Now create your own Custom Indicators !

We’ve recently added the ability to create your own custom/derived indicators using existing indicators.

For example, you may have your logic of HLC3 as is “high  + low + close / 3” & would want to use this across multiple filters in different/same scans/widgets. Until now, you’d need to copy/write the logic whereever it would required.

With “custom indicators”, you can simply define its logic as:

HLC = ( current candle high + current candle low + current candle close ) / 3

Here’s the custom indicator for the above logic:

The above created indicator can then be used to create new scans/widgets: (notice the HLC indicator selection)

These are similar to having a value saved in a variable/temp working space and then using it across in multiple scans. Note, while using it across scans, you can select the timeframe for its calcuation, eg: Daily/Weekly/Monthly or Intraday candles giving you further flexibility.

To access a previous candle for a given timeframe, you can select “1/2.. candles ago”.

Below is another example from one of our users:

Scan using SMA on EOM(custom indicator)


137 thoughts on “Now create your own Custom Indicators !”

    1. Free version data is delayed by 5 minutes. In premium subscription, charts and scans are updated every minute. Our premium members get realtime data with updates every minute for our Charts & Scans. So if you run a scan at 9:20am for example, it would be based on the latest data until 9:19:59am and so on..

    2. Layout feature should be added to view chart with multiple time frame in one goo, i am premium subscriber have already raised query still no reply

          1. Dear Team , I have paid to a premium membership just now, I dont know how to work on this website for Intraday Buy/Sell alerts. Please help urgently .Thank you.

    3. Can we add previous day high/Low, CPR (central pivot range) & Demand/supply zone for Nifty/Bank nifty/Nifty stocks to identify & configure in your chart

  1. Sir I am using your chartink regularly and also take ur subscription every month. Your website is simple and easy.
    But will like to add one comment ” can you give the OPEN INTEREST (OI) from NSE option chain i.e if your chartink will provide us first two highest OI on CALL and first two highest OI on PUT side then we can able to get the particular stocks which are trading near support or resistance and it will really helpful for us.

    I tried to contact you for the same but unfortunately you have not provided contact number.
    If you have queries regarding my demand please feel free to call me : 9764685618 / 9370835723.

        1. Currently we support only NSE cash stocks. We have only created a segment group called ‘futures’ to scan stocks that are traded in the F&O group. If you select futures, scanning will be done on basis of cash stock prices/ values. 

  2. Hi Akash ,Nice developement, please make some videos or some more example. This will help us to get it’s maximum benefit.

  3. open to 2% high – need alert in 5 min
    previous day below open and today open breakout – need alert 5 min
    bollinger band bottom below breakout and bollinger band bottom above cross 1% – need alert 5 min

  4. Dear Chartink Team,

    Although you are doing excellent work but one will not know whether his code works best or how best it works i.e. the back testing does not give the output based on entry and exit points determined through codes. You can refer to Streak by Zerodha where they give not only code writing but also backtesting. For first 7 days its free for Zerodha account holders and then they charge Rs. 350 per month for backtesting of your codes. In brief unless you bring out proper backtesting tool, all these coding will not work and people may not even subscribe to real time alerts.

  5. what is your top copied screener..? (NOT your top loved ones)
    Also my ADX screeners and the results when I get are far different. I had to delete stuff that i had created.
    Also tried (copied) few tweezer bottom and tried my modifications i have failed could you please suggest
    Need some genuine screeners to work on i am trying but still finding difficult to crack the right one. can you suggest???

    If you still cant help im ok. I like your stuff like screeners etc. but i was hoping to get more better. anyways i would thank you in advance.

    1. You may share your scan requirements and we shall help create the scan for you. Currently we do not have the feature to get the top copied scans. I shall get with the team on the same.

  6. You are doing commendable work and this platform may set a high benchmark for the industry. Please provide the option to view multiple timeframe graphs at one go.

  7. How can I create indicate for PVT (Price volume trend) or can we have it in indicator list?

    The formula is :
    Current PVT = ((Current Candle) % Change * (Current Candle) Volume) + (Previous Candle) PVT

    I am not sure about (Previous Candle PVT) in the above scenario. Please guide

    1. Currently we support only NSE cash stocks and indices. We do plan on adding others in the future. Shall keep you posted. 
      As a premium member you would be able to:
      Access realtime data for Charts & Scans every minute
      Create Alerts and receive updates of stock breakouts over sms/email/mobile/desktop/webhooks
      View charts in 1/2/3 minute timeframes with auto-refresh
      Run screeners in 1/2/3 minute timeframes with auto-refresh
      Scan any watchlist via the segment dropdown of a scan
      Customized Atlas dashboards for market overview
      Get Dedicated support for your scanner requirements

      You can get details/signup our premium service here:

  8. Very Nice. Would it be possible to provide user flexibility write instead of selecting it from dropdown ?? AND one more request.. please provide functions of TAN() SIN() ATAN() function.

