Trade/Order fields unavaliablity for today

Exchange is conducting an unannounced activity that would impact impact the avaliablitliy of these fields. We’ll be in touch with the exchange to restore the data for these fields today after market hours

In the meantime, please disable the filters of “Trade & Order book” fields so that this doesn’t impact your scans due to non avaliablity of data for today

Update 30th May’21 – We are still awaiting the data from NSE on this.

25 thoughts on “Trade/Order fields unavaliablity for today”

      1. Please disable these fields for today, as we are not receiving the data updates from Exchange due to a unscheduled activity at their end

        1. Akash how much time it will take to make these fields available plz reply or text me plz 8909229224

  1. I have transferred your monthly subscription once from my debit card of ICICI BANK and another from International Credit Card the confirmation was not received within 5mins as claimed. Could you please check and confirm my subscription, I would like to avail your subscription from tomorrow morning for screening stock on live price.

  2. Can you please share your bank detail so that I can transfer directly to your account. Please treat this very urgent.

    1. Hello,

      You may view tutorials on scans and alerts here:

      To set alerts for a scan, you need to click on “create alert” after opening the scan page and set your alert preferences accordingly.

      You can also start by reviewing our top scans here:

      They contain the top 10 scans used for Intraday/Swing & short term trading

      If you need help in creating a scan, please share your requirements, we shall create the same for you. 

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