exchange to sort this from their end.

Please note that this is not within our control and we are hoping our best this is resolved from NSE ASAP, we are continuously following up with NSE to have this fixed

Update 9:15am -> Notified NSE about the issue

Update 9:20am -> Confirmed from NSE this issue impacts other vendors too & their technical team is working to resolve it

Update 10:30am -> NSE is still working to resolve this

Update 11.02am – > We have started receiving data. We are trying to recover previous data (9.15am to 11.01am)

Update 20th Nov’19 -> NSE is still working to recover the missing files.

Update 22nd Nov’19 -> The missing data is now added on our site

Media updates on the issue:



36 thoughts on “NSE Data feed issue from Exchange”

  1. we do understand ur side ….. hope the issue will be solved very soon …. keep up the good work … May GOD bless You ….

  2. Received alerts at 11. After that i am not have not received alerts. Very bad. Not able to trade today. Please resolve.

  3. Please update all charts from 9:15am data. Otherwise wrong alerts will generate for few screaners which includes average volume for n number of previous candles type strategies.

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