  9. Chartink is better than the best in the business… no coding required…so easy to modify scans…. Flexibility to add AND /OR to the conditions will be really helpful

  10. Hello,
    Thanks for providing so much useful tools.
    I am a fan of it.
    Please plan to add a very useful indicator i.e. ‘Gann Hilo’ indicator in your indicator list.
    Also add Commodity and Currency segments as earliest as possible.

    Thanks once again!

  11. Please help to create scanner in which after 10:15 hour latest stock price crossed first 15 minutes candle high or low.

  12. BIG FAN OF CHARTINK…joined less than a month and blown away by the uniqueness of the site…I am planning to buy a subscription for me…just want to request one indicator..please do it if possible…I want a 15 min indicator…latest pivot point is 1% lesser than R1 and 1% greater than s1

  13. Dear ChartInk, Thanks a lot for such valuable tools.

    1) I´ve an query regarding checking a stock performance against a sector, which it belongs.
    I saw in something similar in Dashboard to compare sector wise performance =>
    groupcount ( {cash} 1 where [0] 15 minute close > 1 day ago close ) / groupcount ( {cash} 1 ) * 100 as ‘Advances percentage’
    2) Also it would be nice if we can measure the relative strength of stocks against its sectors(stock price /sector average) , then sectors against indices (sector average / indices value)

    Please let me know if you need still more details.

  14. Hello Chart link, Thanks for whatever you are doing. I have a question of how to get know the relative strength of the stock with respect to the indices and its sector indices .Do we have the method or code on chart link , Please if you could help me out.
    Thank you

  15. Hiii…you must consider this must-have indicator of Auto-trend lines…and also there shoukd be 2 more indicators…like Low n medium float stocks and Average volume indicator.

  16. hi
    in stock next month expiry call openintest (far itm) and same strike put (otm)
    put openintest(far otm)and sam strike call (otm)

    scanner for highest add open interst in both side

    can make this

  17. Hi Chartink team,
    I am a big fan of your site. Kudos for your effort!!!

    Can you please make the chart dynamic like or where one can move the chart to any territory by dragging the chart using mouse.

    Thanks in advance,

  18. Dear Sir, I want make a scanner for Bullish Regular Divergence. If you have, So Please send me link.

  19. I wants to learn chartink for trading of stock option, banknifty and nifty option , how setting of indicators on chartink apply ,of how many days ,I wants to learn chartink , please help me

    1. Currently we support only NSE cash stocks and indices. We do plan on adding others in the future. Shall keep you posted. 

      You may view tutorials on scans and alerts here:

      To set alerts for a scan, you need to click on “create alert” after opening the scan page and set your alert preferences accordingly.

      You can also start by reviewing out top scans here:

      They contain the top 10 scans used for Intraday/Swing & short term trading

      If you need help in creating a scan, please share your requirements, we shall create the same for you. 

  20. I tried creating keltner upper band but didn’t work in custom indicator . However I tried in ordinary screener it works.
    Pls help me in this

  21. in order to create alert for a single stock we need to create a separate watchlist for that which is cumbersome Can we have a feature to directly add it from scan page ?

  22. Hello,

    Custom Indicator is useful but doesn’t support comparison operator and Crossover.
    Because of this it is not possible to write advance custom indicator.
    can you please confirm when this will be implemented or please suggest if there workaround for same?


  23. Hi,

    I am using chartink from UAE currently i am using free version tried to update to premium version I can’t pay from my debit card. Can you check..

    1. You may view tutorials on scans and alerts here:

      To set alerts for a scan, you need to click on “create alert” after opening the scan page and set your alert preferences accordingly.

      You can also start by reviewing out top scans here:

      They contain the top 10 scans used for Intraday/Swing & short term trading

      If you need help in creating a scan, please share your requirements, we shall create the same for you. 

