WaveTrend indicator updates

WaveTrend indicator is now available in our Charts & Screener. It can be added for Intraday, daily, weekly & monthly ranges and accepts 3 parameters as below:

  1. Calculation period: number of candles used to calculate WaveTrend, defaults to 10
  2. Averaging period: number of candles used to average WaveTrend, defaults to 21
  3. Momentum Length: number of candles used to calculate WaveTrend momentum, defaults to  4

Refer the below images on how to add them to your studies.



9 thoughts on “WaveTrend indicator updates”

  1. Hi Akash,

    thanks for wonderful work. can you please have an option to have OR clause between two condition.
    thanks, ankit

  2. Dear sir

    I am retail investor, My candlestick research indicators most comes in BSE Chart & Missing lots of X group stocks So please Kindly update BSE & X group stocks to scan option by EOD……………….
    Thank you sir…….

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