Launching Chartink Atlas

Atlas allows you to view a complete picture of the market on a single screen with auto updates. All dashboards can be customized to show information that you are most interested in, including RSI crossovers, Volume breakouts, Povit points and so on.

Features provided by atlas include:

  • Customize scan result columns, eg: Adding RSI as one of the result columns
  • Create new dashboards with custom scans/charts or tables3
  • Auto updates for premium members
  • Ability to drill down by clicking on the sector/industry or market cap names3
  • Sort scan result tables by any columns, like highest RSI, top % change, volume ..etcWe’ve created a few sample dashboards to help you monitor the markets:

* Intraday Market overview
* Volume Shockers
* Pivot points
* Daily Market overview
* Fundamental overview

Also note that you can drill down further to any of the sectors, marketcaps or indsutry by simply clicking on a bar/pie chart, eg:

We’ll soon be adding tutorials on the steps required to create your own custom scans/charts & tables for more insights on the markets.

21 thoughts on “Launching Chartink Atlas”

  1. how many stock can get added on single widget ? as I have created one widget with RSI level for all FNO stocks but it just gave details of 50 stocks .. do we have any limitation on dashboard ?

  2. While creating a widget, the system is taking the default length. I have created more columns in the dashboard I have created and I would like to increase the length of a widget to avoid scrolling the horizontal scrollbar

    How can this be done, please help.

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