  24. I m raj bhatt..
    I want pivot R3..S3 releted sceaner like
    Latest R3 LESS THEN EQUVAL to
    Previous day R3
    If possible plz hel me

    1. (1)..Latest pivot R3 Less than Equval to 1 day ago Pivot R3
      (2)..Latest pivot S3 LESS THEN EQUVAL TO 1 Day ago pivot S3
      I want this

  25. Please link this system to forex and commodities. Forex is traded on NSE but this is absent on your scanner. Also can you add Renko to your software.

  26. I want top Volume and Deliver Volumes
    Current volume greater than 10 Day avg volume
    Current delivery volume greater than 10 Day avg delivery volume

    1. We do have Webhooks for API that you can use to trigger events in your own system,

      Note on automating trades with webhooks, requires some programming logic so that you can incoporate our webhooks within your application which is alreadying using API’s from the stockbrokers to place orders. Your system/application must be deployed on the internet and reachable by a domain or a IP address, this requires your application to support the ability to receive incoming POST request’s so that we can send our JSON data for the alert

  27. Can it possible to create scanner with this condition.
    1) stocks belongs to N_cpr.
    2)stock crossover supertrend and pivot in 5 min tf
    3)stock trading above 20 sma in 5 min tf

  28. Very good scanner ,helps a lot

    Please add perfect time with searched stock in backtest results

    So that we can analyse it perfectly

    1. Hello,
      Hope this helps on back-testing:

      It will show the previous days/ minutes results for your scan without the need for you to modify the scan. Back-testing will not give alerts. It is only to analyze/ view stocks previously triggered by your scans.  If you click on any of the bars on the graph, it will show the list of stocks that triggered as per the scan previously. 

      Back-test data will show data for the lowest candle time frame in your scan. If lowest time frame is 1 minute, it will show results for last 1 minutes. If its on daily candle it will show data for past 6 months. We show results for the past 150 bars  in our backtest section, these 150 candles could be of any timeframe, depending on the lowest timeframe in your scan, so for 5 minutes for example, you would get 2 days, for 1 minute, half a day and so on. 
      If you have the alert frequency of 5 minutes on a 1 hour candle scan, the alert results will update every 5 minutes and so will the backtest results(if you open the site and view the graph every 5 minutes), the difference is that the alert keeps a history of all your stocks triggered every 5 minutes i.e at 9:20am, 9:25am and so on via the alert history page,, whereas the backtest graph doesn’t keep any history as such, it will show the results only as of the candle completion time i.e 10:15am. so its not necessary that the backtest will show all the stocks that were triggered every 5 minutes as your alert show’s.

      Alerts is a premium feature that would allow you to do this, it keeps a track of all your stocks that met the condition every 5 minutes so that you don’t need to keep a track of them manually in the scanner page or the backtesting graph. The backtest is a dynamic graph that would update/change as your 1 hour candle is changing.

  29. Sir,

    I have Paid Subscription of Chart Link..

    Kindly Guid eme on

    How to add FUTURE stock in Watchlist .. I tried but it reflect Equity stocks only.


  30. How to create a new variable ..
    For example say I have to meet 2 conditions to enter say A and B.
    Once A condition is fulfiled I have to pass the 5 min Close value to the ” THE CUSTOM VAriable” .
    Then in next say 50mins i.e ten “5-min ” Candles if it cross a Predefined line I will enter, otherwise not.
    How to implement such kinds of logic..

  31. Dear team, I have paid premium membership day before Yesterday. I do not know how to create data/ work on this website for Intraday/ Swing Trading. Please guide me. Regards Hari Prakash

    1. You may view tutorials on scans and alerts here:

      To set alerts for a scan, you need to click on “create alert” after opening the scan page and set your alert preferences accordingly.

      You can also start by reviewing out top scans here:

      They contain the top 10 scans used for Intraday/Swing & short term trading

      If you need help in creating a scan, please share your requirements, we shall create the same for you. 

  32. Hi,
    I can create custom indicator and can use in scanner as well but not able to add it in chart. Is there any way to show custom indicator in a stock chart?

  33. Hi,
    In the field of scanning you have done a lot. Lot of indicators are available in your scanning tool. My request is if possible could you pls. include TRIX () in your indicator list so that we can scan the stock based on the same.

    Thanks in advance.

  34. Can you offer output of any filter in the segment list
    for e.g. something like
    Stock passes all of the below filters in “Golden cross” segment:
    “Golden cross” is name of my custom screener

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